"Bonjour. Moi, je suis Harrison Wells."
—Harrison Wells[src]

Harrison Wells is a francophone from Earth-TUD2.


In late 2016, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Harry Wells put out an equation to all of the multiverse in order to find another Harrison Wells who could join Team Flash. The francophone Harrison Wells was smart enough to figure out the equation and submitted a holographic interview, but was quickly shot down by Harry, believing that they couldn't trust a "mime".[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Genius level intellect: Wells is smart enough to solve an equation that Harrison Wells of Earth-2 made in order to test intelligence.[1]
  • Performance/Pantomiming: During his holographic presentation, Wells was heavily pantomiming, acting out what he said, hinting at his identity as a mime, which led Harry Wells to mistrust him.[1]


The Flash

Season 3

Season 6


  • Harrison is the first seen francophone version of Wells, followed by H.P. Wells.


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