The worksite of Harrison Nash Wells is a portal to the antimatter cannon.


Nash finds the eternium

Nash finds the Eternium in the sewers of Central City.

After Nash arrived Earth-1, he found Eternium is the sewers and set up a worksite. [1]

Nash tracking Novu

Nash finds the entrance to Mar Novu's realm

Later, Nash asked Cisco Ramon to build him a anti-vibrational crypto-circuit. As he put the circuit into his gauntlet, a hologram of Mar Novu appeared and it walked into the end of the tunnel. Believing the end is a portal to his realm, Nash kept working on breaking down the rocks. [2]

Nash meets Joe West

Nash meets Joe West.

A few days later, Joe West followed Nash into the worksite and tried to work with him. However, both of them accidentally caused a cave-in and was trapped in the site. Nash tried several ways to blow up the rocks but his blaster caused a fire and used up 87% of the oxygen in the site. Joe kept encouraging Nash to have faith but he did not listen and kept working. In a few hours, Ralph Dibny arrived and rescued them as he noticed Joe was missing. Knowing they are save, Joe asked Nash about his work at the site and he told him to bring his whole team in the morning.[2]

Nash tells them how he'll break through the wall

Nash tells them how he'll break through the wall.

A day later, they arrived the site and Nash explained to them about his conspiracy on Novu. Barry tried to phase in but got ejected as the rocks are Eternium and created a force field. Knowing it will not work, Nash remained working on other ways to break the rock without causing a blast that will wipe out all residents of Earth-1. He then revealed that the only way to get through was by illuminating the wall using an artifact that could emit ultraviolet rays to reveal the eternium and identify which sections he couldn't strike.
Nash works with Allegra

Nash works with Allegra

He later asked for Allegra Garcia's help to work as a ultraviolet emitter. Allegra succeeded and gave Nash enough time to take a picture of where to strike. [3]

On December 9th, Nash successfully broke through the eternium wall and prepared to solve the code that would open the gateway to the Monitor's realm, satisfied that his chase of the Monitor through the multiverse had come to an end.[4] As Nash was about to open the gateway, a voice called out to him, believing he sought the truth. Nash took a step back and deduced that this was Mar Novu calling to him. The voice promised that he would know all if he showed his allegiance to him. Nash refused to bargain with false Gods, which angered the voice, who caused a small quake and demanded he bow down to him.

Nash fighting a Blood Brother

Nash fighting a Blood Brother.

Becoming frustrated with the parlor tricks, Nash demanded to be granted access to his realm, but the voice continued to demand his allegiance. Nash remained headstrong and told the voice that after all he's been through tracking him down to Earth-1, his paltry mind games weren't going to deter him. After the lights went out, Nash was attacked by one of Bloodwork's "Blood Brothers". He managed to use a device that emitted an ultrasound that forced the infected to leave. However, the device stopped working, causing other infected to attack him. [5]

Nash submits to Novu

Nash submits to "Novu".

Nash was about to be infected when the particle accelerator exploded with ultraviolet rays from Allegra that turned his attackers back to normal, saving him, but Nash believed it was Novu who had done the deed. At 11:58 pm, Nash recounted that he'd traveled across the multiverse for many years to kill the Monitor, but was befuddled as to him saving his life from the Blood Brothers instead. The voice responded by telling him to "submit" and begin his "life anew". He asked the voice to show him, but the voice told him "the knowledge is within you". [5]

Nash then reappeared again at the sewers as Pariah, the place in which he received his new persona and reunited with Team Flash. They asked what happened and he explained that he caused the Crisis to happen by releasing the Anti-Monitor from his confinement. Since Team Flash wanted to enter the Anti-Monitor's lair, Cisco vibed Pariah to revisit his memories before his transformation and they entered the lair. [6]

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