"I'm a detective. I see mystery everywhere."
—Harrison Sherloque Wells to Barry Allen[src]

Harrison Sherloque Wells is an alternate version of Harrison Wells from Earth-221,[1] who works as a detective.


Early life

At some point in his adulthood, Sherloque married seven times, twice to the same woman, leaving the status of his seventh marriage currently unknown. His third ex-wife was from Earth-38, the same Earth of Supergirl and Superman.[2][3]

Career as multiversal detective

At some point, Sherloque began his career as a detective.

At some point, he chased a serial killer named Mad Hatter with his partner Watsune until he finds out with the memory machine that his fourth wife was cheating on him with his partner. After arguing with his partner he lets him go chasing the Mad Hatter alone and later find him attached to the memory machine brain-dead.[4]

At some point after this, Sherloque was hired multiple times to find the identity of "Cicada" through the multiverse. According to him, it was always David Hersch. Due to his skills, Sherloque eventually was known by Harrison Wolfgang Wells, the Harrison Wells of Earth-12.[3]

Helping Team Flash

Earth-1 Flash and his team hired him as a suggestion by Harrison Wolfgang Wells, after Cisco Ramon opened a portal to take Sherloque to Earth-1. Sherloque could make conclusions from everyone: that Cisco was heartbroken for his break-up with Cynthia, that Barry Allen was the main speedster of Earth-1, that Nora was Iris' daughter and that Iris removed a tattoo of a former lover. He asked for a fee.

First they found a David Hersch, who set a bomb in a warehouse (which Wells discerns at once to be a decoy trap, nearly costing Nora her life when multiple similar bombs popped up around of her, had Barry not been warned in time), but he was different from Cicada. Cisco demanded a refund, but he no longer had the money because he invested it to pay the alimony of his ex-wives.

He pretended to have been burned to ashes by a reactor on the Pipeline, but Cisco revealed that the explosion would be worse if the reactor exploded and told Barry to search for him in S.T.A.R. Labs. Barry found him and ran him to the Pipeline. He then pretended to be surprised by his own death, but he admitted that he did it and revealed he did the same to get rid of himself off his fourth and sixth wife which was the same woman.

Later, he was seen pondering on his own when Nora approached him, asking if he has seen her purse. After pointing out where he last saw the accessory and then detailed Nora's conducts thus far into the past into which she time-traveled, namely her intervention when she helped her father destroy the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite. Sherloque then blithely asked the female speedster if she came to decide on that last part all on her own, to which Nora balked on an answer, unable to reply. Sherloque then dismissed the thought, surmising that Nora did that on her own accord, as her moniker, XS, was definitive for that kind of behavior. Nora agreed and without further ado, took her to leave. As she left though, Wells cast a glance on her departing form, implying that he may have gleaned more than he let on about the speedster from the future.[3]

Meeting Renee Adler

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To divert attention from his research on her, Nora with Thawne's suggestion used love. to distract her. Nora engineered an accident at CC Jitters to make Sherloque find a love interest.


"This "Sherloque", yes, he's brilliant, but to redirect his gaze, one only has to nudge him toward his weakness: love."
—Eobard Thawne[src]

Sherloque is a very arrogant and smug man, as he takes great pride in his abilities as a detective and the reputation he has earned throughout the multiverse and just as easily scoffs at other's opinions that contradict his views. At the same time, while a very insightful and methodical man, he prefers to take a quick and easy way to deal with things as after one idea proved accurate enough times, he simply assumes that it will always work and will just recycle the same idea. He is also shown to be rather unscrupulous and when things get too difficult, he will attempt to sneak away, as he even faked his death to get away from paying alimony to his ex-wives.

At the same time, Sherloque is not without an honorable side, while confident in his instincts and usually convinced that he is in the right direction, he is willing to admit to when he has made a mistake and likewise give credit where credit is due as he openly applauded Ralph in finding an important clue on Cicada's identity.

Sherloque has been married seven times (twice to the same woman) which is later revealed to be due to them all resembling his first wife, he tells a very confused Nora West-Allen that "(they're) the only woman for me", showing a bizarre romantic side, though, at the same time, it was his attempts to be romantic that lead to his divorces; his attempts of trying to use what they liked in extravagant manners lead to horrible consequences. He later meets the Earth-1 doppelganger Renee Adler, whom he immediately becomes smitten with thanks to Nora manipulations per Eobard Thawne's suggestion.

Sherloque does sometimes let the thrill over revealing a mystery get the better of him, suspicious of Nora suddenly taking direct actions that will alter the past after having been so careful to not be noticed before, Sherloque investigated her to find out who was manipulating her, right as Nora was about, to tell the truth about Eobard helping her change the past to ensure Cicada was defeated and Barry prevented from vanishing in the "crisis", Sherloque butted in and revealed his partial deduction of Nora working for Eobard.


"The subcutaneous under-eye bruising which indicates you've been crying. A flaky skin which indicates dehydration, probably from alcohol consumption. Alcohol plus crying can only mean one thing: you have been dumped."
—Sherloque Wells to Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Master detective: Like many of his counterparts, Sherloque is a very astute and cunning individual. He is a renowned detective and according to Harrison Wolfgang Wells, the best in the entire multiverse. A very well-read and intuitive individual, Sherloque has insightful knowledge of human behavior and natural reactions from various stimulus determine a variety of facts from perceiving the smallest of details (thus he could even understand the MO of a secretive man like Eobard Thawne) from a crude explanation of where Vibe and Cicada were fighting, he was able to quickly deduce their location.
    • Computer specialist: Sherloque demonstrated a fair level of proficiency with computers, able to program them to decipher Nora's mysterious writing.[5]
    • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Sherloque is very efficient at conceiving believable lies on the spot to fool individuals. He is also talented at faking his death, having fooled two of his ex-wives.
    • Multilingual: Sherloque is capable of fluently speaking English and French. He (apparently) is familiar in so many languages that he was surprised to discover the "Time language" as one he couldn't understand.[5]
  • Artistic skill: Sherloque is a talented sketch artist, as he was able to quickly complete a sketch of "Khione" with elegant detail in seconds.[6]
  • Escape artist: Taught by Thaddeus Brown of Earth-51, Sherloque is very seamless in his efforts of escaping from binds and likewise freeing others from them. [7]


The Flash

The Chronicles of Cisco


  • Sherloque is the fourth version of Harrison Wells to join Team Flash, after Eobard Thawne (impersonating Earth-1 Harrison Wells), Harry Wells (from Earth-2), and H.R. Wells (from Earth-19).
    • Sherloque is also the third francophone version of Harrison Wells seen (on-screen).
  • In "Goldfaced"​​, Sherloque learned that marrying one of his wives a second time resulted in her telling all his other exes that he faked his death. As a result, he's stuck paying alimony to all of them again.
    • Worse, they cruelly expect him to pay the full amount to each of them every month. This is perhaps the reason he fakes his death, as he only gets paid per case and would have no money for himself.
    • At the same time, it's implied that Sherloque's ex-wives never mistook any doppelgänger he may have had on their respective Earths for him.
  • Just as his Earth-2 counterpart gets along with Cisco Ramon more because they are both scientists, this version of Harrison bonds more with Ralph Dibny more because they are both detectives.
  • Sherloque is a fan of John Stamos.[8]

Behind the scenes

  • His name is an allusion to Sherlock Holmes. In fact, Sherloque's train of thought and logic process perfectly matches that of Sherlock Holmes.
    • Much like him, Sherloque shows an utter lack of remorse for revealing a dark secret someone (Nora) kept from their loved ones, instead hoping he would receive praise for his deduction.
    • Sherloque's beard evokes some resemblance to that of Robert Downey, Jr., an actor who portrayed Sherlock Holmes in two films by Guy Ritchie
    • Cisco Ramon once called him "Cumberbatch", an allusion to Benedict Cumberbatch, who portrays Sherlock Holmes in the BBC Series Sherlock.


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