"Bonjour. Moi, je suis Harrison Wells."
—Harrison Wells[src]

Harrison Wells is a French-speaking individual from an unidentified Earth.


In late 2016, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Earth-2 Harrison Wells put out an equation to all of the multiverse in order to find another Harrison Wells that could be used on Team Flash. The French-speaking Harrison Wells was smart enough to figure out the equation and submitted a holographic interview, but was quickly shot down by Earth-2 Wells, believing that they couldn't trust a "mime".[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Genius level intellect: Wells is smart enough to solve an equation that Harrison Wells of Earth-2 made in order to test intelligence.[1]
  • Performance/Pantomiming: During his holographic presentation, Wells was heavily pantomiming, acting out what he said, hinting at his identity as a mime, which led Harry Wells to mistrust him.[1]


The Flash

Season 3


  • Harrison is the first seen Francophone version of Wells, followed by H.P. Wells.


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