"How many Wells are we talking about here?"
"How many universes were there in the multiverse?"
Harrison Nash Wells and Caitlin Snow[src]

The mind of Harrison Nash Wells is a place where all doppelgängers of Harrison Wells resides after their deaths in the Anti-Monitor Crisis.


After the Crisis, all Harrison Wells were folded on each other and their brainwaves were tangled with Nash's. Not long after Crisis, Nash saw illusions of Harry Wells, Harrison Sherloque Wells and Wells the Grey. [1] [2] [3]

The mind of Harrison Nash Wells is a cave on Earth-13 which is the location of Maya's death. When Eobard Thawne was about to take over his mind and body, Cisco persuaded Nash to face that memory and it banished Thawne away. [3]

Known residents

Current residents

Former residents

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The Flash

Season 6


Nash sees the illusion of Harrison Wells


  • The only way to travel into Nash's mind is through the use of MAD 2.0.
  • Even though others can travel into Nash's mind, they could not communicate with its residents.


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