"I found my place. It's standing here with these people, against you."
—H.R. Wells to Savitar[src]

Harrison "H.R." Wells (died May 23, 2017) was the former face of S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-19. However, he eventually was exposed for being a fraud of a scientist, and everything fell apart for him on his Earth. When his partner solved the cryptogram sent by Team Flash, H.R. was given an opportunity to come to Earth-1 to write a novel on his adventures. To disguise himself on Earth-1, H.R. took on his partner's likeness and dubbed himself as "H.R. Randolf".[1] He sacrificed himself to prevent the terrible future of Savitar from becoming real.


Early life and time on Earth-19

Harrison is the former face of S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-19, which he led as a charismatic leader, before being defamed as a fraud of a scientist, unable to work with basic computers. However, despite that, H.R. claimed to have had assisted the Flash of his Earth in tracking down meta-humans in "World War M", about which he wrote several best selling books.[2]

At one point of time, Randolf Morgan, a partner of Wells, cracked the cryptogram sent out by Harry Wells, Cisco Ramon, and Caitlin Snow. Deciding to respond, H.R. sent his own hologram to Earth-1 to communicate with the cryptogram's senders. In his hologram audition, he expressed interest in helping the Earth-1 heroes fight crime and find meta-humans, trying to show off his good humor. His audition was rejected by Harry, but he ended up being selected anyway.[3]

Coming to Earth-1 and helping Team Flash

When H.R. arrived on Earth-1, he greeted Team Flash by saying "Greetings Earthlings", in a deep tone of voice, though he quickly assured the team he was joking. Wells then proceeded to call his Earth-2 doppelgänger handsome. He was then introduced to Team Flash by his doppelgänger. After Harry and Jesse Wells returned to Earth-2, Wells jokingly questioned what his doppelgänger was about to say before returning to Earth-2. Wells proceeded to ask if Earth-1 had a Big Belly Burger.[3]

While trying to track down a holographic monster, it was revealed that H.R. didn't have the scientific skills of his predecessors, being mostly an ideas man and the face of his company, rather than a genius scientist. Despite Cisco Ramon refusing to trust the new Wells, and Wally West calling him a conman, he tried to persuade Team Flash that he can be of some use to them, suggesting ideas for the team to develop, acting as their "muse", and taking part in the adventures so that he could later write a book about them. While most members of the team were disappointed, Barry allowed H.R. to stay for some time and try to prove his worth as a teammate, before going back to Earth-19.[2]

Looking over the history of Team Flash, H.R. told the team that sooner or later somebody would connect the dots regarding the use of the almost-abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs by the vigilante team assisting the Flash. To give S.T.A.R. Labs a cover, he proposed turning it into a museum, with him as its charismatic director. Deciding to go into town, H.R. was stopped by Cisco reminding him that Earth-1 is fearful of the evil Wells's murderous deeds, and he'd be shot on sight. Changing his plans, H.R. appeared in Randolf's likeness, showing his facial transmogrification device from Earth-19 to Cisco and Caitlin Snow. H.R. then joined Joe West, Cisco and Caitlin on a trip to the park cinema, on a viewing of The Shining, where he suddenly decided to flirt with Cecile Horton. The screening was cut short, as the meta-human criminal Shade appeared, attacking the citizens. Evacuating with Cisco and Caitlin, he stayed with them as Cisco hacked into the cars' computers, weakening Shade with the flashing lights.[1]

After Wally West's meta-human powers were restored by the Philosopher's Stone, H.R. noticed how the West family tried to limit Wally's training, refusing to see the youth's potential. H.R. then offered Wally to become a mentor in the use of the Speed Force, managing to train Wally to achieve speeds greater than those of Barry's start as the Flash.[4][5]

H.R. later continued to help Wally with the training, making it possible for Wally to achieve speeds much higher than Barry. When Wally revealed that the two were training to Joe West, he and H.R. were met with scorn. Nevertheless, H.R.'s argument to Joe in favor of Wally learning how to use his powers proved correct when Wallace used the Speed Force to help Wally combat Savitar. When Savitar gets channeled through Julian Albert, Savitar called H.R. the "fake Wells" while identifying members of Team Flash. H.R. later attended the Christmas party at West house, giving Barry and Iris a pet turtle. He enjoyed eggnog and teased Wally's nickname as "Kid Flash".[6]

H.R. continuously supported Wally's endeavors, even deciding to wager for Wally as the winner of a race against Barry, despite gambling being outlawed in his universe.[7]

He then was hunted by Gypsy for breaking the inter-dimensional rule in Earth-19. Cisco, in order to protect H.R., challenged Gypsy to a trial by combat and won. Admitting defeat, Gypsy allowed H.R.'s freedom. As Gypsy prepared to leave back to Earth-19, Gypsy asked that H.R. never return, as Gypsy would pretend he got killed, thus remaining unrivaled.[8]

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"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."
Mark Twain, H.R.'s tombstone[src]

H.R.'s death

After unintentionally revealing Iris West's location, H.R. stricken by the guilt of letting Iris be captured, uses Savitar's severed metal claw to locate the speedster. He then released Iris from the chains being bound in. Before the two could escape, Savitar and Killer Frost noticed and H.R. had no choice but to use the facial transmogrification device to switch places with Iris. Before Savitar realized that H.R. had taken Iris's place, Savitar fatally stabbed him, altering the timeline and allowing Team Flash to erase Savitar from existence.[9]

Erased future

In the original timeline where Savitar succeeded in killing Iris, Barry pushed everybody away from S.T.A.R. Labs as H.R. subsequently closed the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum and moved on to "better things". At some point H.R. became a famous author on Earth-1 publishing many best sellers novels. He also bought CC Jitters and renamed it "H.R. Jitters".

In 2024 H.R. wrote a best selling novel called "The Streak vs Mister Reflecto". During a reading at H.R. Jitters, where H.R. was also secretly trying to seduce 3 women, he was kidnapped by a younger version of Barry from 2017 before Iris' death along with Joe, Julian and Cisco. 2017 Barry apologized for how things turned but convinced them to help him stop Mirror Master and Top, and the team happily reunited as H.R. was also reunited with his drumsticks. After 2017 Barry and 2024 Barry defeated the criminals together 2024 Barry apologized for pushing them away and asked them to give him a chance to make things right which they all agreed on. H.R. then happily proposed they have drinks at Jitters to celebrate Team Flash's reunion.[10]


H.R.'s death was avenged when Iris West fatally shot Savitar as he prepared to attack Barry Allen, before Savitar was erased from the timeline (due to his actions, who sacrificed his life to ensure that Savitar would never be created).[9]

H.R. saved Iris West and was remembered as a hero by the team, alongside the other members who died. Even Harry Wells, who labelled H.R. as a moron and despised him prior to his sacrifice, could not help but respect him after his death.

Just prior to Barry's apparent death in the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Cecile mentioned one of H.R.'s quotes about Barry.[11]


"H.R. understood life. He wasn't a genius, and he didn't have super-speed. But when we needed him the most, he was a hero. He was my hero."
Iris West at H.R.'s funeral[src]

H.R. was shown to be very humble, with a laid-back yet upbeat demeanor. Friendly and eager to try new experiences, he jumped at the chance to travel to a new universe and help in crime-fighting; though he knew Earth-19 would send a collector after him eventually. He had a strong sense of humor, having his entrance to Earth-1 as a set up for a joke. Even Caitlin noted "Wells with a sense of humor, that's new". Being the face of S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-19, he had acquired qualities of a charismatic leader. A team player, he quickly shown when joining Team Flash a desire to connect with everyone, have learned all he could about his allies, brewed coffee to everyone's personal taste, and even suggested a "corporate bonding" game. H.R.'s adventurous side, along with his proclaimed helping with his Earth's Flash, also showed itself in his hobby of writing books. After being found out by Team Flash, H.R. still tried to keep the jokey demeanor and sell his "idea person" act to his teammates.[2]

Like Harry Wells, H.R. was not without his own feelings of guilt. Hating having spent much of his life as a charlatan and being praised for false accomplishments, he wants to start fresh on Earth-1, proving that he can still contribute to something great despite not being a genius like his other known doppelgängers. At the same time, he appear to want to emulate them more, as he has been trying to learn more about science and listens to stories from the team about what great accomplishments they performed. H.R. knows about Cisco's past bond with Eobard Thawne. As noted in his recording, H.R. hopes he can help Cisco recover from the pain of Eobard's betrayal. When Barry Allen and Cisco rummaged through his personal belongings, trying to vibe who he really is, Wells dropped the cheerful act, addressing Cisco in an emotionless, almost-threatening voice, eerily similar to that of Thawne. He's also shown to be a ladies man as he told Caitlin Snow that he was single when he first met Caitlin and was able to seduce Cecile Horton with his sense of humor.

H.R. also had a desire to help people realize their true potential, as upon seeing Wally West's natural talent with his newfound speed and strong desire to help people with it, H.R. decided to helped train Wally and develop the youth's powers.[5] H.R. was shown to be a big celebrator of Christmas, a holiday also celebrated on Earth-19. He was shown to have actually decorated the cortex of S.T.A.R. Labs, and even put on an ugly sweater. When everyone was down about their recent fight with Savitar, H.R. reminded them it was the holidays and actually got them to celebrate.[6]

Despite the bravado personality, H.R had an extremely brave side. This could have added on to the guilt of his actions during his life. H.R was brave enough to sacrifice his own life to break Savitar's time loop and to save Iris West.


"There are two parts to every idea. There is the inception and the execution. I provide the former."
"So you come up with the ideas?"
"Yeah, I don't know how to implement them. I'm the idea man.
—H.R. and Iris West[src]
  • Keen intellect/Great business acumen/Leader: Although lacking the breadth of scientific knowledge possessed by his other doppelgängers, H.R. Wells had a deeply creative intellect. H.R. Wells describes himself as an "ideas man", with his excellent insight into the motives and actions of others and ability to swiftly provide creative solutions to problems at hand proving useful to the team despite his inability to execute his ideas himself. He claimed to have been a key strategic consultant to the Flash of his earth during his conflict with the meta-humans, helping him capture them and was crucial to instigating the World War M that would cement the Flash's victory over the remaining meta-humans. As a best-selling author, he is very articulate, publishing many famous novels regarding his alliance with the Flash, and in an erased future, he was once again able to publish many best-selling novels on Earth 1, becoming a famous author. H.R. is also shown to be a very thorough man, as upon joining Team Flash, has studied all the files of criminals the Flash has encountered on Earth-1.[2] Despite his original lack of scientific skills, he has since been improving, able to create an accurate hologram of Cisco Ramon, although it did glitch out, shouting at random intervals. While not a scientist, H.R. was an exceptionally skilled businessman and proved to be a very effective and charismatic corporate leader, being able to effectively lead S.T.A.R. Labs as both the large corporation's CEO and face for years so well he was even named Entrepreneur of the Decade by Tech Magazine, as noted by Ramon,[2] designing many well-thought business plans that allowed him to conceal his lack of scientific skills for years. Even after being exposed as a phony scientist, H.R. proved his leadership skills to Team Flash, effectively keeping the team well-organized. In an alternate future, despite lacking any wealth, H.R. was able to somehow secure the funds needed to buy CC Jitters and run it well, renaming it into H.R. Jitters. H.R. also trained Wally to handle his superspeed, allowing the latter to become significantly faster than Barry initially was.[6]
    • Skilled thief: H.R. was a skilled heist planner, even writing a few of his books on the topic of heists. To prove his mastery of thievery to Cisco Ramon, H.R. stole a hidden Pop-Tart from Wally West with a remote controlled robot.[12]
    • Expert of deception: Much like Harry, H.R. Was a skilled actor. Before being exposed, he was able to pretend to be the face of S.T.A.R. Labs for years despite not understanding science at all. Using this same skill, he convinced the Earth-1 Team Flash that he was still an accomplished scientist, beating out all other versions of Harrison Wells in the recruitment process. While impersonating Iris just before his death, he managed to act like her enough that both Barry and Savitar, a future version of Barry, bought the act.
    • Trilingualism: H.R. spoke fluent English and knew some French and Italian.[13]
  • Acrobatics: Like his Earth-Two counterpart, H.R. could do a dolphin dive, albeit less skillfully and gracefully than Harry.


  • Drumsticks: H.R. brought a pair of drumming sticks with him, as he constantly uses a stick akin to a magic wand, punctuating his words or fidgeting with it.[1] The drumsticks were later placed on his grave to honor his sacrifice.[9]
  • Earth-19 currency: When H.R. relocated to Earth-1, he brought with him a handful of coins that served as currency on his Earth. Among these coins was at least one Helbing. While not shown, H.R. has mentioned that, on Earth-19, a $100 banknote featured the portrait of Abe Lincoln.[7]
  • Facial transmogrification device: H.R. used a special holographic device to make his face appear identical to that of his partner, Randolf Morgan, hiding his true identity. The device is so advanced that it can even fool cameras and retinal scanners. The device also sophisticated enough that allows certain people to still perceive the user with their true face. This is done by the device emitting a flash that causes a retinal adjustment for those nearby.[1] He used this device to impersonate Iris the night of his death.


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  • Unlike Harry Wells being forced to stay in S.T.A.R. Labs away from the public, H.R. has a facial transmogrification device to disguise himself when in public to avoid being mistaken for Eobard Thawne. However, the alternative 2024 shows he that has a book published with his face on it. This could mean that he either passed himself off as a relative, or clone, to the public.
  • According to H.R. himself, he doesn't have any kids of his own, making Harry and Wells 2.0 the only known doppelgängers of Harrison Wells known to be a father so far.
  • Despite initially being scolded for lying about being a genius, H.R. is actually better liked than most of his other doppelgängers due to his warm and friendly joker side.
  • Due to Gypsy lying that he's dead to the authorities back on Earth-19, H.R. was stuck living on Earth-1. With his death in "Finish Line", Gypsy's statement is now true.
  • The epitaph on his grave suggests H.R. saw the purpose of his life was to save Iris West and ensure Savitar's defeat.[9]
  • H.R. is referred to as the "fake Wells" and later on as "the pretender" and "the coward" by Savitar.[6][14] Savitar also seems to resent H.R. more than anyone on Team Flash except Barry, stating that he regretted H.R. surviving his wrath. Savitar's hatred might be due to H.R. not being any help with science and having a history of being a charlatan.
  • H.R. has a habit of giving characters nicknames or addressing them by full name, calling Barry "B.A.", Cisco "San Francisco", Wally "Walter" and "Wallace", and Julian "Julius" and "James" (referencing his British accent).
    • When talking to Cisco and Caitlin at the West family's Christmas party, H.R. drunkenly referred to them "Caitlo" and "Ciscan".
  • Perhaps due to his hobby in writing books, H.R. is fascinated by soap operas.  
  • One of his favorite foods is lime Jell-O.[15]
  • It's suggested H.R. might be into BDSM, as when accused of stealing Cisco's Power-dampening cuffs (which Caitlin actually took), H.R. retorted, "I haven't met anyone yet. It's gonna take a while, even when I do meet them, to get to the cuff stage."[1]
    • In "Abra Kadabra", H.R. is absent until Abra Kadabra is taken to Earth-19 and later returns, recalling being away with a woman and "trying new things".
  • H.R. is the second version of Harrison Wells to die after his Earth-1 doppelgänger, not including Eobard. However, he is the first version of Wells that is a main character who has died.
  • It is revealed in "Attack on Central City" that H.R. brushes his teeth in small circles, unlike Harry, who brushes his teeth front to back.

Behind the scenes

  • His nickname "H.R. Wells" is a nod to famous fiction writer H. G. Wells, as well as the fact that he is an author.
  • H.R. Wells shares some similarities with the DC Comics character Abra Kadabra, using a drumming stick as if it was a magic wand (even replicating Abra's signature bowing pose in "Killer Frost") and putting a grandiose presentation before Team Flash when arriving to Earth-1, all the while hiding his true intentions. Also, in the "Trial of the Flash" comic arc, Abra Kadabra used his futuristic technology to impersonate Eobard Thawne, whom Tom Cavanagh has also portrayed on The Flash; similarly, H.R. used futuristic technology to appear in the guise of Randolf Morgan. Additionally, Joe West noticed that H.R. has a "psychotic need to make other people like him no matter what", which is very reminiscent of Abra Kadabra's constant thirst for approval, applause and adoration. Notably, H.R.'s main target for fishing out approval ended up Wally West, whom Abra Kadabra is obsessed about as the greatest Flash, whose defeat would earn Abra unimaginable fame.
  • H.R. Wells switching his appearance with Iris West is another similarity to the "Trial of the Flash" comic arc, in which Iris's time-traveling consciousness possessed one of the (male) jurors of the trial, guiding him against the dangers of Abra Kadabra's plot.

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  • H.R. Romance Series
    • The Streak vs. Mister Reflecto (erased future)[10]
  • The Future Ain't What It Used to Be[16]
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