"So, I expect I need no introduction but yes it is I, master of stage and screen Harrison Orson Wells."
—Harrison Orson Wells to Nash Wells[src]

Harrison Orson Wells was a thespian and a version of Harrison Wells from an unidentified Earth. He was transferred to Harrison Nash Wells' mind until Nash sacrificed himself to power the artificial Speed Force to restore Barry Allen's powers.


Original multiverse

Harrison Orson Wells was an actor, director, and screenwriter from an unidentified Earth that was destroyed during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. His brainwaves were channeled to the mind of Harrison Nash Wells, his last surviving doppelgänger.

New multiverse

Harrison Orson Wells, alongside Harry, Sherloque, and H.R., discussing the A.S.F. with Nash Wells.

Harrison Orson Wells appeared as a vision to Nash Wells alongside Harry Wells of Earth-2, Sherloque Wells of Earth-221, and H.R. Wells of Earth-19. He introduced himself as if he was well-known, but he was previously unknown to Nash. Together, he, Harry, Sherloque, H.R., discussed the need for an organic receptor, which was Nash, to transfer the multiversal particles of all the Wellses inside Nash to the fusion sphere to power the artificial Speed Force. He watched as Nash stormed off, refusing to sacrifice his life.

He was later absorbed into the fusion sphere to power the artificial Speed Force after Nash sacrificed himself, which granted Barry Allen his powers back.[1]

Powers and abilities


"Like a moth, drawn to a cosmic flame."
—Harrison Orson Wells to Nash Wells [src]
  • Bond with Harrison Nash Wells: After the destruction and subsequent restoration of the multiverse, all the Harrison Wells of the multiverse relocated their consciences into the mind the the sole surviving Wells, Nash. Due to this bond, Harrison Orson Wells and the other Wells can communicate with their host.[1]


"And scene."
—Harrison Orson Wells[src]
  • Acting: Harrison Orson Wells is a self-described master of stage, introducing himself to Nash as such.
  • Directing: Harrison Orson Wells showed some directing skills by using the camera frame gesture when presenting the artificial Speed Force energy solution to Nash.
  • Screenwriting: Harrison Orson Wells described himself as a master of screen, presumably his screenwriting abilities.


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