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"Do you know that it amuses me that you think that saving your tiny world matters when the entire multiverse will inevitably be consumed in a fiery heat death?"
—Harrison Wolfgang Wells[src]

Dr. Harrison Wolfgang Wells was a resident of Earth-12 and a member of the Council of Wells.


Harrison Wolfgang Wells earned himself 4 PhDs, becoming a renowned scientist. At some point, he wrote the book, Everything is Meaningless, so Why Did I Buy This Book?.[1]

Wolfgang was later recruited by the Harry Wells of Earth-2 to join a council, later named the Council of Wells. He was joined by H. Lothario Wells of Earth-47 and Wells 2.0 of Earth-22. Although initially the different versions of Harrison Wells had troubles working together, they eventually decoded Clifford DeVoe's identity.[1]

After Harry Wells of Earth-2 suffered brain damage and started to lose his intelligence, Cisco and Harry asked Wolfgang if the Council of Wells could help him heal his brain. Wolfgang condescendingly denied their request, claiming that now Harry is not intelligent enough to associate with the Council. This prompted the creation of a new multiversal Harrison Wells team: Council of Harrisons.[2]

Later on, Nora West-Allen suggested Team Flash to rely on a version of Harrison Wells to discover the identity of Cicada. When Team Flash called Harrison Wolfgang Wells, he was delighted to meet them, commending Barry Allen and Nora on their heroics and complimenting Iris West's beauty. Annoyed that he wasn't treated with the same politeness, Cisco was doubtful of Wolfgang for his betrayal of Harry Wells. Wolfgang claimed to be too busy to help them, but instead recommended they turn to Harrison Sherloque Wells of Earth-221, whom he regarded as the best detective in the multiverse, and gave Team Flash his coordinates.[3]

During the events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Harrison Wolfgang Wells was killed alongside the rest of Earth-12 after it was destroyed. Presumably, his brainwaves were channeled into the mind of the last surviving doppelgänger, Harrison Nash Wells. He was likely transferred to the fusion sphere to power the artificial Speed Force.


"If you're looking for cooperation, trust me, this is not your guy. He is just an asshat."
Cisco Ramon[src]

Unlike most of his counterparts, Wolfgang has little care about the goings on in the multiverse or life itself. He has come to see everything as pointless, as everything without exception will expire eventually. Even more, Wolfgang has a very self-absorbed and condescending nature to himself. He shows no interest or sympathy in helping people of not at least comparable intellect to himself, as he openly mocked Harry for his recent brain damage continually draining his intellect and just as smugly dismissed Harry as a member for the Council of Wells. This attitude earned him a rivalry of sorts with Cisco Ramon.

At the same time, when meeting people he actually respects if not admires, Wolfgang is shown to be rather kind and helpful. He is also apparently a major fan of Barry Allen, The Flash, due to his heroics and physics-defying speed, calling it very stylish and graceful. This allowed him to get along very well with the Allen family, recommending them the services of Harrison Sherloque Wells, much to the shock and dismay of Cisco.


  • Genius-level intellect: Wolfgang is extremely intelligent, having 4 PhDs and being a founding member of the Council of Wells.[1]


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  • Harrison is shown to admire the Allen family due to their vigilantism.
  • His universe was personally attacked by Mobius.
  • Harrison unwittingly predicted the events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, by mockingly stating that Earth-1 will hold little importance when the multiverse is destroyed.
    • Ironically enough, Earth-1 became the last and most vital Earth standing during the Crisis, contradicting his belief.