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"Seeing white picket fences and perfect family houses, it's enough to make one nostalgic."
Martin Stein on Harmony Falls[src]

Harmony Falls is a small town in Oregon in the United States.


A town of white picket fences and perfect family houses, it was described by Martin Stein as "idyllic" and "nostalgic". Jefferson Jackson and Sara Lance, however, noted the town's issues such as sexism, racism and homophobia, characteristic of the 1950s time period that the members of Rip Hunter's team had time-traveled to.

Circa 1958, Vandal Savage, under the alias "Curtis Knox", took residence in town. Under the guise of a psychiatry doctor, he became the head of Hallway H, a top secret wing of the local insane asylum, where Dr. Knox conducted highly dangerous experimentation. Savage's experiments resulted in murder and abduction of teens, such as Tommy Fuller, frightening the town with rumors of a "serial killer" hunting down teenagers.

Intending to hunt down Vandal Savage, Rip Hunter and the Waverider's crew traveled to this town in the year 1958. Members of Rip Hunter's team went undercover to investigate Savage's activities. Rip Hunter and Leonard Snart, posing as agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and claiming be to investigating the town's serial killer, approached the town's sheriff, Bud Ellison, who handed over the files on the murders. In truth, the sheriff was an accomplice of Vandal Savage and informed him of this suspicious activity. During the confrontation with Savage, Rip's team managed to defeat him, destroying his base of operations, freeing and curing the teenagers he experimented on and assisting the town's locals.[1]

Due to the sabotage of the Waverider at the hands of Chronos, Rip, Snart, and Firestorm left the town, leaving Ray Palmer, Kendra Saunders, and Sara behind. While Sara stayed in town only for a brief time, before leaving it for Nanda Parbat, Ray and Kendra lived in Harmony Falls together as a couple for two years, working as a university professor and a librarian, respectively. In 1960, the Waverider arrived in Harmony Falls once again, picking up the marooned members of Rip Hunter's team.[2]

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