For the wife of Harrison Wells of Earth-1, see Tess Morgan.

An unnamed woman was the wife of Harrison Wells and the mother of Jesse Wells.


Early life

This woman was dearly loved by her husband, Harrison Wells. The couple presumably founded S.T.A.R. Labs together, where they intended to create the particle accelerator.

Harrison initially didn't want children, but the woman convinced her husband to change his mind. She and Harrison had a daughter, whom they named Jesse.[1]

The woman would often bring Jesse to visit her father at S.T.A.R. Labs, where they would get scared of Harrison's "work voice".[2]


At some point, the woman passed away from unknown causes, leaving her husband and daughter in grief.


Heartbroken over his inability to save his wife, Harrison swore on the woman's grave to always protect their daughter, Jesse.[3]

When Jesse began urging Harrison to talk about her mother, he used a cerebral inhibitor prototype to allow her to listen to his thoughts. Through Harrison's memories of the woman, Jesse was able to hear her mother's voice, bringing her and her father to tears.[4]


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