"Human beings are essentially selfish creatures, Helena, no matter how we try and mask it to the world or ourselves."
—Harleen Quinzel to Helena Kyle[src]

Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a psychiatrist and a close associate of the Joker, known as Harley Quinn.


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Working with the Joker

Harleen worked with the Joker as Harley Quinn and was in a romantic relationship with him. However, he was eventually caught by the police, being sent off and locked up.[1]

Working as a psychiatrist

Harley began working as a psychiatrist, in order to sow discord and discontent among her patients, and through society in general.[1]

After four businessman formed Phoenix Industries, Inc., in order to purchase the dockyards of New Gotham City, Harleen had one of them, Larry Ketterly, kill the rest off in order to use the dockyards to take over the city. At the same time, she took on a new client, Helena Kyle, who had been mandated therapy for anger management. During their time, Dr. Quinzel attempted to get to the bottom of Helena's anger, suggesting it had to do with her father, who Helena brought up as having never been around. After Larry failed in acquiring the papers for the dockyards, and made brain-dead by the Huntress, she knocked him about in his Arkham Asylum cell, also having been assigned to check him out.[2]

Harleen had Silas Waters hijack an armored truck, but he was caught in doing so. He came to meet her, where she chastised him for being unable to do the one thing he promised he could, grabbing his testicles to hurt him. Because of this, he went after the three detectives that arrested him, unable to bribe them. He met with Harleen again, during which she told him of her job being simply a hobby, enjoying spreading chaos through the city. She reminded him of his last target, Jesse Reese, sending him away to finish the job. The following day, Helena returned to Harleen's office, opening up about a guy she'd met.[1]

Harley contacted Dr. Lewis Melfin at Simcron Labs, having him genetically engineer a baby to act as a henchman for her. However, after Simcron lost the baby, having been initially taken by a lab assistant, Quinzel called in Dr. Melfin and expressed her annoyance at his inability to keep the child, telling him he'd be replaced in locating the baby. She called in a mercenary and his men, asking him to locate the baby for her, much to his surprise. They were drawn to Club Slippery, Harleen visiting with the mercenaries. However, when he wasn't there, she remotely turned on his attack mode. While this was expected to have the boy kill everyone around him and return to her, he broke through his programming. Due to this, Dr. Quinzel snapped the neck of the lead mercenary that failed.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Harley was not born with meta-human powers. Instead, she gained the power of hypnotism in manner similar to the way that Clifford DeVoe stole the powers of the "bus-metas" on Earth-1; through an experiment to transfer meta-human powers from one host to another. Also like DeVoe, this left the meta-human who originally had this power dead.
    • Hypnosis: Harley is able to mind control humans and metahumans.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a criminal, Harley is in top physical condition. She was strong enough to swiftly break a mercenary's neck.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Harley is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist.
  • Genius-level intellect: Harley was able to set up an entire criminal operation in secret outside of the eyes of the law. Along with earning multiple degrees in psychology.
    • Deception/Manipulation: Harley was able to fool Helena and trick her into trusting her and giving her intel vital to bringing down the Birds of Prey.
    • Psychiatry: Harley is a skilled psychiatrist knowledgeable in many methods of care along with being able to break minds further using these skills. Combined with her powers she later possessed, she was able to break the mind of Gibson Kafka.



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