"He was the most brilliant mind I ever met. They all were. Whatever the problem, you could count on a Wells... a council of them, to have the answers."
Barry Allen[src]

Harrison Wells refers to several things:


Behind the scenes

  • Even though Harrison Wells does not originate from the DC comics, as he is an original character specifically created for the show, another brief character, only known as "Dr. Wells", appeared in the tie-in DC comic book of the 1990s The Flash​ TV series titled, The Flash TV Special​ (January, 1991). Interestingly enough, the character was a wheelchair-bound villain who dressed in black and yellow and had the ability to be in two places at once, similarly to how Eobard Thawne (disguised as Harrison Wells) was introduced in the 2014 TV series.
    • Even before that, a villainous character known as Dr. Wells, sporting similar looks, appeared in the 1973-1985 animated series Super Friends episode "Elevator to Nowhere". Like the CW version, Dr. Wells was associated with time travel, forcing Wonder Woman and the Atom to participate in his time machine experiment.
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