A gauntlet is used by Harrison Nash Wells to find eternium across the multiverse, in order to kill Mar Novu.


Nash wears a gauntlet on his wrist which he uses for various purposes.


  • Tracking device: Nash's gauntlet contains a tracking device, which he used to detect Eternium particles.[1] He also used it to detect ultraviolet rays.[2]
  • Blaster: Nash's gauntlet contains a blaster, which he accidentally used to cause a cave-in. He also used it to try to free himself and Joe West from the cave-in, to no avail do to Earth-1's vibrational frequency being calibrated at a molecular level.[3]
  • Anti-vibrational crypto-circuit: When Nash offered to help Team Flash to find the technology to save Ramsey Rosso, he demanded to have Cisco to build him a crypto-circuit. After he built it, Nash claims there are better versions of the circuit as Cisco forced him to take it and leave. [4]


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