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"When I lost Maya... every day since then, I wanted to say, 'Hey, listen, I'm sorry; it was my fault.' But she's gone. When I was Pariah and I watched my mistake burn down the multiverse, I wanted to tell those people, 'I'm sorry', but they were gone, and it was over. And this is not over for you. You can find your way out of this. All you have to do is trust yourself."
—Nash Wells to Barry Allen[src]

Dr. Harrison Nash Wells (died May 2020) was a geologist and a myth-buster, and a version of Harrison Wells from an unidentified Earth. Nash was in pursuit of Mar Novu because he believed the god-like being's words of the upcoming crisis were false tales intended to spread fear and Nash intended to stop the Monitor's so-called reign of terror. He tracked the Monitor to Earth-1 where he finally found the hidden gateway to the Monitor's realm and initially came into conflict with Team Flash. Unbeknownst to him, the Anti-Monitor tricked him and he unintentionally freed the Anti-Monitor and was cursed to become Pariah, forced to witness the Crisis.

Before Nash was destroyed along with the multiverse, he teleported the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, which eventually led to the recreation of the multiverse. Residing on Earth-Prime, J'onn J'onzz restored Nash's original memories. Now knowing his mistakes and feeling regretful, Nash helped the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor once-and-for all.

After Cisco Ramon took a leave of absence from Team Flash in order to explore Earth-Prime, Nash joined the team in Cisco's place. His body was eventually possessed by Eobard Thawne but he was freed by Cisco, Cecile Horton, and Barry Allen, while his mind became the repository of all of his doppelgängers from the old multiverse.

Nash ultimately sacrificed himself in order to power the artificial Speed Force, which restored Barry's powers.


Original multiverse

Early life

"The prize is everything."
—The motto of Maya and Nash[src]

The photo of Nash and Maya

At some point before 2019 and after 2012, Nash began to travel the multiverse with the objective of finding and killing a being called Mar Novu, also known as The Monitor, believing his warnings of a coming crisis were nothing but false tales intended to spread fear.[1][2][3][4] During his travels, he either learned about or met the Council of Wells. However, he considered them to be idiots.[5] He also used the Neural splicer to prevent the Psychic starfish from invading Earth-26.[6] Nash also went to a universe where visitors developed neural dissonance if they stayed too long.[7]

Meeting Maya

In 2012, Nash met Maya on Earth-719 while searching for a diamond. After she showed him the real treasure in the diamond, she asked for his hat for a reward. After Maya revealed that she was an orphan, Nash offered her a job to follow him throughout the multiverse as an adventurer. At some point, they visited Corto Maltese on Earth-13.[6]

At some point, Nash took a photo with Maya and kept it in his techno fanny pack.[8]

Death of Maya

In early 2019, Nash went to Earth-13 with Maya where they found a hatch off of a cliff with a memory cell inside. After she successfully grabbed the cell, Maya lost her footing on the ledge and, having undone her safety clip, fell to her death. Her death traumatized Nash and he could not face it, blaming himself for her death.[6]

Tracking the Monitor

Arriving on Earth-1

Nash questioning Cisco Ramon.

In late 2019, Nash traveled to Earth-1 in search of eternium. He broke into McCulloch Technologies in search of it and was caught on security cameras. He couldn't find any so he left empty-handed. The following day, Nash continued to track the eternium, when he was ambushed by Cisco Ramon and Iris West-Allen. He zipped lined down from where he was and pinned Cisco to the wall when he tried to introduce himself. Nash demanded to know why they were following him and pulled out a ruby that gives its victims nightmares and suggested this was the reason. Upon detecting eternium around Iris, he approached her. She promptly tasered him, and they took him back to The Central City Citizen office.

Nash explains why he's on Earth-1.

Nash eventually awoke from the couch he was laying on, as Cisco and Iris went through his stuff. The two tried doing a do-over introduction, explaining they were friends of the Council of Wells; Nash was not impressed. He then used his sensor on Iris, telling her he let her taze him, but found little eternium on her. Nash explained that he was searching for eternium particles, which he had picked up on Iris, but realized they were stronger in the alley. Cisco sarcastically questioned if "Indiana" had to return the eternium to a certain god, but Nash simply told them there is no such thing as gods, just false ones and deduced that Cisco and Iris were no help so decided to leave.

Nash finds the Eternium in the sewers of Central City.

Cisco attempted to befriend Nash by telling this always happens with them and a new Wells: They get off to a rocky start, especially between him and Cisco, but eventually bond and the Wells embraces his sensitive side. So, Cisco suggested he drop his tough-guy act and skip to the end of their usual dance. Nash rejected this and swiftly deployed a smoke bomb. After their confrontation, he returned to the alley and located some eternium particles in a manhole.[5]

Assisting Team Flash

Nash introduces himself to Barry Allen.

After placing a bug on Cisco when he first met him, Nash listened in on their conversations and found out that Barry Allen was the Flash and Cisco had advanced intelligence. While Barry and Cisco were talking about saving Ramsey Rosso's life at S.T.A.R Labs, Nash arrived, introducing himself to Barry and revealing he knew he was the Flash because of the bug he put on Cisco. He told them that he could help them save Ramsey if they build him an anti-vibrational crypto-circuit so he could complete his work on Earth-1.

Nash agrees to assist Team Flash.

Barry questioned what Nash's work was and he told him it was thermic excavation. Barry and Cisco were wary of Nash, so they decided to talk in private about whether or not to trust him. Nash was still listening in on the bug and informed them that he could hear everything they said. After a brief spat, Barry told Nash they don't trust him, but asked what he was offering in exchange for their assistance. Nash told him he was offering something that will save Ramsey's life.

Nash and the others plan to break in to McCulloch Technologies.

Nash led them to McCulloch Technologies where he told they had a bio-regenerative serum that was capable of healing organic tissue, no matter the harm. He explained all they had to do was inject it into Ramsey's healthy cells, then those healthy cells would replicate and then replace the unhealthy cells. But, they shouldn't wait until Ramsey's condition worsened, or else it would be useless. Barry and Cisco questioned how McCulloch Technologies develop this, only for Nash to reveal they stole it from the Dominator invasion. While Barry went to disable the security cameras, Cisco questioned if this cure could be used on Antimatter, to which Nash replied that it obviously would.

Nash knocks out the guards.

After Barry returned, the three began their break-in. Nash requested Barry to speed them to the cure, but the former revealed that there were Meta-human dampeners all over the facility. When Barry and Cisco got trapped by the security guards, Nash used a device that made them faint for a while. When they arrived, Barry and Nash went to investigate a noise coming from outside while Cisco hacked the fridge the cure was in. When they returned, the cure was not in the fridge it was supposed to be as Cisco had stolen it and they failed to find it. With the guards closing in on them, Nash used a device to teleport them to S.T.A.R. Labs. Since he still collaborated with Barry and Cisco, Nash demanded that they make him the device he requested.

Nash finds the entrance to Mar Novu's realm

Upon receiving the device from Cisco, Nash felt it was shoddy workmanship, believing he's seen better on any of the other Earths he's been to. Having enough of Nash's attitude, Cisco grabbed a hold of him, to which Nash requested he never does again, and demanded that Nash leave. Before leaving, he bid farewell to Frost. He returned to the sewers and plugged the crypto-circuit into his tracker and activated it. It projected a hologram of Mar Novu walking to the end of the tunnel before vanishing. Nash smirked, finally finding the entrance to his realm, and began his excavation to the entrance.[9]

Trapped in the sewers

Nash meets Joe West.

While he was working, he was followed by Joe West. Nash claimed he let Joe follow him, though the latter didn't believe him. Joe told him that he had been watching Nash closely since Barry told him about Nash. Nash dismissed his detective skills when he called out how he spotted his police vehicle up top, to which Joe was impressed by. Joe then demanded to know why he was digging holes underneath Central City, but Nash refused to elaborate and attempted to attack him, only to accidentally trigger his gauntlet in the process and cause a cave-in.

Nash argues with Joe.

The two quickly recovered and Nash laughed at Joe's attempts to call for assistance when the sewer tunnel they were in was a dead zone long before the wall came down. Nash then tried to get them out of the mess they were in, but Joe assured him that since he as the captain of the Central City Police Department, they'll come looking for him if he didn't show up in a couple of hours. Ignoring Joe, Nash tried shooting their way out, only for the laser to bounce off the rocks and hit a gas line which briefly started a fire. Nash became furious and accused Joe of not telling him that Earth-1's vibrational frequency is calibrated at a molecular level. Nash then deduced that the fire sapped 87% of the oxygen in the room, which only left them with 42 minutes left to breathe.

Nash listens to Joe's story.

With no way of escape and their air supply rapidly depleting, Nash eventually concocted a plan to blast their way out, although Joe warned against it, and told him to wait for Team Flash's help instead, causing Nash to become frustrated of Joe's unrealistic optimism and question Joe's firm faith in his allies, causing Joe to tell him a story about how when his ex-wife left him and his daughter, he was broken. When neighbors showed up with cooked food for them, it was at that moment that Joe began to have faith in people. Nash began to consider that advice.

Nash finds out Team Flash have met Novu.

Nash continued to work to blow them out, but Joe highly suggested not to because it could kill them. When Joe suggested waiting again, Nash demanded to know why he had so much faith. This caused Joe to break down and reveal Barry's fate to die in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, as told to Team Flash by the Monitor, and he has to be faithful as to not make Barry's sacrifice be in vain. Nash was left shocked that Team Flash had met the Monitor and tried to reach out to the now mourning Joe to identify whether the being he described truly was Mar Novu. Just as he was about to activate his gauntlet, Ralph Dibny arrived to rescue Joe and Nash.

Nash agrees to Team Flash's help.

As the two were looked over by Frost at S.T.A.R. Labs, Ralph asked what Nash was doing down there, though he still refused to explain his intentions and began to leave. However, after Joe insisted they could help him if he just told them, Nash relented and instructed them to meet him at the tunnels the next morning. When Ralph asked why they should do that, Nash claimed he knew how to save Barry's life, much to the surprise of the others.[10]

Working with Allegra Garcia

Nash explains how they can save Barry's life.

When the team came to the tunnels the next morning, with Nash having waited there, he told them that what he does is bust myths wide open. Iris, wanting to get to the point, demanded he tells them what he meant by saving Barry from dying. He claimed that the Monitor was a false god who spread fears through the multiverse and that he intended to stop his reign of terror. To do so, he told the team that he must go through the rocky walls that he stated contained a gateway to Novu's realm.

Nash tells them how he'll break through the wall.

However, Nash revealed soon after that they had no means of breaching the eternium defenses that the Monitor had placed on the wall as Barry's Intangibility did not work and Ralph using a jackhammer on the wall would only cause the eternium to unleash a catastrophic molecular blast that could wipe out all life on Earth-1. He then revealed that the only way to get through was by illuminating the wall using an artifact that could emit ultraviolet rays to reveal the eternium and identify which sections he couldn't strike.

Nash makes a deal with Allegra Garcia

Later, at The Central City Citizen office, Nash searched for the artifact that he had detected earlier that could emit ultraviolet rays. He met Allegra Garcia who recognizes him as Harrison Wells but he told her that he was Nash Wells. He then realized that the artifact he had detected earlier was Allegra, making him aware that she was a meta-human who could emit ultraviolet rays. Referring to her as Accelerant, Nash made a deal with Allegra in which he would reveal everything about doppelgängers, the multiverse, and potentially the end of all life in exchange that she uses her power to reveal where the eternium was located in the Monitor's wall.

Nash tells Allegra about the multiverse.

In the sewers, while talking with Allegra about the multiverse and how if the public knew about it, there would mass panic, Nash revealed that Barry Allen was the Flash which surprised Allegra since he is her boss' husband, to which she got annoyed that her boss kept another secret from her. Nash got back on track and talked about killing Novu and ending his so-called reign of terror once and for all. When Allegra refused to use her powers to help Nash kill a person she stormed off and Nash decided not to go after her.

Nash works with Allegra

Nash knew she would return as she would get lost without him, so he waited for her to return. When she finally did, he asked why she was so freaked out overusing her powers. However, Nash decided to theorize the reason and deduced she was afraid to use her powers and become someone she hates. Allegra revealed the person to be her cousin Esperanza Garcia, who has the same powers she does, though she kills people with them. Nash encouraged her by telling her that using her powers didn't make her like her cousin. Allegra succeeded and gave Nash enough time to take a picture of where to strike.

Nash secretly observes Allegra.

Later, at The Central City Citizen office, Nash gave a drink to Allegra who was tired after using her powers. As Nash was preparing to leave to get back to work on the wall to Novu's realm Allegra asked why he was so nice to her. Nash revealed to her that he was nice because she reminded him of someone. She questioned if it was her doppelgänger, to which Nash simply said "something like that." Nash then thanked her for her assistance and proceeded to leave. Before he left, he took a last glimpse at the resting Allegra and smiled at her with warmth in his eyes.[11]

Becoming Pariah

Nash speaking to "the Monitor"

On December 9th, Nash successfully broke through the eternium wall and prepared to solve the code that would open the gateway to the Monitor's realm, satisfied that his chase of the Monitor through the multiverse had come to an end.[12] As Nash was about to open the gateway, a voice called out to him, believing he sought the truth. Nash took a step back and deduced that this was Mar Novu calling to him. The voice promised that he would know all if he showed his allegiance to him. Nash refused to bargain with false Gods, which angered the voice, who caused a small quake and demanded he bow down to him.

Nash fighting a Blood Brother.

Becoming frustrated with the parlor tricks, Nash demanded to be granted access to his realm, but the voice continued to demand his allegiance. Nash remained headstrong and told the voice that after all he's been through tracking him down to Earth-1, his paltry mind games weren't going to deter him. After the lights went out, Nash was attacked by one of Bloodwork's "Blood Brothers". He managed to use a device that emitted an ultrasound that forced the infected to leave. However, the device stopped working, causing other infected to attack him.

Nash believing Novu saved him.

Nash was about to be infected when the particle accelerator exploded with ultraviolet rays from Allegra that turned his attackers back to normal, saving him, but Nash believed it was Novu who had done the deed. At 11:58 pm, Nash recounted that he'd traveled across the multiverse for many years to kill the Monitor, but was befuddled as to him saving his life from the Blood Brothers instead. The voice responded by telling him to "submit" and begin his "life anew". He asked the voice to show him, but the voice told him "the knowledge is within you".

Nash submits to the Anti-Monitor and becomes Pariah.

As the symbols on the gateway glowed, Nash touched them in a specific order, causing the gateway to open. A glowing light then came out of the gateway and sucked him inside, with the gateway shutting behind him.[1][2][3][4] In the process of opening the gateway, Nash inadvertently freed the Anti-Monitor from confinement, forcing him to lose his memories and transform into another being, a Pariah, in order to repent.[13][14]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

Witnessing Oliver Queen's death

Pariah and Novu witness Oliver Queen's early death in the Arrowcave.

Shortly after the heroes Novu gathered battled to save Earth-38 from a wave of antimatter and Oliver Queen sacrificed himself to save billions of Earth-38 residents, Pariah teleported to the Arrowcave where he witnessed Oliver on the brink of death. After being recognized as Nash by Barry, Pariah explained that he used to be Nash but underwent a transformation to repent for releasing the Anti-Monitor. After watching Oliver die before the gathered heroes, Novu revealed that Oliver's death was not the ending he foresaw for him. Pariah noted that events were turning out differently than they originally did before proclaiming that everything everyone knew and everything that existed was doomed.[13]

Facing the consequences

Pariah was sent to Earth-D, Earth-F, Earth-N52, and Earth-76 by the Anti-Monitor to watch helplessly as the worlds were consumed by waves of antimatter. Pariah tried to save someone every time, but each person died as soon as the antimatter wave came to their world. Pariah's anguish only grew when he realized that everything was his fault. The heroes aboard the Waverider tried finding Pariah, but were only able to find Outkast, his netherverse counterpart.[15]

Recruiting Black Lightning

Pariah recruits Black Lightning.

Pariah later appeared in the sewers of Central City, the place in which he received his new persona and reunited with Team Flash. They asked what happened and he explained that he caused the Crisis to happen by releasing the Anti-Monitor from his confinement. Since Team Flash wanted to enter the Anti-Monitor's lair, Cisco vibed Pariah to revisit his memories before his transformation. After having access to the lair, Pariah disappeared and teleported Jefferson Pierce to Earth-1 before the destruction of Earth-TUD5. Pariah then persuaded Jefferson to help with their plan of stopping the antimatter wave by helping the Earth-90 Barry Allen. Pariah was then forced to stand and watch the Barry Allen of Earth 90 sacrifice his life to destroy the treadmill that was the source of the antimatter wave.[14]

Saving the Paragons
"I know what I must do."
"Where did you send them?"
"Somewhere you can't touch 'em.
—Pariah and the Anti-Monitor[src]

Pariah at Superman's side as he stands against the Anti-Monitor.

Pariah then joined Team Flash, Jefferson, and the rest of the heroes aboard the Waverider. Before the Anti-Monitor destroyed the ship through Harbinger, Pariah was able to transport the seven Paragons to the Vanishing Point. He was then killed alongside the residents of Earth-1 and any refugees from across the multiverse who'd been evacuated to Earth-1.[14]

New multiverse

"You nearly damned us all to hell, Nash Wells!"
J'onn J'onzz to Nash before restoring Nash's memories of the original multiverse

In January 2020, Nash was found in the sewers of Central City by a pair of workers and was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs where he was examined by Caitlin Snow, who was confused about how he ended up in his current condition. J'onn J'onzz arrived and after a brief moment of annoyance, J'onzz restored Nash's memories of the original multiverse, causing him to become guilt-ridden with the fact that he had caused the Crisis. When his gauntlet detected that antimatter was still present and therefore the Anti-Monitor was not gone and was, in fact, approaching Star City, he alerted Team Arrow, the Legends, and the Paragons.

Nash, Ray Palmer, and Ryan Choi devised a way to defeat the Anti-Monitor. They devised a bomb that would perpetually shrink him into the microverse. While the heroes held off the Anti-Monitor, Nash helped devise the bomb mechanism. When only the assembly of the bomb was left, Nash, Ray, and Ryan called the Flash to hastily assemble the bomb who then returned to the battlefield with Ray. Supergirl threw the bomb at the Anti-Monitor, sending him into the microverse for eternity.[16]

At some point, Nash learned that he was stuck on Earth-Prime.[8]

Joining Team Flash

Still at S.T.A.R. Labs, Nash wanted to help Team Citizen with their investigation into Black Hole, but Cisco refused to let him help. Cisco was still angry at Nash for his role in the Crisis, but Cisco later forgave him and offered Nash his place within Team Flash while he took a leave of absence to explore Earth-Prime. Cisco told Nash that he hopes Nash finds what he is looking for. After Cisco left, Nash took out a picture of him and Maya, Allegra Garcia's doppelgänger.[8]

On Valentine's Day, Nash was called to CC Jitters by Frost, who thanked him for advising her on how to get through to Allegra. Frost aired her suspicions about why Nash is guiding Allegra so much, citing it to be almost 'parental'. After Frost left, Nash saw Harrison Wells from Earth-2.[17]

Nash sees Harry Wells.

While in the S.T.A.R. Labs archives, Nash ran into Iris West-Allen from the mirrorverse. When she asked him why he was in the archives, Nash told her that Cisco had asked him to do an inventory check. When Nash asked "Iris" why she was in the archives, she told him that she had lost Nora West-Allen's journal. After "Iris" left, Nash revealed that he wasn't checking the inventory, but that he actually had the diary of Harrison "Harry" Wells.[18]

Haunting of Nash Wells

"An infinite number of Harrison Wells. And we're stuck with the one who killed the multiverse."
Cisco on Nash being the sole Wells left.[src]

Sherloque Wells gives Nash an ominous warning.

Nash was haunted by the fact that he caused the apparent death of every previous Harrison Wells that had assisted Team Flash, Nash started seeing hallucinations of Harry and Sherloque, taunting him about keeping secrets and his past. As the hallucinations got worse, "Sherloque" confronted Nash and ominously warned him that "he" is coming.[19]

When Cisco returned, Nash asked him about the visions, but Cisco refused to help him in favor of searching for Frida Novikov. He was later possessed by Eobard Thawne, and when Cisco went to help Nash, Thawne attempted to kill him, only to realize that he didn't have his powers. They were fighting until Cecile Horton zapped Thawne with a taser.[20]

Nash possessed by Eobard Thawne.

In Harrison Nash Wells' mind, Thawne was tormenting him about what happened to Maya and was trying to convince him it was his fault. Cisco and Barry, with the help of Cecile, went into Nash's mind to free him from the possession. Cisco showed his support to him by remembering his pain after Cynthia's death. After Nash was liberated, he and Cisco spoke about the situation and Cisco motivated him to befriend Allegra by telling him about how he became friends with Harry. After that, Nash saw Harry and Harry told him that Ramon was wise.[6]

Rise of Eva McCulloch and Black Hole

"When are you gonna stop trying?"
Allegra Garcia and Nash[src]

Barry told Nash and Cecile that he believed that his wife was an imposter. Nash was present when "Iris" was tested by Barry with the Prismatic filter. When she passed, but Barry did not, Nash and Cecile locked Barry in the pipeline.[21]

Nash listened as Barry told Team Flash about the disappearance of Iris, Kamilla Hwang, and David Singh as well as Eva McCulloch's return from the mirrorverse. When Allegra volunteered to do some research in order to help the team, Nash wanted to assist her, but Allegra was annoyed by this and harshly dismissed him. When a clone of Godspeed attacked her and Barry, Nash did not hesitate to blast the speedster which caused him to flee. In order to get Hartley Rathaway's help in order to defeat this version of Godspeed, Nash helped Team Flash stabilize Roderick Smith. Later, Nash listened again as Barry gave an inspirational speech telling the others that they will, as a team, regain their lost loved ones.[22]

With Allegra and Cecile, Nash went to Caitlin Snow's apartment to help her to prepare for the arrival of her mother, so that Carla could facilitate in Caitlin's rehabilitation. Nash tried to become closer to Allegra once again, but as usual, she dismissed him. Cecile told him not to be discouraged and to keep trying.

Later, Nash attended Team Flash's meeting where they ultimately became the protectors of Joseph Carver. While at the police precinct awaiting Carver's A.R.G.U.S. transport, the team encountered "David Singh" who offered to trade the missing Iris for Carver. Nash, tired of Barry even listening to such a proposal, pushed "David" away and teleported the team and Carver to S.T.A.R. Labs. After listening to Harry Wells expressing his surprise to Barry's hesitation, Nash then lamented on how Barry was changing from his usual heroic ways and how angry he was that Barry contemplated killing him to get rid of Thawne. He reminded Barry that Iris would not approve of him trading another man's life for hers.

Nash and Team Flash surrounded.

While at McCulloch Technologies awaiting Carver's transport, Nash gave Allegra a red stone and told her to use it in an emergency. An emergency came when Team Flash battled Eva McCulloch's team after they overtook McCulloch Tech's security guards. The battle did not go well for the members of Team Flash and they found themselves surrounded by the ex-Black Hole assassins; however, before a kill shot could be fired, Eva told her team that Carver was dead, ending the battle.

When Nash explained to Allegra what the red stone did to Ultraviolet, her attitude towards him slowly began to change. When Joe West returned from witness protection, Nash hugged him happily.[7]


"You know what Cisco said after Crisis? He said, 'An infinite number of Harrison Wells, and we're stuck with the one who killed the multiverse.' And every day I ask myself, 'Why? Why am I the one left standing?'"
"So who should've gotten the slot? One of us bozos?"
"You're not bozos. I only called you that because I find the Wells very annoying... Present company excluded. But you know what you are? You're a daily reminder that even though we may all look the same, we're not the same... because you're all good men. And I'm... I'm not."
"So you're a selfish jerk. Hmm. You think that I wasn't? That we all weren't? Hell, when I met this team, I was working for Zoom. H.R. lied. Sherloque... kept secrets. We all came here broken men. Thanks to Team Flash, eventually we learned to be better. That's why I believe in you, Nash. There's a good man in there somewhere. You just need to dig him up, let him breathe.
—Nash Wells and Harry Wells (inside Barry Allen's mind)[src]

Nash talks to Harry, Sherloque, H.R., and Harrison Orson Wells.

Nash continued to help Team Flash by trying to find a fuel source that they could used to power the artificial Speed Force. Using the combined intelligence of some of his doppelgängers, Nash realized that the team could power the artificial Speed Force with the multiversal particles that were made of synaptic energy that resided inside him. However, doing so would kill Nash since he would have to be the organic receptor for those particles. Nash didn't want to die, so he tried to come up with another way to power the artificial Speed Force.

Nash powers the artificial Speed Force.

Nash came up with a plan that involved Allegra using her powers to push the multiversal particles out of him and into the Fusion Sphere. It started to work, but Allegra was unable to contain the particles inside the fusion sphere and they ended up in Barry's mind. Chester P. Runk and Allegra eventually figured out that Nash knew his plan wouldn't work because it didn't involve an organic receptor. Nash then revealed to them that he was the organic receptor, but that he was scared of dying.

Chester then created a device that allowed Allegra to aim the multiversal particles back into Nash. Allegra was able to successfully push the particles out of Barry and back into Nash. After a short celebration, Team Flash started to come up with a plan to stop the jet that was about to explode over Central City.

Nash sacrificing himself.

Nash quickly took action and placed his hands on the fusion sphere, which started to absorb his multiversal particles. Barry tried to stop him, but Nash told him that it was the only way to power the artificial Speed Force and that he had made his decision. Each Wells that had a close relationship with Barry then took time to say goodbye to him before Nash disintegrated. Barry then regained his speed and used it to stop the jet.[23]


After stopping a jet from exploding over Central City, Barry told Chester and Allegra that Nash's sacrifice was not in vain and that he would used his powers to save Iris and the rest of Team Flash's friends. Allegra noted that since Nash and rest of the Harrison Wellses put themselves in the artificial Speed Force, it would be like they were running with Barry whenever he ran.[23]

Nash's techno fanny pack on display alongside H.R's drumsticks and Harry's glasses in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

At some point after his sacrifice, Nash's Techno fanny pack was placed in S.T.A.R. Labs' "Hall of Fallen Heroes". Allegra later used it, Nash's gauntlet, and his smoke bombs when Team Flash fought Barry in an effort to restore his emotions.[24]

When Nash transferred the multiversal particles of all the Wellses into the fusion sphere, he left out 0.01% of the particles. Those particles eventually led to the resurrection of the original Harrison Wells.[25]


Nash in his civilian persona.

"Nash, please. I can't let anyone else die for me. I've already lost so many people."
"Do you know what I feel right now, Allen? Pride. Honor. It's been so long since I felt those things. And it's not just me. The Council feels it, too. And we've made our decision. We're doing this, Allen.
Barry Allen and Nash Wells[src]

Nash is a very aggressive, argumentative individual always lost in his goal instead of personal relationships, he is also a staunch atheist, believing not in the supernatural, but being more scientifically minded like his Earth-1 doppelgänger and Harry Wells. He also displays a very adventurous persona.[5] Like Harry at first, Nash doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of some of his multiversal counterparts, considering a group comprised of his most intelligent doppelgängers to be idiots.[5]

However, at the same time, Nash's intentions were ultimately noble and to stop the Anti-Monitor Crisis, though he proved to be too lost in his strong desire to stop it that he was unable to even calculate the possibility of the Anti-Monitor manipulating him to actually cause the crisis.[14]

After Nash faced the truth of him indirectly causing the death of Maya, his personality changed. He became less aggressive and more like Harry Wells.[6]

Nash as Pariah.

"Once upon a time. Not anymore. Now, I'm simply a man serving his penance."
"Penance for what?"
"I freed the Anti-Monitor from his confinement only to become a Pariah. Sentenced to bear witness to his actions.
Barry Allen, Nash, and Clark Kent about Nash's new life[src]
After releasing the Anti-Monitor from confinement and consequently transforming into Pariah, Nash's personality was completely altered, with most of his memories lost and feeling deep guilt and shame over his mistake. No longer carrying the arrogant and adventurous personality, despite being sentenced to witness the Crisis,[13] Nash did everything he could to save the multiverse, eventually giving his life to save the Paragons from the Anti-Monitor and accepting his fate with dignity and only taunting the Anti-Monitor of his imminent defeat.[14] This guilt carries on after the multiverse was restored and he was resurrected, apologizing sincerely for his mistakes and acknowledging his responsibility.[16]

Powers and abilities


"So, at first glance, Nash's brainwaves seem totally normal. No anomalies or inconsistencies. But when I take a look at them in 3-D, it appears that there are multiple brainwaves intricately tangled together."
"When the multiverse collapsed in Crisis, all of the Wellses must have channeled into the only surviving doppelgänger."
"Multiple psyches camped out in Nash's brain. It's like Tyler Durden times a thousand."
"How many Wells are we talking about here?"
"How many universes were there in the multiverse?"
Caitlin Snow, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Eobard Thawne (possessing Nash) discuss Caitlin's findings.[src]
  • Connection to all Harrison Wellses: After the multiverse was restored following the Crisis, the brainwaves of all Harrison Wellses from the original multiverse were tangled into Nash's mind. This was discovered by Caitlin Snow after she viewed a three-dimensional scan of Nash's brainwaves. Due to this, Nash saw illusions of different Harrison Wells and they give him reminders and suggestions. However, at first, Nash thought those were ghosts and they are haunting him as he indirectly destroyed the multiverse. After Nash became possessed by Eobard Thawne, he understood the reason he was seeing illusions and claimed he is going to get used to it.[6] Nash eventually gained the ability to talk with some of his doppelgängers consciously and he used their combined intelligence to solve problems. Before Nash died, all the other Wellses started sharing control of Nash’s body, creating a type of multiple personality disorder.[23]

Former powers

Pariah teleporting the Paragons out of the Waverider.


"Just so you know I let you follow me here."
—Harrison Nash Wells[src]
  • Peak of human physical condition: Nash is in considerable physical form for a man of his age; he possesses extreme agility, fast reflexes, remarkable durability, and is strong enough to fight the Blood Brothers.[3] Nash has commendable durability and resilience, as he demonstrated to be able to get back to full health after being seriously harmed in more than one occasion.[16][6]
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Nash was able to scale S.T.A.R. Labs' balcony.[9]
    • Honed senses: Nash sensed Joe West approaching him from behind.[10]
"This is what I do. I don't just solve mysteries, I bust myths. I bust them wide open."
—Harrison Nash Wells[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Expert detective: Nash appears to be extremely intelligent, even dismissing the members of the Council of Wells as "idiots," despite their members consisting of some of the brightest minds in all the multiverse. He is also observant enough to easily deduce Iris and Cisco Ramon[5] and then Joe were following him, which the highly intelligent police officer would praise him for, along with quickly deducing why Allegra did not like using her Meta-human powers.[5][10][11] He is also an accomplished tactician with proficiency at contingency plans, planting a bug on Cisco unnoticed in order to anticipate the possibility that he would need his help later on, which allowed him to, later on, ensure his cooperation by leveraging his knowledge of a potential cure to Ramsey Rosso's disease, and being able to quickly create plans to enter and escape from McCulloch Technologies twice despite being noticed.[9] From his time traveling through many universes, Nash has also accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on the multiverse and doppelgängers, enough to thoroughly tell Allegra in exchange for her cooperation, leaving her impressed with his knowledge.[11] He was also able to easily solve the code that opened the gateway to The Monitor's realm.[1][2][3][4]
    • Master scientist: An exceptional scientist, with him stating to have performed many scientific miracles, Nash has shown himself to be familiar with the extremely rare multiversal element called eternium, knowing how to bypass its defenses, along with being able to quickly deduce the properties of McCulloch Technologies bio-regenerative serum and calculate it would be able to heal blood cancer, something that not even the brilliant scientist Cisco had any knowledge of.[9][11][12] He was also able to swiftly realize upon failing to blast through the rocks with a fire thrower that Earth-1's vibrational frequency is calibrated at a molecular level.[10] An excellent geologist specializing in thermic excavation, Nash is shown to be able to quickly correctly analyze the results of his researches, such as seamlessly precisely calculating that the Eternium particles he sensed near Iris West-Allen was actually not inside her but in the tunnel[5] as well as quickly realizing that his device detected Allegra Garcia having the power to emit ultraviolet rays.[11] His scientific abilities must also contribute in his ability to travel through the multiverse. Even as Pariah, Nash did retain some of his scientific knowledge, as he swiftly deduced that Barry Allen could not penetrate the antimatter barrier containing the Flash of Earth-90 because he was made of positive matter.[14] Nash also aided in the construction of the micro-technology used by Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi to defeat the Anti-Monitor.[16] He devised a method to stabilize Roderick Smith's molecules, and although it failed, he and Cisco used the charged sound in the fifth Godspeed's blood to accomplish their goal.[22]
    • Master engineer/Gadgeteer: Nash was an excellent engineer and gadgeteer, owning and using masterfully, depending on the situation devices such as smoke bombs able to teleport people and a tracking device in the form of a gauntlet able to track ultraviolet rays and eternium particles as well as Antimatter [5][9][11] which Nash states to be infallible. Although his skills in building machines are not on par with Cisco's, he appears to be confident of his abilities on other fields of engineering exceeded Cisco's, describing it as "shoddy" and "subpar".[9] Even as Pariah, he retained enough of his engineering knowledge that he was able to quickly understand the functions of the Antimatter cannon.[14] Later, Nash helped Ray and Ryan build the micro-bomb that was used to defeat the Anti-Monitor, with him correcting Ray's attempt to use titanium as it would be too heavy and using depleted promethium instead.[16]
    • Expert mathematician: Nash accurately calculated that the fire had sapped the majority of the oxygen in the tunnel and that he and Joe only had 42 minutes left to breathe.[10]
    • Master of manipulation: Nash is considerably adept in manipulating others to complete his goals, as he was able to effortlessly manipulate the entire Team Flash into helping him oppose Mar Novu by claiming it would save Barry Allen's life and calmly convince Allegra into helping him.[11] However, the Anti-Monitor far surpassed his manipulative capabilities.
    • Master tracker: Nash is an extremely skilled tracker, as he was capable of successfully tracing Mar Novu's trails through multiple worlds before finally finding the gateway to his realm on Earth-1.[9]
  • Master of stealth/Escape artist: Nash can follow his targets for long periods of time unnoticed, and quickly disappear from sight even in broad daylight, he is also skilled in using pyrotechnics to create various subtle explosions and smokescreens to mask his escape, as seen in his both confrontation with Iris and Cisco.[5]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Nash is a highly trained fighter, able to quickly pin Cisco Ramon and swiftly dispatch two guards after having stunned them with a device.[9] He was even able to overpower a Blood Brother with a shovel and fight off dozens of them long enough to be saved by Allegra.[3] He also managed to fight the highly trained combatant and assassin Ultraviolet alongside Allegra.[7]
  • Skilled marksman: Nash used a pulse cannon to shoot Godspeed and managed to hit him on his first attempt.[22]


Former weaknesses

"Now can you open that door?"
"I cannot. My memories as Nash are somehow lost to me as Pariah, but you can.
Cisco Ramon and Pariah[src]
  • Mobius: Controlled by the Anti-Monitor, Nash was cursed to bear witness and appear during tragedies during the Anti-Monitor Crisis as penance for freeing the Anti-Monitor from his imprisonment while the cosmic being destroyed the multiverse.[14]
  • Memory loss: When Nash became Pariah, he lost most of the memories he had up until that point. However, Cisco was able to use his powers to access Nash's memories.[14]
  • Negative tachyons: When he was possessed by Eobard Thawne, Nash was exposed to a large amount of negative tachyons, which made his thoughts negative and in turn, this made Thawne stronger. When Thawne was expelled from Nash's body, he was no longer affected by the negative tachyons.


Original multiverse

Former equipment

"It gives nightmare hallucinations to all of its victims."
—Harrison Nash Wells to Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Gauntlet: Nash wore a gauntlet on his wrist which he used for various purposes.[5][10]
  • Zipline: Nash used a zipline attached to a grappling hook when preparing to attack Cisco.[5]
  • Techno fanny pack: An equipment bag with Nash's name tag that he wore over one of his shoulders with a strap that winds around the chest.[5]
  • Ruby: During his travels throughout the multiverse, Nash somehow acquired a priceless red stone that gave horrible nightmare hallucinations to all its victims.[5]
  • Smoke bombs: Nash had several smoke bombs that he used to escape through teleportation.[5][9]
  • Sonic device: Nash used a sonic device in his missions which produced concentrated sonic waves.[9]
  • Blaster: When Nash and Joe were trapped by a cave-in, Nash tried to use his blaster to blow up the rocks. However, due to Earth-1 vibrating at a different frequency than his home universe, it only caused a fire and reduced their air supply. [10]

New multiverse

Former equipment

  • Neural splicer: When Nash was possessed by Eobard Thawne, he tricked Cisco in placing a neural splicer on Nash's gauntlet. It caused a small explosion which Thawne used to escape.[6]
  • Ruby: Nash gave Allegra Garcia a priceless red stone that causes its victims to relive their worst memory. After a fight with Eva McCulloch's team, he let Allegra keep it.[7]
  • Techno fanny pack: Nash had a bag which he kept various equipment in as well as a picture of him and Maya.[6] After Nash's death, it was placed in S.T.A.R. Labs' "Hall of Fallen Heroes". Allegra later used it when Team Flash fought Barry Allen in an effort to restore his emotions.[24]
  • Gauntlet: Nash wore a gauntlet on his wrist which he used for various purposes. After Nash's death, Allegra used it when Team Flash fought Barry in an effort to restore his emotions.[24]
  • Smoke bombs: Nash had several smoke bombs that he used to escape through teleportation.[7] After Nash's death, Allegra used them when Team Flash fought Barry Allen in an effort to restore his emotions.[24]


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  • Nash is the fifth version of Harrison Wells to be on Team Flash, after Eobard Thawne (impersonating Earth-1 Harrison Wells), Harry Wells from Earth-2, H.R. Wells from Earth-19 and Harrison Sherloque Wells from Earth-221.
    • He is the only version of Harrison Wells to join Team Flash whose home universe is unknown.
  • Nash is the second version of Harrison Wells to be a parent, after Harry Wells. However, he is an adoptive parent and not a biological parent like Harry was.
  • Nash has quite a few similarities to Harry Wells:
    • Both are skilled at making technological devices.
    • Both get annoyed if someone touches them.
    • Both are boastful over their intelligence and dismissive of their doppelgängers.
    • Both accidentally empowered a villain that attempted to destroy the multiverse. Harry empowered Zoom with the particle accelerator and Nash empowered the Anti-Monitor by opening his prison.
    • Both are parents. Harry was Jesse's biological father, while Nash was Maya's adoptive father.
    • Both saw a relative die and blamed themselves for their death. Harry saw his wife die, while Nash saw his adoptive daughter die. Said deaths impacted them heavily.
  • Nash is the second version of Harrison Wells whose body was stolen by Eobard Thawne, with it previously being done to Earth-1 Harrison Wells.
    • However, there is a major difference between the incidents. Nash's body was stolen by Thawne through possession while Earth-1 Harrison Wells' body was stolen through Thawne overwriting the DNA of his original body which killed Earth-1 Wells in the process.
  • Nash is the second version of Harrison Wells to go by his middle name, the first being Sherloque Wells.
  • Nash is the third version of Harrison Wells to have helped a villain either unintentionally or intentionally. Nash unintentionally freed the Anti-Monitor, Harry intentionally helped Zoom steal Barry's speed, and H.R. unintentionally helped Savitar by revealing Iris West's location to him.
  • Nash is the second version of Harrison Wells to sacrifice himself, the first being H.R. who tricked Savitar into killing him instead of Iris.

Behind the scenes

  • In the Crisis of Infinite Earth limited series published by DC Comics, Pariah was Kell Mossa, a scientist who neglected his family while seeking the secrets of the universe, observing them through a portal he had fashioned from anti-matter. Unfortunately, Pariah's meddling attracted the attention of the Anti-Monitor, who used Pariah's portal to unleash a wave of uncontrolled anti-matter that destroyed Pariah's universe and kick-started the crisis. Pariah was saved by the Monitor, who put him to work tracking the Anti-Monitor's movements. Pariah had somehow become bound to the Anti-Monitor and was forcibly teleported between realities, arriving on worlds just before the Anti-Monitor came to destroy them.
  • Because of Nash's role in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, he has appeared in more series than any other version of Harrison Wells, having appeared on every Arrowverse series except for Black Lightning, in which he was seen as a beam of light. However, Black Lightning was not a part of the Arrowverse until the aforementioned crossover event.