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"Allen... you know, when I came to your stupid Earth... With its good burgers... I was a broken man. Lost, angry, blah, blah, blah, and you showed me how to be a better person. And I'll always be grateful for our friendship. Now. Run. Barry... run. [...] You got this. After I'm gone... look out for one another."
—Harry Wells's goodbye to Barry Allen[src]

Dr. Harrison "Harry" Wells was the founder of S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-2, the widower of a late unnamed woman, the father of the late Jesse Wells, a former member of the Team Flash and a close friend of Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. After Jesse was kidnapped by the criminal meta-human speedster Zoom, Harry traveled to Earth-1, joining Team Flash and helping Barry Allen to take down Zoom. While he was at one point forced to work as a mole for Zoom, Harry eventually turned on the speedster criminal, and with the help of Barry and Cisco Ramon, freed his daughter from captivity. He continued working with Team Flash as its main scientific mind to defeat Zoom before returning to Earth-2 with his daughter and Jay Garrick after Zoom was no more.

After Jesse developed her meta-human powers as a speedster and began establishing herself as vigilante protector in Earth-2, Harry's overly protective and controlling nature caused a strain in their relationship, making Jesse determined to work alone. Feeling he had no other reason to be on Earth-2, Harry decided to rediscover himself on Earth-1 by rejoining Team Flash.

After his excessive use of the Thinking Cap dramatically decreased his intelligence to the point of barely being able to speak comprehensively, he only managed to retain any intelligence due to Marlize DeVoe. With the majority of his intelligence gone and back in touch with his emotional side, Harry returned to Earth-2.

In 2019, as Harry was gradually regaining his intelligence, he was vaporized and killed along with the rest of Earth-2's population when a wave of antimatter hit the planet. Later, Oliver Queen sacrificed himself to create Earth-Prime, and Harry and the Wells doppelgängers were fused into the last surviving Wells, Harrison Nash Wells, now existing inside his mind and appearing to him as visions.

After Barry exhausted his remaining speed, he would assist in developing a plan with Sherloque Wells, H.R. Wells, and Harrison Orson Wells to have Nash transfer the multiversal particles of all the Wellses to the fusion sphere to power the artificial Speed Force at the cost of Nash's life. After saying goodbye to Team Flash, Harry would be absorbed into the fusion sphere alongside the other Wellses, powering the artificial Speed Force, granting Barry Allen his powers back.


Original multiverse

Early life

When Harrison Wells was 10 years old, he solved Earth-2 Albert Einstein's riddle.[1]

In his adulthood, Harrison met a woman, whom he later fell in love with and married. Harrison initially didn't want children, but his wife later convinced him to change his mind, and they had a daughter together, Jesse Chambers Wells,[2] whom Harrison would affectionately call "Jesse Quick" due to her genius intellect.[3]

When Jesse was four, Harrison took his daughter to a planetarium, which was the first time they went out together. There, Jesse got lost in the Mars exhibit, prompting Harrison to have the entire planetarium shut down to find her. It was at that moment he felt something never felt before: rage. Harrison swore to himself that he would hurt whoever had taken Jesse, realizing he would do anything to get his daughter back if something happened to her.[4]

When Jesse was six, Harrison gifted her a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle teddy bear.[5]

Creation of S.T.A.R. Labs

Harrison Wells in S.T.A.R

Harry as the founder of S.T.A.R. Labs.

In 1991, Harrison founded S.T.A.R. Labs.[6] Harrison would use his "work voice" on his employees, which freaked his wife and daughter out.[7] He also hired Henry Hewitt as his lab assistant and trusted him greatly.[8]

Harrison would eventually lose the love of his life, leaving him devastated. He remained unable to move on from his wife's death for years, despite his daughter's best efforts.[9]

The particle accelerator explosion

In 2014, Harrison created his particle accelerator. Harrison piped the explosion of the accelerator underground, believing it would limit exposure to the people of Central City. He, however, was wrong, and instead created all the meta-humans of the city.[10] Unable to accept his failure, Harrison covered it up to ensure no one knew he was indirectly responsible.[11]

Conflict with The Flash

Sometime after his particle accelerator exploded and created numbers of metas, speedsters like "Jay Garrick" and Zoom showed up. Harrison became at odds with the former, believing him to be a coward.[11] Nonetheless, Harrison tried to assist Jay in his fight against Zoom by creating five unsuccessful versions of Velocity to help increase his speed.[12]

At odds with his daughter

Hunter confronts Harrison Wells

Harry chastised by The Flash.

One day, Harrison Wells happened upon a tour group of children walking through S.T.A.R. Labs and greeted them.[6] He also held a press conference to unveil the meta-human awareness app in a new series of next gen gadgets, designed to alert the user of a meta-human presence specificall. During the conference, Harrison Wells was confronted by Jay Garrick, who wanted to expose his involvement in the meta-humans' creation by his particle accelerator, but Wells rebuked Garrick by encouraging him to do his job and stop Zoom. After The Flash left, Harrison continued his press conference, assuring his daughter Jesse that he was fine.[11]

Harry talks with Jesse

Harry talking with Jesse.

After the press conference, Harrison was working in his office until he was confronted by Jesse. She asked him if what the Flash had said during the conference about his involvement in creating meta-humans was the truth. Although Harrison tried to evade his daughter's question, Jesse saw this as confirmation, criticizing her father for his actions, lies, and distrust of Jay Garrick. Harrison replied that with the work being done at S.T.A.R. Labs, he had been trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe, adding that if sometimes one doesn't have the key for a lock, he must kick the door open.[7]

Harry tries calling Jesse

Harry trying to call Jesse.

Later that day, Harrison was working while listening to a news report revealing Robert Queen as the Starling City vigilante, "The Arrow". Suddenly, he saw a newsreel about a meta-human attack at Central City College and that a female student had been kidnapped by Zoom. Upon seeing Jesse's broken cellphone in the wreckage on TV, Harrison was horrified, initially believing that Jesse was dead. Not knowing the fate of his daughter, Harrison dedicated himself to find stop Zoom and find out what happened to his daughter.[7]

After The Flash vanished, Harrison believed that Zoom had killed him in their last duel during the Singularity. Harrison would later discover a breach to Earth-1 after a purse was thrown through a interdimensional breach, which almost hit him. This would give him the idea to go to another world to find help against Zoom.[11]

Working with Team Flash

Hunting Zoom
Harry arrives on Earth-1

Harry arriving on Earth-1.

He found his way through a breach between Earth-2 and Earth-1, underneath Earth-1's S.T.A.R. Labs.[13] Wells lurked around S.T.A.R. Labs for some time, watching the efforts to save Martin Stein. He then proceeded to break into Mercury Labs, where he stole a prototype weapon from the Applied Sciences Division. In doing so, he set off the alarms but managed to evade the guards. He was, however, spotted by Tina McGee, an old friend of Harrison's late Earth-1 counterpart, who mistook him for the impersonator using his counterpart's appearance.

Harry saves the Flash

Harry saving The Flash.

Harrison later arrived in time to use the gun he stole on King Shark, a meta-human sent by Zoom, and knocked him out as he was attacking The Flash and Patty Spivot. When he walked away, Flash chased after him and demanded to know who the hell he was, and Harrison pulled his hood off, revealing his identity to him, much to the Flash's shock.[14]

Harry meets Team Flash

Harry meeting Team Flash.

Barry Allen brought Harrison to S.T.A.R. Labs the next morning, where he read the autobiography of "Harrison Wells". He commented how strange it was reading his doppleganger's book, especially when it isn't about him. Barry then formally introduced him to Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow. Cisco was immediately hesitant because of the actions of their Wells, only for Caitlin to remind him that it wasn't really Earth-1 Wells, but actually Eobard Thawne from the future.

"Last time we listened to a guy with your face, some bad things went down."
"We lost people we cared about."
"Everyone loses someone they care about, Snow. The real test of character is what you do once they're gone.
—Cisco, Caitlin, and Harry[src]
Harry talks with Caitlin

Harry talks to Caitlin.

Not following any of what Caitlin said, Wells defended himself against any actions that Thawne caused, such as the deaths of Barry's mother and Ronnie Raymond, and gave them the purse that almost hit him as proof of his identity. When Caitlin suggested running tests on Harrison, he informed that he would be an exact match to his Earth-1 counterpart. Regardless, Caitlin still decided to run her tests, to which Harrison agreed to. Getting back on topic, when Barry questioned why he was here, Harrison told them that he was here to help them defeat Zoom.

Harry is almost shot by Joe

Harry almost shot by Joe.

Barry asked Harrison what he knew of the evil speedster, to which he revealed that he created Zoom and all the Earth-2 metas. After the team informed him of their progress on tracking the Earth-2 metas, Harry was less than impressed with their results and told them of Zoom's determination to be the only speedster in the multiverse. The team was still hesitant to trust him because of Thawne, but Harrison continued to plead his case. When Joe West arrived, Harrison was taken aback when he tried shooting him, only for Barry to catch the bullets. While Barry went to fill Joe in, Harrison asked Cisco if this Earth had a Big Belly Burger.

Harry reunites with Jay

Harry reunites with Jay.

When another Earth-2 meta-human showed up, Dr. Light, Harrison gave them the information he had on her. He explained how she got her powers from his accelerator and suggested they use Light to lure Zoom out. At that moment, Jay walked in and disagreed with Harrison's plan. Harrison was surprised to see Jay, believing he was dead, and mocked how he was hiding on this Earth. The two argued about how to handle Light, before Barry broke them up and Harrison went to drink his Big Belly soda.

Harry learns what Thawne did to Cisco

Harry learns about Thawne from Cisco.

Harrison then decided to do research on Thawne, listening to his favorite music. Cisco, referring to him as Harry, then came in and mocked his choice of music. Harry took note on how different and similar he and Thawne were. When Cisco mentioned the bad Thawne did, Harry requested to know what he did to him that was so bad that he can't look at him in the eyes. Cisco told him how he killed him in an alternate timeline, but Harry didn't seem to care. He then set their arrangement: they don't like each other, but they'll have to work with each other to stop Zoom. As Cisco left to check the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite, Harry checked his meta-human watch.

Harry meets Iris

Harry meets Iris.

After Barry confronted Dr. Light, he came back blind. Harry blamed Jay for his failure since he suggested talking to her instead of taking her in. When Jay tried to defend himself by saying Light caught Barry off guard, Harry questioned how she could do that to a speedster, only to find out that Light is ex's doppelgänger, Linda Park. This made Harry realize that Zoom sent her because he knew he would hesitate. Harry suggested they keep an eye on Earth-1 Linda and watched as Barry knocked into stuff. As he followed him, Harry met Iris West. Seeing that Thawne did something to offend Iris as well, Cisco revealed that her fiancée died because of him. Harry simply shrugged and got back to work.

Hunter punches Harry

Harry getting in a fight with Jay.

They're plan to capture Light took a turn when she accidentally killed Eric Larkin as she tried to kill Linda. Harry blamed Jay for believing that someone under Zoom's influence could be reasoned with, and he claimed that Jay was the reason Barry doubted himself before pinning their entire situation on him. When Jay tried to defend himself with the argument that he had hunted Zoom for two years, Harry turned the argument back on him, saying that Zoom had in fact been hunting him, and Jay had not been doing anything but running from the demonic speedster. He compared Barry to Jay, stating that unlike Jay, Barry could beat Zoom because he was not a coward and was willing to rush towards danger and not away from it. Fed up with Harry's remarks, Jay engaged with Harry in a physical fight that Barry had to stop.

Harry finds out what Thawne did to Barry

Harry finds out what Thawne did to Barry.

Shortly thereafter, Barry approached Harry to suggest that he was being hard on Jay, but Harry defended his position, stating that Jay should be learning from Barry instead of the other way around. Barry mentioned that prior to learning he was the Reverse-Flash, Barry looked up to Earth-1 "Wells" as a role model and mentor, prompting Harry to remind Barry that he wasn't his Earth-1 counterpart and Barry needed to take his advice in order to take Zoom down. During this conversation, Barry told him that they had gotten hold of Light's mask in the confrontation at the Central City Picture News office. In order to find Dr. Light, Harry explained that all the team had to do was give Light's mask to Cisco and exposed his status as a metahuman with the ability to vibe the location of anyone just by using an object that belonged to them.

Harry watches Team Flash

Harry watches Team Flash.

Tracking Light to the Central City Train Station, Harry taught Barry how to create speed mirages of himself to capture Light. Once Light was contained in the Pipeline, Iris thanked Harry for helping Barry defeat Light. But when Barry decided to go with Harry's plan to stop Zoom, Jay disagreed and opted to leave. But before he did, he warned the team not to trust Harry, as he calmly sat and watch. The next morning, Harry watched as Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco celebrated as CC Jitters.[11]

Harry thinks about Jesse

Harry thinking about Jesse.

After Barry convinced Dr. Light to help them stop Zoom, she told them what he wanted from her; to send Barry's new emblem through a breach to confirm his death and he will collect his body afterwards. Harry stepped up and revealed he invented a serum that would dampen Zoom's speed, only if Cisco can create gun to deliver it. Caitlin remained unconvinced of this plan, but Harry assured her that the element of surprise is their advantage. Joe reluctantly agreed to it and they got to work. Before starting, Harry though about the argument he had with Jesse involving the accelerator before she was taken.

Harry snaps at Cisco

Harry snapping at Cisco.

Unfortunately, Dr. Light tricked them and escaped. Harry was furious and chewed the team out for not listening to him about sedating Light before Joe calmed him down. They started to discuss whether they're original plan was even a good one before Barry defended Harry's plan and he got back to work on the speed dampener serum. Cisco came up to him in his work shop and patted him on the back. Harry, realizing Cisco was trying to vibe him, told the engineer to just ask him and to get out. After he left Harry recounted the day Jesse was taken by Zoom.

Harry helps train Linda

Harry helping train Linda.

Convincing Earth-1 Linda to pretend to be Dr. Light, Harry, along with Team Flash, tried to train her to be Dr. Light. The training went poorly, leaving the others less confident about their plan. To ensure better odds, Harry went to toon up Cisco's gloves to make sure they'd work properly. While Harry was working, Cisco tried to make peace with him, but Harry was not interested. When it looked like Cisco was trying to vibe him again, Harry moved away. But, when Cisco knocked over some oil, he was forced to clean up, as Cisco unintentionally vibed him.

Harry waiting for Zoom

Harry waiting for Zoom.

That night, after Barry was able to give Linda the confidence she needed, the team put their plan into action. Harry and Joe took positions on a ledge waiting for Zoom to arrive. Linda, as Dr. Light, and Flash engaged in a "fight", where Dr. Light "killed" him and threw his emblem through a breach. After an hour with no Zoom, the team accepted that Zoom didn't take the bait. After Harry and Joe came down from their positions, Harry proceeded to wack random stuff in the dock in frustration.

Harry shoots Zoom

Harry shooting at Zoom.

Once they got back to S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry reviewed the footage of the failed mission over and over again to see what went wrong. After he stopped, his meta watch went off as Barry told everyone that Zoom had Linda. While Flash raced off the face him on the roof, Harry, Caitlin, and Cisco observed. When Caitlin commented Zoom not being human, Harry told her was once. Harry then observed Flash throw lightning at Zoom, only to witness him catch it and throw it right back at him. Realizing Flash was outmatched, Harry went outside and tried firing his serum at him, only for Zoom to catch it and inject into Flash. Zoom then warned the stunned Harry that he's next before speeding off with Flash.

Harry reveals the truth

Harry revealing the truth.

After Zoom brought an unconscious Flash back to S.T.A.R labs after defeating him in battle, Zoom told Harry that he made a mistake trying to use Barry to stop him, which a horrified Harry admitted. Zoom was then shot with the dart by Cisco, but managed to still run with his super-speed and escape, upsetting Wells. Joe slammed Harry against a wall, blaming him for what happened to Barry. Cisco told Harry that he vibed on him earlier as he worked in the office, revealing that his daughter, Jesse, was alive but being held captive by Zoom. Harry told Joe that he overestimated his ability to stop Zoom and thought he could stop Zoom on Earth-1 and he was doing whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe just as Joe would do anything to keep Barry safe.[7]

Caitlin refuses to let Harry leave

Caitlin refusing to let Harry leave.

A week later, Harry decided to leave and go back to Earth-2 to fight Zoom due to his mistake of thinking he could recruit Barry to stop Zoom which led to Barry getting injured. As the group were discussing Zoom in the cortex, Harry barged requesting access to their Breach room and Speed cannon so he could go home. Joe compared Harry to Thawne because of him wanting to abandon them, to which Harry reminded him once again, that it wasn't him. While the others had no problem with Harry leaving, Caitlin urged to reconsider. Harry, however, refused, and opted to find his own way back to Earth-2.

Caitlin tries to convince Harry to stay

Caitlin trying to convince Harry to stay.

Harry then head out to think; he wore a cap to disguise himself so people wouldn't recognize him. He sat at a bar working on a way to get back home, when he was approached by Caitlin. Harry deduced that she was here without the consent of Team Flash and assured her that he'd be heading home soon. Caitlin tried to give him confidence in their ability to help him save Jesse, but Harry insisted that coming to Earth-1 was a mistake. Despite Caitlin continuing to persuade him to stay, he refused. Before Caitlin left, she mentions how Cisco and Stein never figured out how to close the Breaches, which gave Harry the idea of closing 51 Breaches, and leave the Breach at S.T.A.R. Labs to trap Zoom with.

Harry and Cisco try to track Grodd

Harry and Cisco trying to track Grodd.

Harry returned to the team, only for Caitlin to be abducted by Grodd the next day. Harry was amazed at the similarities between their Earths, as he had talking Gorillas on his Earth. Harry then asked Cisco why Grodd would abduct Caitlin, but he had no answer as she was always nice to him in the past. Using Joe's idea of tracking Grodd's past movements, Harry and Cisco went to work on finding a way to track him, with Harry determined to rescue Caitlin from the mad gorilla.

Harrison Wells as Reverse-Flash

Harry posing as the Reverse-Flash.

Harry asked Cisco how Grodd became sentient. He explained to him how the military experimented on the gorilla with drugs and the dark matter from the accelerator made him into what he is now. Harry algorithm to track Grodd's location then got an alert and the two went to tell the others. Before telling them, Harry and Cisco had the idea of Harry masquerading as Thawne in the Reverse-Flash suit to trick Grodd. When they presented this idea to Barry, he mistook him for Thawne and pinned him to the wall. Once Cisco pulled Barry off, they explained their plan to him, which he agreed to.

Harry in a standoff with Grodd

Harry in a standoff with Grodd.

Tracking Grodd to its last location, a bell tower, Harry gave Cisco his best "Wells" impression to fool Grodd before he put Cisco's anti mind control earbuds in. Harry reached the top of the bell tower and greeted Grodd. He proceeded to try and talk Grodd into letting Caitlin go, but Grodd was able to see that his "father" was a doppelgänger due to Harry asking Grodd's permission to release Caitlin. Harry was injured but managed to inject Grodd with the tranquilizers that he stole and escaped with Caitlin and Cisco.

Harry recovering at S.T.A.R

Harry recovering at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Once back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin treated Harry to his wounds, while also thanking him for saving her; he responded that they were indeed a team. Barry and the others were also impressed by Harry's heroism. The team then got to discussing how to properly deal with Grodd once and for all. When Caitlin revealed that Grodd wants a family like him, Harry had an idea where to send him. He explained that he was able to identify a Breach to his Earth where Grodd will feel like he's home.

Harry and Henry offically meet

Harry and Henry officially meet.

There plan to bait Grodd into the Breach succeeded and the gorilla was sent to Earth-2. Afterwards, at S.T.A.R. Labs Harry volunteered to help figure out how Thawne got his suit in his ring, knowing a few things about microtechnology. Barry's father, Henry Allen, then officially introduced himself to Harry, thanking him for his assistance. When Caitlin asked about the place they sent Grodd, Harry there was a gorilla refuge on Earth-2 where gorillas who underwent lab experiments were able to roam freely. Caitlin then gave an assurance that they will help him find his daughter and stop Zoom together, giving Harry some hope.[15]

Harry and Caitlin testing Barry's speed

Harry and Caitlin testing Barry's speed.

While Harry and Caitlin tested Barry's speed, Harry was less than impressed with his progress. When Barry asked about his speed level, Harry was blunt and said it was bad. Caitlin wondered how Zoom was so much faster then both Barry and Jay combined, so Harry gave a list of differences between the three: physiology, form, strength, etc. After Barry left to meet up with Patty, Caitlin asked what else they can do since they were out of ideas. Harry, however, had one more idea up his sleeve.

Harry explained Egyptian words

Harry explaining an Egyptian word to Team Flash.

After Cisco and his girlfriend Kendra Saunders were attacked by knife wielding maniac, he brought her to S.T.A.R. Labs for protection. There, the team discussed what this person wanted with Kendra, but came up with nothing. When Cisco brought up this man referring to her as "Princess Chay-Ara" Harry deduced the word was Coptic; still no connection to Kendra. Realizing they can't protect Kendra alone, Barry decided to take her to Star City to get Team Arrow's help. While Barry and Cisco took Kendra to Star City, Harry and Caitlin stayed behind.

Harry and Caitlin work on V6

Harry and Caitlin working on Velocity 6.

As Harry was working, Caitlin walked up and asked what he was working on. He revealed to her his formula of Velocity 6 to help increase Barry's speed. He explained why he failed to perfect it was because he didn't have a background in biochemistry. So, Caitlin offered her his assistance in finishing it, which he accepted. The two realized that what they needed was sodium chloride to complete Velocity 6. The two then got to work.

Harry tries to convince Jay to take V6

Harry trying to convince Jay to take Velocity 6.

Harry called Jay over to test the Velocity 6, as they finished up the formula. When Jay showed up, he refused to take the "speed drug", stating that the Speed Force could not be lab-made and the drug's effects could not be predicted, and warned Caitlin not to let Barry use the serum. Ignoring Jay's warnings, Harry subsequently went out to gather the chemicals needed to synthesize Velocity 6 and brought them back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Harry shot by Patty

Harry shot by Patty.

As Harry got Velocity 6 ready, a concerned Caitlin was willing to heed Jay's warning, to which Harry dismissed Jay as a coward. Just as Caitlin left the Cortex, Patty confronted Harry, accusing him of breaking into Mercury Labs. Harry attempted to approach her and explain but accidentally pointed the syringe gun in his hand towards her, causing Patty to panic and shoot him in the chest.

Harry thanks Jay for saving him

Harry thanking Jay for saving his life.

After Joe dismissed Patty, Caitlin had a reluctant Jay take Velocity 6, enabling him to phase his hand through Harry's chest to retrieve the bullet. As Harry recovered, he thanked Jay for saving his life but Jay, other than saying he would never take the drug again, retorted that he could thank him by keeping Velocity 6 away from Barry.[12]

Betraying Team Flash
Zoom chocking Harry

Zoom chocking Harry.

A few days before Christmas, Harry was chased through S.T.A.R. Labs by Zoom. He made it to the workshop and grabbed his weapon. He slid across the floor and tried to shoot the demonic speedster, but failed. Zoom then knocked his gun away and grabbed Harry by the throat. As Harry scrummed in Zoom's grasp, he begged him to let his daughter go in exchange for his life. When Zoom didn't respond Harry demanded he say something. After a moment of silence, Zoom wished Harry a Merry Christmas. He then demanded Harry to help him steal Barry's speed and left to give him time to decide.

Harry bumps into Cisco

Harry bumping into Cisco.

Harry later met up with Cisco in the cortex and when he asked if he was ok, he assured him he was. When Clyde Mardon, James Jesse, and Leonard Snart all broke out of Iron Heights Prison, Harry assisted them in finding them. After Cisco had an idea to use a Wizard's Wand on Martin and Barry all but repeated what he said, Harry learned he had time-traveled and changed the timeline to stop Martin from destroying the city. Harry scolded him for changing the timeline before walking off. Barry noticed Harry was limping and asked if he was ok. Harry again, assured him he was fine.

Harry helps find James Jesse

Harry helping to locate Jesse.

The team soon got a video message from Jesse, calling the Flash out. While Cisco tried to track his position, Jay noticed a reflection in his cornea. Upon a closer examination, Harry recognized the reflection as a Mr. Jiggle Wiggle teddy bear and told the team how he got one for his daughter when she was six. They were able to use this information to track Jesse to an abandoned toy factory and Barry went to confront him. It turned out to be a trap and Flash was forced to rescue Detective Spivot from an explosion.

Harry talks with Zoom

Harry trying to bargain with Zoom.

Harry later awaited Zoom's arrival in the Breach room. Once he came through the breach, he demanded Harry's answer. Harry requested more time, but Zoom simply told him they need more time. Zoom then threatened to kill Harry's new friends to motivate his answer. Harry begged him not to and Zoom gave him one more day to decide. Before speeding back to Earth-2, he mocked Harry by telling him he'll let Jesse know he said hello, leaving Harry devastated.

Harry helps figure out where the bombs are

Harry helping figure out where the bombs are.

When Flash went to confront Jesse and Martin, they learned that they had handed out over a 100 presents with bombs in them to families. If Flash lets Jesse and Martin slowly kill him, they won't harm anyone. As the two criminals tortured Flash, Harry and the others got to work on trying to track down the bombs. Harry came up with the idea to find one to send all of them away through a breach like they did Grodd. He then took one of Cisco's drones to accomplish the task.

Harry reprograms a drone

Harry reprograming a drone.

Harry, Cisco, and Jay tracked down one of the bombs to a house. Harry knocked on the door where a little boy answered. He demands that he gives him his presents, much to the boy's confusion. Having taken the bomb out of the present, the three planned to use magnetism to send all 100 bombs through a breach above the city using Cisco's drone. Thanks to the combined efforts of the three, they were able to send all the bombs away and allow Flash to take down Jesse and Martin.

Harry refuses Barry's offer

Harry refuses Barry's offer.

After the team recaptured Jesse and Martin, Harry got to work in Barry's training room. Harry soon noticed Barry was watching him and activated the speaker to ask if he needed anything. Barry told him he wanted to invite him over for their Christmas party at the West house. Harry thanked him for the offer, but refused. Believing it to be to hard without his daughter with him.

Harry reluctantly agrees to help Zoom

Harry reluctantly agrees to help Zoom.

Having finally decided, Harry met with Zoom in an abandoned area. When Zoom arrived, Harry deduced why he was sending meta after meta from Earth-2 to fight Barry: he wanted Barry to get faster so there would be more power for him to take. Harry wanted to see his daughter, so Zoom brought Jesse from Earth-2. Having been reunited with his daughter a few seconds before Zoom to her back, Harry tearfully agreed to help Zoom steal the Flash's speed.[5]

Harry angry at his dead end

Harry angry at his dead end.

Once Harry agreed to betray Team Flash to save his daughter, he got to work on finding a way to steal the Flash's speed. He was going through equations in his workshop, only to come up with nothing and started throwing stuff. Cisco then came in and told him he couldn't throw his stuff, only for Harry to throw more stuff. When Cisco noticed Harry's equations, he assumed it was to make Barry faster and suggested, instead, to make Zoom slower. Harry, however, reminded him that failed, but Cisco had another idea to steal Zoom's speed: The Turtle.

Harry is briefed on the Turtle

Harry briefed on The Turtle.

Cisco brought Harry, Barry, Caitlin, and Jay into the cortex where he explained the Turtle. However, it was derailed when the team misunderstood Caitlin's White Whale analogy. Harry then got the conversation back on the Turtle. Cisco explained he stumbled onto the Turtle's crimes when they were hunting the Reverse-Flash and video footage of him slowing down time to steal. Harry asked how they would find him, so Barry did some research and deduced that the Turtle steals personal items and rushed over to the CCPD when he read them recovering the Vandervoort diamonds. The Flash, however, was unable to stop the Turtle from getting away.

Harry works to use Turtle's powers

Harry works to use the Turtle's powers.

Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs where he explained how the Turtles powers felt as if all the energy was suddenly sucked out of his body, and then return. Harry agreed with Barry and explained how the Turtle has the ability to transfer all the surrounding kinetic energy into himself. When Barry asked how he was still able to move, to which Harry answered as it was because his speed allowed him to change positions faster than anyone else. Harry then went o to figure out how to use the Turtle's powers against Zoom.

Harry urges Barry not to tell Patty his secret

Harry urging Barry's secret not to be told to Patty.

The next day, the team figured out the Turtle would rob the Central City Memorial Hospital to steal The Crystal Ball - a famous painting recovered from Markovia. When Barry decided to use this as a date for him and Patty and to reveal to her that he's the Flash, it got Harry's attention while he was working. While the others saw no harm in bringing Patty into the team, Harry followed Barry and urged him not to. He explained that if Zoom ever found out about her, he would use her against him, just like he did his daughter.

Harry tells Cisco how Zoom got his name

Harry telling Cisco of Zoom's name.

While Barry, Caitlin, and Jay were in the museum, Harry and Cisco remained in the S.T.A.R. Labs van to keep a look out. As they were waiting, Harry asked Cisco why he gives the metas such ridiculous nicknames, only for Cisco to ask who came up with the name Zoom. Harry then told Cisco how Zoom got his name. Two years ago the CCPD got a 911 call about a hostage situation, but when the SWAT team got there, there were no hostages. He explained that Zoom set a trap in order to show the police that they could not stop him. And he killed 14 officers but left one alive to tell the tale. The officer described blue lightning "zooming" all about as his comrades were murdered. Then after the officer told the tale, Zoom went to his house and killed him too. Cisco then volunteered to vibe to see if his daughter is still alive, but Harry assured him she was. The Turtle soon arrived, but the Flash failed once again to stop him.

The team after their defeat by the Turtle

The team after their defeat by the Turtle.

The team returned to S.T.A.R. Labs to recuperate and Harry reported that bot the Turtle and the painting were gone. When Barry realized he ditched Patty at the museum and wanted to talk to her, Harry tried to convince him that finding Turtle was more important, but Barry didn't listen. Once Barry left, Harry told them they had to figure out how the Turtle drained Barry of his speed and left with Cisco to do so.

Harry figures out where the Turtle is

Harry figuring out where the Turtle is.

Things took a turn for the worse when the Turtle kidnapped Patty. The team tried to track Russell Glosson, but were having no luck until Harry came up with an idea. He explained that the Turtle keeps the things he's stolen like how a serial killer would keep trophies from their victims. This allowed the team to figured out that he rented a storage space to keep all his stolen goods. Cisco couldn't find anything, but then remembered that his ex-wife used to be an archivist for antiquities at the Naydel Library. The Flash then arrived at the library and rescued Patty from the Turtle and captured him.

Harry kills Russell Glosson

Harry killing Glosson.

After locking Turtle up in the Pipeline, the team waited for him to wake up. Once he did, they gloated how he was now there "most prized possession" and closed it up. Once everyone went home for the night, Harry got back to work. He recorded an entry in his watch and spoke as if he was talking to Jesse. He reminisced how he lost her when she was four and had the feeling of rage for the first time; that he would do anything to get her back if someone ever kidnapped her. He then killed Glosson by taking a sample of his brain to use in his research to steal Barry's speed.[4]

Harry and Cisco ran The Flash and helped him save the city. After a while, Jay Garrick interrupted the conversation and announced that Turtle was dead, so their plan to stop Zoom was obliterated. Upon examining the body of Russell Glosson, the former sprinter began to suspect the scientist's murder, which sparked a minor altercation. Sometime later, while talking to Ramon, Wells had the idea of ​​what triggered his visions and made an appointment with him in a few minutes in the Time Vault. As soon as Cisco got there, Harry in a Reverse-Flash suit scared the man, triggering a vision of Reverse-Flash. After informing the team about his opponent's return and confronting him for the first time, the scientist explained how it was possible that Eobard was still alive. After some time, Harrison reunited with Cisco in the lab and introduced him to improved goggles that simulate the fear receptors in the technician's brain. When the young man put them on, Wells guided the man and they learned of Reverse-Flash's future actions that they were both going to stop. However, when the enemy was caught, Ramon began to fade from the timeline, forcing the team to send the sprinter away. As Harry released the meta-human, he impressed him with his demeanor before informing Barry that this was the point where Eobard found out about most of the things in this timeline. After sending Thawne away, Cisco woke up and Harry happily went to order burgers.[1]

Zoom torturing Harry

Zoom torturing Harry for more speed.

After killing The Turtle, and stealing his blood and some brain matter to come up with a speed force reduction serum, Harry designed a drainer which stole Barry Allen's speed every time he tapped into the Speed Force. However, after this nearly cost Iris West her life in a fight with Tar Pit, Harry confesses and is later forgiven by Barry and the members of Team Flash, who tell him that they are going to go to Earth-2 together to help him save his daughter.[16]

Return to Earth-2

After Barry closed all the breaches with Harry's breach implosion device, he, Barry and Cisco set off for Earth-2 through the S.T.A.R. Labs breach. Upon arrival, Harry became annoyed when his companions took in the sights and panicked upon meeting lab assistant Henry Hewitt, whom the Earth-1 visitor know as an evil metahuman on their Earth. Subsequently, they learned that Zoom had escalated his reign of terror. Cisco then tried to vibe Zoom, only to discover that his goggles had been non-functional, as the two Earths vibrate on different frequencies, making it impossible for Cisco to vibe. Upon seeing Barry's doppelganger on TV, he replaced him, hoping to get CCPD's information on Zoom in hopes of finding him. Unfortunately, Barry forgot Jay's advice not to get sucked in emotionally and became involved with Iris and Joe's doppelgängers, before Joe was incidentally killed in a confrontation with Caitlin and Ronnie's doppelgängers, Killer Frost and Deathstorm. Harry scolded Barry for forgetting his objective, stating that the inhabitants of Earth-2 are not the people he knows but Barry rejected his words.

Subsequently, Barry and Cisco try to help Iris Two track down Killer Frost and Deathstorm, but something went awry and Zoom captured Barry and started tearing Central City apart looking for Harry. After ordering S.T.A.R. Labs evacuated, Harry nearly pulled his gun on Cisco, who revealed that Zoom had killed his doppelgänger Reverb and Deathstorm, but spared him and Killer Frost and took Barry; Harry suspected that Zoom left Cisco alive for a reason.[8]

They then remembered they left Barry Two locked up and free him, before Zoom attacked S.T.A.R. Labs. The trio took shelter in Harry's time vault, hiding behind a fake wall when Zoom entered. Afterwards, they explained everything to Barry Two and later Iris Two. Knowing that Barry and Jesse would most likely be in Zoom's lair, the group decide to seek out Killer Frost, as only Zoom's henchmen would know. After a brief fight, Cisco is able to convince Killer Frost to take them to Zoom's lair, Ascension Cliffs, which Harry noted is only accessible for speedsters. They get inside with Killer Frost producing an ice staircase. Though Harry is able to free Jesse, Barry's cell was lined with carbine, which he couldn't phase through because of the frequency differential. Thankfully, Barry Two is able to coax his doppelgänger into getting the courage to phase through. Unfortunately, Zoom then arrived, having been summoned by Killer Frost. Zoom declared he would everyone but Barry and Harry, starting with Jesse. But then Killer Frost had a change of heart and held off Zoom long enough for everyone to escape. Once back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry grimly tells Jesse that they had to leave Earth-2 forever. As the meta detectors go off, indicating Zoom was near, Barry got Cisco and Jesse through the breach, but when he got back, Zoom had Harry in his clutches, declaring he needs the two of them to get his speed. Unseen, Harry drew a speed dampening dart and asks Barry to give his love to Jesse, before stabbing Zoom with the dart, stunning him long enough for Harry and Barry to get back to Earth-1. Jay then used the breach implosion device to close the breach, but not before Zoom reached through, phasing his hand through Jay's chest and dragging him back through. This broke Caitlin's heart and Harry had to grimly tell Barry that there's no way to reopen the breach. Later, he advises Barry and Cisco not to tell anyone of their experiences on Earth-2, as it might affect the people of Earth-1, as well as the fact that those lives weren't theirs.[17]

Stuck on Earth-1

With their path home permanently cut off, Harry and Jesse settle in at Earth-1 S.T.A.R. Labs. Within a few weeks following Jay's death, the team was visited by John Diggle and Lyla Michaels, who revealed that King Shark had not been killed by Harry, but had in fact been taken in by A.R.G.U.S. to find a way to weaponize metahumans. King Shark had recently escaped A.R.G.U.S. custody and was heading back to Central City to fulfill his original objective to kill Barry. Harry was then asked if he had any information on King Shark, to which he identified him as Shay Lamden and that finding him the first time was pure luck after he first arrived on Earth-1.

Harry later began working on an algorithm to track King Shark. Jesse offered her help, though it took a bit of convincing. Later on, Harry stood with Jesse and Cisco at the Cortex while Barry and A.R.G.U.S. set a trap for King Shark. When the trap failed, Barry challenged the man shark to a race at sea, before creating a whirlpool of electricity, trapping King Shark before stunning him with the lightning toss.

After King Shark was returned to A.R.G.U.S., Barry assembled the whole team at the Cortex, placing Jay's helmet in a glass case and vows to get faster to beat Zoom.[18]

Jesse runs away

Harry later becomes part of an experiment to increase Barry's speed by having him run across a gorge; the attempt failed and Barry would've fallen to his death had not Cisco's drones rescued him.

Deciding to take a break, Jesse pleads with her father to let her go out clubbing with the team. He consented, but not before giving her his meta-detector. This later proved to be a mistake, as Jesse accidentally discovered the recording where he confesses to murdering Turtle.

After the appearance of another speedster who robbed the same club where Jesse was, incidentally framing the Flash, Harry and Caitlin are forced to reveal the existence of the Velocity serums to Barry and warn him of the fatal side effects. Harry later caught Barry stealing the one vial of Velocity 9 and talks him out of using it on himself, encouraging him to be more like Jay.

Subsequently, the new speedster, Trajectory, whom Caitlin recognized as her Mercury Labs colleague, Eliza Harmon, arrived at S.T.A.R. Labs, locking Barry in the Pipeline and taking Jesse hostage to force Caitlin and Harry to make more Velocity 9. Once they had done so, Eliza injected Jesse with the serum to test if they had put a sedative in it, causing Jesse to get a seizure. Eliza then runs off, giving Cisco an opening to release Barry, who chases after her but loses her.

Harry later sat by his daughter's side as she recovered and had to endure her anger at how he gambled with her life. Later on, Harry discovers a farewell letter from Jesse, who had left to explore a whole new world.

After Barry and Eliza's confrontation resulted in the latter disintegrating from an overdose of Velocity 9, Barry tells the team that he witnessed Eliza's lightning turn blue before she died. Harry then realized that Zoom is dying from Velocity 9 and needs Barry's speed to cure himself. Barry notes that Jay had the same disease. Harry then turned to Cisco, knowing his vibes could verify the truth. Cisco then confessed that he had been vibing Zoom since they closed the last breach, always in proximity to Jay's helmet. Upon vibing on it, Cisco sadly confirms that Jay is Zoom.

Harry later searched for Jesse for weeks to no avail. When he returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, he overhears Barry discussing his plan to go back in time one year to learn from Eobard Thawne how to get faster to defeat Zoom. Harry deplored his plan, reminding that Eobard had fifteen years to study Barry and would likely deduce what's going on, as well as the fact that he'd risk altering the timeline. Nonetheless, Barry went through with his plan.[19]

Trapping Zoom

Barry's successful time travel trip gave him information on tachyon enhancement, enabling the team to construct a tachyon enhancer. After a successful test run, Harry tells the team that there's no way to return to Earth-2. However, Barry suggests that Cisco could open a breach, given that he has the same powers as his doppelgänger Reverb.[3]

Harry later visited Joe to ask him to try and convince Barry not to fight Zoom, but Joe stated that Barry can't be stopped when he's put his mind to something and that Harry should instead help him. Harry did just that by modifying Cisco's goggles to assist him in manipulating multi-dimensional energies. He joins Barry and Cisco at an abandoned hospital, which was a hotspot for multiversal energies. Cisco nearly opened a new breach, only to hesitate.

Wells and Joe point energy rifles

Harry and Joe point energy rifles.

Later, Harry overhears Caitlin telling Barry about "Jay's" Earth-1 doppelgänger, Hunter Zolomon, expressing familiarity, revealing that Earth-2 Hunter is a convicted serial killer, "Jay's" true identity. He explained Hunter's backstory, how his father killed his mother, resulting in Hunter being sent into the foster care system. When Harry's particle accelerator exploded, Hunter was undergoing electro-shock therapy at the time when the dark matter hit, creating Zoom. Realizing that Hunter thinks his past is a secret, Barry decided to use this information to his advantage. He prepares himself and Joe with pulse rifles.

The trap was nearly effective, but Hunter removed the foot dampener and kidnapped Wally to force Barry to give up his speed to see Wally alive. Harry told Hunter that he would erase Hunter's smug smile before being forced to calibrate the devices he used to steal some of Barry's speed. As Barry ran on the treadmill, his speed was gradually transferred into Harry's device which Hunter then injected into himself, obtaining Barry's speed. Wally was subsequently released, but Hunter used the opportunity to try and kill a weakened Barry before he was stopped by Caitlin. Zoom then kidnapped Caitlin and took her to his base on Earth-2 (although Team Flash did not know where she was until much later), leaving Harry and the other members of Team Flash in shock.[10]

When a version of Barry from 2018 and Nora West-Allen traveled back in time to 2016 in order to collect Harry's device to stop Cicada, Harry found 2018 Barry and alarmed him by aiming at him with his gun, before asking him how he changed so quickly out of his suit (mistaking 2018 Barry for his past self, who had just lost his speed to Zoom). Still reeling over Zoom's victory and success in stealing 2016 Barry's speed, Harry found the device and almost destroyed it in rage, but Barry managed to calm him down by telling Harry how he could save his daughter by locating her due to the different frequency at which individuals from Earth-2 vibrate. A frustrated Harry then told 2018 Barry to work to find Caitlin, still unaware that he was from the future.[20]

Finding his daughter and having a realization

Harry blamed Barry for the loss of Barry's speed and Zoom gaining the upper hand. Iris and Joe tried to make him stop saying that as giving Barry's speed to Zoom was a decision taken by the team, although Harry disagreed while implying that he, for one, was not fully on board with Barry's decision. Harry finally figured out the whereabouts of his daughter since Earth-2 people vibrated at a different frequency, and he used cellular dead zones to track her down. When Harry arrived at the place in which Jesse stayed, he found her flatmate, who mocked Harry's gun before Harry asked her for Jesse. However, Jesse didn't want to go with him, blaming him for what happened and saying that his murder of Russell Glosson was a line that Harry crossed when trying to protect her, and demanded that Harry leave.

A visibly saddened Harry drove back to S.T.A.R. Labs and in his distraction, crashed into Griffin Grey, who used his super-strength to absorb the blow and direct it back at Harry's van, leaving Grey unharmed but harming Harry. Having stood directly in front of the van for a reason, Grey then kidnapped the unconscious Harry and took him to the Central City Amusement Park. After awakening, Harry learned Griffin's name and situation. Griffin was a meta-human created from Thawne's particle accelerator and wrongly thought Harry was the "Harrison Wells" who caused his situation. Griffin claimed that his powers were a curse and showed Harry his super-strength, but Harry said that Griffin's powers were impressive and Grey had no reason to hate it as much as he did. However, Grey then revealed the side effect of his powers: every time he used it, he would age rapidly and uncontrollably, and desperately needed a cure before he died of old age, kidnapping Harry so he could create said cure. While Team Flash, with Jesse's help, learned about the situation and tried to rescue him, Harry sought to make a cure to no avail. Griffin told Harry of his plans to marry and have a life with his girlfriend, all of which were ruined when he became a metahuman. Griffin scolded Harry and accused him of ruining lives with the particle accelerator, while still confusing him with Earth-1's "Harrison Wells".

Harry tried to fool Griffin by diluting the compound repeatedly, but Griffin saw through the act, having developed an apt knowledge of chemistry. Once Harry said that there was no fixing him, an enraged Griffin threw him to the ground. Team Flash found Griffin and tricked him to use his powers to make him age rapidly and die, although Barry wanted him to stop. When Harry was rescued, Jesse opened his cuffs and hugged him. He and Jesse went to their room in S.T.A.R. Labs, where they discussed. Harry told Jesse that his protective attitude came from the fear of losing her, the only other person Harry loved, after the death of Harry's wife. Jesse asked his father to stop being so overprotective of her to the point that he murdered, and Harry promised to be a father she could be proud of so long as Jesse didn't try to run away again. They hugged each other and Harry called her "Jesse Quick".

Later, Harry commented with Barry that, despite Griffin confusing Harry with Earth-1's "Harrison Wells" and speaking about him and not Harry, he couldn't help but feel that he had not fully repented for his own actions on Earth-2 and the fallout of his own particle accelerator explosion. As a result, when Barry asked how Team Flash would get his speed back, Harry said that he intended to right his wrongs and proposed the idea of recreating the particle accelerator explosion on Earth-1.[21]

Restoring Barry's powers

Barry, however, was reluctant to recreate the particle accelerator explosion, and was instead content with projecting a hologram of the Flash to do crimefighting. Harry pointed out the flaws with his hologram in terms of actual combat and insisted that he could contain the accelerator explosion to S.T.A.R. Labs.

After Cisco escaped a near-death encounter with his brother Dante's doppelgänger, Rupture, Harry explained to the team how Zoom created his own meta-human army on Earth-2 and killed those who would not submit, making another appeal to restore Barry's powers.

Ultimately, Barry conceded to Harry's plan when Zoom murdered a number of officers, along with Rupture for failing him. After confining Wally and Jesse in the Time Vault, Harry recreated the circumstances of how Barry got his powers, with Cisco on the roof using the Wizard's Wand to summon a lightning bolt. However, the resulting accelerator explosion seemingly vaporized Barry. Zoom appeared soon after, mocking Team Flash for killing their hero before running off.[22]

Harry, Joe and Iris ran to Wally and Jesse who were passed out in the corridor. Unlike Wally who rose immediately, Jesse's heart stopped for a moment. When her pulse was restored, she still did not wake up, so her caring father sat beside her, unable to come to terms with what he had done and what was happening at the moment. When Cisco revealed that he saw Barry in a "lightning atmosphere", Harry immediately realized that Allen was not dead, but was in the Speed Force. Henry decided to take care of the scientist's daughter, and he and Ramon were going to get a friend out of this dimension. They created a device that would allow Vibe to open the portal and physically pull the boy out. The first attempt was unsuccessful, and the team faced another problem - zombie Girder roaming S.T.A.R. Labs. As they failed to stop him the first time, the team decided to pull Barry out of the dimension once more. After a moment of effort and slamming of the resurrected meta-human, Flash returned with all his power. After defeating Girder, Harry returned to his daughter, who still hadn't woken up. After a moment, Barry came in and touched Jesse through which the Power of Speed ​​passed. The girl woke up immediately, which made Harrison extremely happy.[23]

Defeating Zoom

Harry and the rest of the team took care of Caitlin when she returned to the team. Hearing Barry's trust to win, however, made him feel confused. When Mercury Labs was demolished by Black siren during the Metapocalypse, Tina McGee was was taken to the star labs. She met Harrison, who explained that he was not who she thought he was. Sometime later, Harry noticed that Caitlin, at Jesse's request, was examining her. The woman explained that hitting her with dark matter had changed something about her. Wells then helped the team fight Black Siren, wondering that Snow and Ramon knew her Earth-1 counterpart. Unable to capture all enemies at once, Cisco came up with a plan to use vibration against meta-humans. They created a membrane from the city driven by the speed of Flash that successfully knocked everyone on Earth-2 off their feet. While emitting the sound, despite the protection, Jesse felt unusual pain. Harry, wanting to help her, gave up his headphones, thus losing consciousness.[24]

After dinner, Zoom murdered Henry, which broke Barry. Most of the other teammates, including Harry, were among the ones who put him in the pipeline to prevent him from killing Hunter Zolomon. Wally disagreed and released him. Barry defeated Zoom by sending a time remnant of himself to sacrifice his life to stop the magnetar and to attract the time wraiths. After that, Cisco and Harry unmasked the prisoner, who was Jay Garrick, the Earth-3 counterpart of Henry Allen. Before Harry, Jesse and Jay went to Earth-2, they bade farewell to their Earth-1 friends. Harry thanked Barry for making him a better person.[25] On Earth-2, Harry explained to Jay what happened to Barry and why he was shocked of seeing him. Jay was afraid that Barry would take a bad decision, so he decided to keep an eye on him.[26]


Testing Jesse's speed

Harry returned to Earth-1 with his daughter who had discovered the speedster's abilities a few days ago. He sought help from friends, wanting them to explain to you how hard it is to be a hero. They went to the speed lab, where they began to check the girl's performance. While she was running there, Harry explained to the team what he really wanted and asked Cisco to explain to Jesse that she couldn't use her abilities. He disagreed due to the fact that he has these himself. Wells decided to ask for help from Caitlin, who refused to agree, but eventually went to talk to the girl. When Harry later worked in the lab, Jesse approached him and started arguing with him, complaining that he had sent Snow on her. After that, the girl ran out and Wally went to talk to her. Only later, when Magenta caused a great commotion with the tanker, which she directed towards the hospital. Knowing that the Flash alone would not be able to defeat the meta-human and save the people from the building at the same time, he ordered Jesse to go there, noting that he believed in her. As instructed, the girl helped the hero and successfully thwarted the enemy's actions. When she returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry was expecting her at the breach. After informing her that while not returning yet, he reiterated that he believed in her and that she would develop into a heroine, and ordered her to open the carton containing the coverall made by Cisco.[27]

Harry and the team were training Jesse Quick, and after training, the man confessed to his daughter that they had to slowly go home. The team, however, did not want to lose Harry, so Harry had the idea of ​​bringing a different self from the multiverse. While part of the team dealt with the Mirror Master and the Top, Wells, along with Cisco and Caitlin, sent a quantum signal message with a puzzle that only an intelligent mind could solve. However, when Flash was trapped in the mirror, the team stopped searching and began to think about a way to get the hero from the glass surface. After that, however, they checked out several versions of Harrison that had responded to the "invitation." Wells from Earth-19 caught attention, but Harry was not thrilled with the choice and resisted. The friends, however, fought their way and after defeating the Mirror Master and Top decided to bring the man to Earth-1. After introducing himself, Harry returned with Jesse to Earth-2, saying goodbye fondly to Cisco, whom the scientist began to treat as a son.[28]

War with Grodd

Harry was invited to Gorilla City by its inhabitants and set off there with a group of explorers. As it turned out, the invitation was fabricated and the gorillas murdered the entire crew and imprisoned Wells.[29] Jesse went to warn Team Flash.[30]

All the time he served Grodd, who through his body telepathically communicated with the captured Team Flash. As the man regained his composure, he learned of the changes that had taken place in the team and of Caitlin's new abilities that had allowed them to escape their cell and move to Earth-1. Harry was happy to see his daughter safe and sound, and after a short conversation with his friends, Dr. Snow advised him to go to rest to regenerate his lost strength.[29]

Harry criticizing H.R

Harry criticizing H.R. for the decorations.

Harry, staying for hours on Earth-1, could not come to terms with the fact that his stupider version existed. While working on improvements to the equipment, he was visited by Jesse and Wally who told the man about their joint plans. The scientist agreed without any problems, but it turned out that Grodd and the army were planning to attack Central City and got to Earth-1 thanks to Gypsy's skills. While working on finding the thinking gorillas, Harry asked for help from Wally, whom he had tricked into saying he was sick and had little left to keep his daughter with him. This, however, resulted in a little quarrel between him and Jesse, which ended with his goodbye, when Wells wished his daughter good luck on her new way of life.[31]

Defeating Savitar

Joe, Iris, and Wally went to Earth-2 to keep Iris safe from Savitar (a future evil time remnant of Barry Allen). After H. R. accidentally revealed Savitar that Iris was with Harry Wells, Savitar went after them. After that, Savitar apparently killed Iris, but H.R. was the real dead there, since he used the transmogrification device to switch likeness and place with Iris. While Harry despised H.R., he was saddened to learn that and appreciated his efforts as a hero. He persuaded Tracy Brand to help Barry and Iris to create a means so Savitar did not get erased.[32]

Harry was summoned to Earth-1 by the team when H.R. sacrificed himself for Iris, and Tracy Brand did not want to help the heroes. The scientist explained to her that she had to come to terms with the man's fate, because it was his choice and therefore he would like the woman to cooperate with the team. After this conversation, when the time was right, the heroes began to fight each other, eventually driving Allen from the future to lower his armor. To the surprise of the others, the final blow was delivered by Iris, who shot the enemy, wiping him out of space-time. After that, the team prepared H.R. a worthy funeral where they said goodbye to a brave friend and let Caitlin go and find their own new path in life. Together, they were going to rest when the Speed Force ​​began to rage over Central City. Seeing no other solution and knowing the reason for her occurrence, Allen decided to stop her by going to the speed dimension. He said goodbye to his friends and asked Harry to stay with the band for a while, to which Harry agreed.[33]

Helping save Barry

After Savitar's defeat, Harry helped Cisco find a way to release Barry from the Speed Force, along with Tracy, Dr. McGee, Felicity Smoak, and Curtis Holt before heading back to his Earth.[34]

Forming Jesse's team

After he returned home, he and Jesse formed a team similar to Team Flash. However, Harry Wells was so demanding and bossy that all of the other members, including Jesse, kicked him off the team.[35] It may have also had to do with Jesse's attempt to have him accept the death of his wife.

Return to Team Flash

Having a life of his own

When he wanted to go to Earth-1, Jesse asked him to send Wally a break-up cube. He was first accused of lying because he had already tried to sabotage their relationship prior.[31] However, Wally eventually discovered that Harry was telling the truth when he went to verify with Jesse. Meanwhile, Harry decided to help the team defeat a new meta-human - Hazard, who gathered happiness around herself, making others unlucky. As it turned out, the Flash himself was responsible for its creation, which, leaving the Speed Force, irradiated the entire bus with dark matter. Harry kept trying to reverse the effect of the criminal's powers, until he finally allowed the particle accelerator to explode in an emergency without the hydrogen molecules, which allowed him to arrest the meta-human. Harry himself, with the consent of Cisco, decided to stay on Earth-1 for a long time and help the team catch new metahumans.[35]

When Gypsy's father Breacher arrived on Earth-1, Harry met him at S.T.A.R. Labs. Seeing Ramon trying to impress him, he took him over for an interview. Using his example, he explained how important a daughter is to a father and gave him some advice by suggesting a coffee conversation. After some time, the terrified engineer began to hide in various corners of the laboratory, attracting Wells's attention. As it turned out, Breacher organized a 24-hour hunt for a boy with no abilities, so Harry pointed out to the boy that, in addition to meta-genes, he also had a brain, suggesting him to set a trap. Over the next hours, Harry and Caitlin studied Ralph Dibny, trying to influence the man's muscle memory and restore his former appearance.[36]

Barry, Cisco, Ralph, Joe and Harry at the strip club

Barry, Cisco, Ralph, Joe and Harry at the strip club.

Harry was invited by Barry to a bachelor party where the men remembered Allen's youth. Nostalgic moments were interrupted, however, by Ralph, who took everyone to a strip club, of which he was a regular customer. They spent time together watching the dancers and getting drunk without paying attention to the emergency calls. At one point, Harry left the premises, and when he found out that his friends had been arrested, he paid a bail for them.[37]

Discovering Clifford DeVoe

After Barry revealed that a possible enemy of his would be named "DeVoe" as told to him by Savitar and Abra Kadabra, Harry and Cisco attempted to determine who DeVoe was but found it nearly impossible as they only had a surname to go off of. As a result, Harry assembled the Council of Wells, a group comprised of the smartest Harrison Wells doppelgängers in the multiverse, to help him with the task, and they were able to successfully determine DeVoe's identity as Clifford DeVoe and his location.[38]

Harry subsequently provided backup with his gun as Barry and Joe went to confront Clifford at his home, but stood down when he found that Clifford was just a regular man in a wheelchair (although initially unknown to him and the rest of Team Flash, Clifford was just feigning innocence and he truly was the enemy Savitar described). However, once Clifford revealed his true colors during a confrontation with Barry, Harry learned of Clifford's real intentions and began to work with Team Flash to stop whatever he had planned. Harry worked alongside Team Flash as they unraveled Clifford's history and continued to help them subdue other rogue bus metas that they encountered.[39]

Crisis on Earth-X

Harry and his friends attended a rehearsal wedding dinner awaiting the wedding of Iris and Barry, creating a drug for Stein and Jax before the meal with Cisco and Caitlin that would allow them to get rid of Firestorm. The next day, the scientist, like other guests, participated in the ceremony, proud of the happiness of his loved ones. The wedding was interrupted by a Nazi attack, so the heroes had to reveal themselves. While some of them fought with their opponents, others took care of the evacuation of the defenseless guests. The heroes managed to repel the enemy attack, which decided to withdraw with the last of their strength. After all, the heroes gathered at S.T.A.R. Labs, where they began to reflect on the situation of the Prometheus they had captured and the origins of their enemies.[40]

Harry theorized that their opponents might come from another world, betting on Earth-X, where the Nazis won World War II. The same was confirmed by Prometheus during a private conversation with Oliver, so the heroes set about looking for the current location of the enemies. They found them outside the Dayton Optical building, from where they stole a prism. After returning to the laboratory, the heroes revealed to the rest that their counterparts from a parallel world were hidden under the masks of the criminals. Harry and the rest of the scientists began to search for the enemy's headquarters, and when they found it, the heroes went on to attack. After a few minutes, Wells met the Dark Arrow in the corridor, from which he began to run away. The scientist managed to sound the alarm and warn the others, as a result of which he was stunned by the archer.[41]

Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X rebels listens to Oliver of Earth-X's bargain

Harry with the others heroes of Earth-1.

Harry awoke in a cell in the pipeline, where Cisco recovered not long after. The men started arguing, which annoyed Caitlin and Dinah.[42] When the heroes abducted to Earth-X returned to Earth-1 with the support of The Ray and Leo Snart, Harry and his other allies were freed from their cells by Steel and then taken to the Waverider. There, the heroes began to prepare for a fight with the enemy, when the discussion of the plan was interrupted by a message from the evil Oliver, who offered a truce in exchange for Supergirl's life. The heroes, however, did not agree, thus causing a fight. While the heroes fought, Harry collaborated with Cisco, steering the Waverider and destroying the enemy ship. It soon became apparent that Overgirl was becoming unstable and could explode, wiping the city off the face of the Earth. Wells advised Supergirl to take her counterpart high into space, where it was destroyed. Thus, the Green Arrow murdered Dark Arrow, ending the war. After picking himself up, Harry and his friends went to Martin Stein's funeral, to whom they all said goodbye.[43]

Battle against DeVoe

To celebrate the holidays, Harry and Cisco were decorating the Christmas tree at S.T.A.R. Labs arguing with each other. Moments later, Ralph, who accidentally insulted Caitlin, came to them by saying that her evil version is more fun. Consequently, Wells tracked down the woman at CC Jitters and joined her to cheer her up. Their conversation was interrupted by Amunet Black attack, which stunned the scientist and kidnapped Snow. As soon as Harry woke up, he informed his friends about the whole incident and as if that were not enough, it turned out that Barry had also been kidnapped, but by Thinker. Iris ordered the team to search for the two missing, when Wells and the detective went to DeVoe's house, finding nothing suspicious. Due to the pressure, an argument started to arise within the team, so Harry explained to Iris why this was happening and what she should do as a leader. Thanks to this hero, they first took care of Caitlin's rescue and, luckily, Flash managed to escape, seemingly defeating Clifford. Therefore, everyone went to the Christmas party at the West house, where they had a great time with each other.[44]

Following the recent events, Barry's trial of the alleged murder of Clifford DeVoe began. He was under house arrest for the duration of the trial, but thanks to Cisco hacking the bracelet, the scientist could appear in S.T.A.R. Labs and chat before hearing with friends about the Thinker plan. As if the problems were not enough, a few hours later a new meta-human appeared in the city, who unknowingly radiated, driving everyone around to fainting and vomiting. Over time, they tracked down the source of the radiation, but doubted their abilities after the trail led them to a truck of radioactive debris. A little later, they re-located the source of the radiation, the power of which was still growing. Unable to wait for the city to turn into Hiroshima, Allen decided to help the team fight during a court hearing. Their opponent was becoming unstable and close to blowing up the city, but Wells had the idea that Vibe would transfer the meta-human energy to desolate Earth-15, thereby saving Central City. After all, Allen was forced to return to court, where he was soon found guilty of what he had done and immediately sent to Iron Heights.[45]

Harry and the rest of the team followed Ralph Dibny, who in a funny and dangerous way stood in the way of a bomber, destroying his bomb as soon as the hostages were rescued. As soon as the hero returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, the team again began looking for evidence that would acquit Allen. They couldn't take it long because the young Trickster escaped with the help of his mother. As soon as the criminal challenged Dibny to fight, the hero moved faster to the place. There, however, it turned out that the enemy had prepared a special acid that could seriously injure and even kill Ralph, which forced Vibe to quickly intervene and run away with his friend. The criminals, however, were not enough, because they kidnapped hostages and planned to use their acid on them, again challenging the hero to a duel. As Dibny began to fear for his own life, Killer Frost and Vibe entered the fight as Harry tried to neutralize the enemy's deadly agent. Ultimately, however, Ralph intervened, saving his friends from trouble, and Wells himself managed to neutralize the substance. After that, the team returned to the lab, where Ralph survived giving a new codename - Elongated Man.[46]

Harry tried to find a way to get Barry out of jail. He didn't like the fact that the team was dealing with the mysterious appearance of meta-genes in Cecille Horton's body, or that Allen had given them the task of proving a fellow prisoner innocent. Nevertheless, he was constantly interacting with his friends, trying to unravel mysteries about, among other things, Sylbert Rundine's powers. As Dibny and Ramon were shrunken on their first meeting, Wells looked for a way to reverse the shrinkage "accidents". Ultimately, however, he realized that in order for the men to return to their original size, they had to be shot again by the enemy beam. Thus, Harry risked his life and stood in the line of fire, successfully saving his friends and capturing the criminal.[47]

Harry went to Earth-2[48] and when he returned to Earth-1 after a few days, the first thing he went to was CC Jitters. While ordering coffee, he met Cecille, who began to complain about sleep problems related to her pregnancy powers. Wells set out to remedy this ailment by creating a brainwave blocking device. The next day, Horton visited Harry, complaining about the weight and inconvenience of the device. The scientist became furious and began throwing objects, showing his anger at his relationship with his daughter. Nevertheless, he decided to improve the device and delivered it personally a few hours later. Thus, he revealed to the woman the origin of his aggression, and came up with the idea of ​​creating a catalyst to stop DeVoe. Eventually the device failed, resulting in a Thinker taking over Izzy Bowin's body. After all this, the man went for coffee with Cecille, who advised me to contact my daughter and try to fix the relationship.[49]

Fighting with his own intelligence

Jesse received a message from her father and immediately went to Earth-1 to talk to him. Her main goal was to explain to him why she kicked him out of the team - he still didn't come to terms with his wife's death, which is why he is so aggressive and withdrawn. Their discussion was interrupted by a shooting between A.R.G.U.S. agents, the police, and members of the Eden Corps organization. The girl, along with the other heroes, went to the rescue, seemingly defeating the criminals. The leader, Veronica Dale, did not intend to lose so easily and activated the nuclear bomb. Seeing this, Flash launched Flashtime, which made it move so fast that time seemed to stand still. During this time, Harry was helpless, trapped in an instant at a time, until Barry touched him, asking for advice and judgment. After a short discussion, however, he lost his strength, because his body was not used to such high speed. Eventually, Barry managed to stop the bomb himself, weakening his strength. After all, before returning to his world, Harry developed a device that would help the girl understand why he could not come to terms with his wife's death. Jesse was touched to hear her mother's voice in her head, and after this difficult discussion, the scientist went with Caitlin to CC Jitters, where they talked about Killer Frost. Their discussion was interrupted by a mysterious girl who, with her clumsiness, provoked the two of them to leave the premises.[9]

Harry was working on creating something that would help me outsmart the Thinker. After many sleepless nights, he had the idea of ​​creating his version of the Thinking Cap, but Cisco was against irradiating dark matter with a scientist who had no control over his emotions. Wells decided to cooperate with Ralph hiding in the laboratory and he managed to create a device, but it started to burn. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris discovered Melting Point, which transferred Allen's abilities to West's body. Then Ramon realized that they couldn't wait for them to come up with a better plan and decided to help Harry, but on his terms - he didn't want the scientist to be irradiated with dark matter. Together, they managed to fix the device and at the same time reverse Melting Point by recruiting him into the team. After that, Harry and Cisco decided to test the device, discovering the names of the other two meta people on the bus - Janet Petty and Edwin Gauss.[50]

Harry Wells in the time vault 2

Harry activating Gideon in the Time Vault.

Harry tried to track down the other two meta humans with his mind cap, complaining about every little noise that disturbed his thinking. In addition, a furious Breacher appeared in the laboratory, waiting for help from Cisco. After many attempts, Wells tracked down Janet Petty, pointing to Flash the exact location of her appearance. The woman managed to sneak out, however, and Harry blamed himself for the sprinter's failure, believing that he could have foreseen her plan. During another attempt to catch the criminal, the Elongated Man joined the attack, thanks to whom Null was captured. As the team celebrated their victory, Harry traveled to the time vault where he put his thoughts cap on the rack and activated Gideon, who treated the man as Eobard Thawne.[51]

Harry told Gideon everything and used it and the time crypt to irradiate himself with dark matter through the cap, eventually inventing a device emitting sound waves similar to those generated by Izzy Bowin. The scientist introduced the equipment to the team, which were surprised to find that they could finally defeat DeVoe. Additionally, Wells tracked down Edwin Gauss, whom the team managed to catch after two tries. Meanwhile, Harry saw the thought cap disappear and began blaming Cisco for all the fuss when Joe showed up with the device. The policeman saw the addiction of the scientist to the object and was afraid for it, but gave him a choice. When the team decided to use Gauss's abilities to move to the Thinker dimension, Harry helped with the preparations. However, he did not expect Clifford's trick, which at that time appeared in the laboratory and began killing meta-humans. Harry, feeling helpless, took the helmet and went to the vault of time, where he irradiated with dark matter in full force, losing consciousness in the process. When he awoke, he helped Cisco investigate Caitlin, who had lost her powers, mourning the loss of Ralph Dibny. At the same time, he showed confusion and a lack of focus.[52]

Harry was in the time vault trying to understand his condition with Gideon. The AI ​​hinted that the scientist's irradiation with dark matter did not work and had the opposite effect - his brain begins to die. He didn't have much time to forget about the scientific stuff, but he didn't want to tell the team that anyway. While working in the lab, Ramon had the idea of ​​creating a thought cap for him too, to increase his engineering intelligence. Harry, not knowing how to get out of the situation, agreed and started working on the device, sabotaging it and saying that a special part is missing that he cannot find in his world. Cisco had a few needed parts from the holomessage from Gypsy, however, prompting a friend to take care of the upgrade immediately. The latter, however, disagreed, bursting into anger and destroying the device, telling and showing in the time vault what had happened to his brain. Ramon was shocked, but promised to try to help the scientist, noting that it would be worthwhile for the rest of the team to find out about his condition. Harry agreed, but decided to do so later.[53]

Harry called the entire team to the lab to help Caitlin regain his power. His lack of intelligence began to take its toll, which was noticed by the others. This fact forced the man to admit to the team what and why was happening to him. Soon after, Joe asked Wells to meet up at CC Jitters, where he asked him for a favor. He meant watching over Cecile for reasons unknown to him. The detective refused to introduce them because the woman could read his mind. Hours later, the scientist was working in his workshop when Horton arrived. A discussion ensued between them, after which the prosecutor found out about her friend's ailments. She noticed that as the brain was used, it dies more and more, but she could quickly write down the scientist's thoughts before they vanished. Together, they discovered what the Thinker needs devices and materials stolen from various places for - the project "enlightenment" consisted in creating a machine that would destroy everyone's intelligence in order to teach humanity anew to live, a better life.[54]

When Cisco noticed that Harry felt unhelpful to the team, he asked him to call the Council of Wells to help them regain his intelligence. Only Harrison Wolfgang Wells appeared at the meeting, who began to ridicule the doppelganger, eventually expelling him from the organization and finding him useless. After a little thought, Ramon had the idea to form a new council - the Council of Harrisons, which they did. It featured H. Lothario Wells, Sonny Wells, and H.P. Wells, who were also kicked out of the first council. When Harry told them about what had happened to him, they decided to help immediately. However, the meeting did not go according to the scientist's plan, as the conversation avoided mentioning DeVoe's name and focused on feelings, mainly Wells. Eventually, despite his frustration, the man opened up to the Council, initially thinking it was a complete waste of time, but it was only later he and Ramon noticed that the meeting had influenced the man's behavior. This helped them understand Thinker's recent behavior, concluding that his wife had abandoned him.[55]

Harry tried to help the team, but his mind was behaving worse and worse. The man was stumbling over things and forgetting things he had done recently. It made him feel unnecessary and pushed away by his friends, until finally Iris asked him for help in locating Marlize DeVoe. She prepared everything they know about her and her past. They were studying the information on the board together when Wells had the idea to use a woman to defeat Clifford - only she would be able to do that, as she knew him before he became a monster. Iris was put off by this proposal, still feeling pain after what Marlize had done to her and Barry. Her anger was above the norm and she decided to go home to finish the work herself. Harry, however, was not going to give up and visited his friend in her house, where he wanted to convince her of his decisions. Their conversation gave West the idea that Marlize might be hiding in her home in England. They both took the Dimensional Explorer and moved there. The warrior was not about to give up without a fight, but before it happened, she noticed Harrison's "fault". In him, she saw the penultimate phase of enlightenment with which she was not satisfied. Iris took advantage of the confusion of Marlize's feelings and asked her to help stop Clifford's actions, knowing that she felt internally that her husband was doing evil.[56]

Harry hugs Barry, Cisco and Caitlin goodbye

Harry hugs Barry, Cisco and Caitlin goodbye before returning to Earth-2.

Harry and Iris returned with Marlize to the lab, but his mind began to collapse completely. He stopped expressing himself correctly and spoke only key words, and also began to draw strange symbols on the walls - the same as Barry had drawn after leaving the Force of Speed. The team sent Allen's mind into DeVoe's mind through the power of Cecille Horton to find a piece of the enemy's good. But they couldn't track her down, so Wells finally asked Ramon to put on his thoughts cap, which made him point to the right path. This, however, completely destroyed the mind of the scientist who did not even know what he was doing. After the heroes defeated DeVoe, Marlize presented Cisco with a device that could fix their friend's mind. Unfortunately, during its activation, there was a slight tension that did not allow the man to regain his full intelligence. The latter, however, did not care, because he saw the world clearly and believed that his knowledge previously obscured his rational view of the world. He immediately made the decision to leave the team and talk to his daughter, saying goodbye to the team.[57]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Harry and her daughter Jesse, alongside every other citizen of Earth-2 with the exception of Laurel Lance, died after a wave of antimatter (testing the antimatter cannon) engulfed and destroyed the universe.[58] This was noted by the crew of Waverider when they learned of Earth-2's destruction during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, as with all other universes.[59]

New multiverse

War against Zoom

Sometime after the Singularity in 2015, Harry allied with Team Flash on Earth-Prime to defeat Zoom.[60]

Regaining his intelligence

At some point after the final battle against DeVoe, Harry sent a hologram cube to Team Flash and explained that he was conducting a series of experiments to restore his intelligence and that there was progress.[61]

Warning Harrison Nash Wells

Nash sees Harry

Harry appears to Nash.

When Earth-Prime was restored during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Harry and the other doppelgängers of Harrison Wells were sent to Nash's mind.

Nash was having visions of Harry Wells, Sherloque Wells, Wells the Grey, and Sonny Wells for some time before Eobard Thawne possessed his body. After being exorcised, Cisco encouraged Nash to pursue a friendship with Allegra Garcia, a doppelganger of his late adoptive daughter, in the same way Cisco befriended Harry. Harry then encouraged Nash to follow Cisco's advice and admired his wisdom.[62]

Harry appeared before Nash and told him that, because of the absence of Iris, Barry was changing and not being as heroic as he usually was.[63]

Powering the artificial Speed Force

"So you're a selfish jerk. You think that I wasn't? That we all weren't? Hell, when I met this team, I was working for Zoom. H.R. lied. Sherloque kept secrets. We all came here broken men. Thanks to Team Flash, eventually we learned to be better. That's why I believe in you Nash. There's a good man in there somewhere; you just need to dig him up, let him breathe."
—Harry's advice to Nash[src]
Nash Talks to Harry, Sherloque, Orson and H.R

Harry, Sherloque, Orson and H.R. presenting their solution to power the A.S.F. to Nash

Harry worked with H.R., Sherloque, and a previously unknown Harrison Orson Wells in brainstorming and presenting Nash with a plan that would possibly allow Barry to get his speed back: Nash, being full of multiversal energy from all the Harrison Wellses, would use himself as the fuel for the artificial Speed Force. One upside of the plan is that Nash would finally be free of the other Wellses, though as this plan was not fully fleshed out, they had theorized it would also cost Nash's life as well, leading him to initially decline.

Harry inside Barry

Harry in Barry's body.

When Nash had Allegra use her wavelength powers on the Artificial Speed Force generator, they accidentally sent the Wellses' brainwaves into Barry Allen. However, after Barry fainted, this situation was revealed to be endangering his life, since his mind couldn't contain an infinite number of brainwaves, and he was only kept alive through the remaining Speed Force in his body. Harry briefly reappeared in Barry's body, telling Nash about how Team Flash made each and every version of Wells a better person and how Nash actually had some good in him. Nash eventually went through with sacrificing himself to power the new Speed Force.

Allegra and Chester returned the Wellses' brainwaves to Nash. While Nash sacrificed himself, Harry briefly resurfaced to say farewell to Barry, thanking him for their friendship, before his energy was absorbed into the artificial Speed Force.[64]


Original multiverse

When Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Pariah entered the nexus, they observed the antimatter cannon. Pariah revealed that the Anti-Monitor used the cannon and test-fired it on Earth-2, destroying it and killing everyone living on it. Cisco and Caitlin were shocked to hear that Harry and Jesse were dead.[65]

New multiverse

Harry's hologram cube.

Harry's hologram cube.

After the recreation of the multiverse, Cisco would continue to hold a grudge against Nash Wells for his part in causing the Anti-Monitor Crisis. A hologram cube that Harry sent to update Team Flash on his intelligence progress had remained on Earth-Prime when the multiverse was recreated. Cisco and Caitlin fondly remembered Harry and bemoaned the fact that right before Crisis, Harry was beginning to regain his intelligence.[66]

The Hall of Fallen Heroes

Harry's glasses on display amongst other notable objects from all the other Wells in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

After the creation of the artificial Speed Force, Harry would be remembered for his sacrifice alongside the other Wellses in order to grant Barry his powers back. Harry's name was nano-engraved onto the wall to protect his memory from any timeline changes. His glasses would be placed on display with other notable Wells objects like H.R.'s drumsticks, Sherloque's brandy bottle, and Nash's bandolier in the "Hall of Fallen Heroes" in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Though the artificial Speed Force had adverse effects on Barry and was destroyed, the Wells' sacrifice was not in vain as 0.01% of the particles were used to resurrect the Earth-1/Prime Harrison Wells, who assisted in bringing the natural Speed Force back and granting Barry his powers again.[67] When he was revived, Hunter Zolomon met face to face with Eobard Thawne, whom he mainly mistook for Harry having the same face.[68]


"You know, our Dr. Wells may have been evil, but you're just a dick."
Cisco Ramon[src]

As noted by his daughter, Jesse, Harry was once very similar in nature to his Earth-1 counterpart, being very kind and cheerful with an upbeat nature. However, after losing his wife, Harry grew bitter and cynical. Almost similar to Eobard Thawne, Harry carries himself in a very sardonic, egotistical manner. However, unlike Thawne, he is very blunt and inconsiderate. For example, he straight up told Cisco Ramon that they don't have to like each other in response to Cisco's initial wariness of the former. He laughed in amusement when told of Cisco's murder by Thawne in an alternate timeline and he bluntly told the man known to him as Jay Garrick that the Flash of Earth-2 wasn't hunting or even fighting Zoom but was hunted by Zoom instead, even though he never knew the truth of the matter. Wells lacked a certain point of sarcasm which seemed strange to most Team Flash's members.[11]

Harry also seems to be rather unrepentant about his actions; despite knowing that his particle accelerator was responsible for the creation of Earth-2 meta-humans, he did not divulge this information to the public, instead trying to profit from the subsequent scare.[11] Harry felt justified in this by the fact that his work was unraveling the mysteries of the universe. It wasn't until Jesse was kidnapped by Zoom did Harry begin to get involved in the quest to stop the evil speedster.[7] Harry's experiences with Team Flash seemed to have awoken the conscience he ignored in the past in favor of progress as he now questions what good he has done when confronted with his character flaws that ultimately drove away his daughter, only for his friends to remind him that in spite of all his rough edges he is a hero to his core.

However, Harry's harsh attitude appears to be derived from a desperation to save his daughter, showing that he does indeed actually care quite a bit for others that are close to him. His devotion to his daughter makes him emotionally blind, resulting in him endangering Barry Allen's life in his desperate attempt to get his daughter back but even so, he felt guilty for getting Barry injured. He is even willing to kill bystanders he deems necessary for the sake of saving his daughter, as seen from him killing Russell Glosson to harness power against Zoom, much like Eobard similarly willing to murder anyone seen an obstacle of returning to his own time.[4] Harry's problem is that he is so heartbroken after losing his wife that he has become more bitter and very fearful of engaging to people to then lose them.[9]

Despite his reclusive nature, he does care about those around him. He felt guilty for getting Barry injured when he first confronted Zoom, almost leaving to go back to his Earth to prevent any more of Team Flash from being hurt. He was also willing to risk his life to save Caitlin Snow from Grodd dressing up as the Reverse-Flash to try and trick Grodd into releasing her.

Since the start of his collaboration with Team Flash, Harry has become noticeably more humble and open with others, like his Earth-1 counterpart. While still desperate to save his daughter, he is willing to risk his own life to help and protect others, such as when he was shown trying to collect all the bombs (albeit in a manner that made him look like the Grinch) distributed by Trickster and Weather Wizard as Christmas gifts to the children of Central City as insurance that the Flash would not fight back.[5] He advised Barry to not tell Patty Spivot of being the Flash of Earth-1, as doing so would undoubtedly make Patty a prime target for Zoom, just like his daughter was.[4]

Harry achieved a reconciliation with Jay of sorts after the latter saved his life, his greatest relationship improvement has been with Cisco, where initially they both could barely stand to be in the same room. However, over the course of their war with Zoom, Cisco and Harry has been shown to build a rapport, work together on difficult tasks, even engage in friendly banter, such as the duo simultaneously calling Barry's new plan to deal with the zombie Girder, Plan H, after Cisco had mentioned to Wells that Plans A through G had failed minutes earlier. Harry has single-handedly helped Cisco hone and discovered more about Cisco's vibe abilities than anyone else on the team. The duo still manages to annoy one another, such as Cisco by slurping his coffee as loudly as possible despite Harry asking him not to, and Harry tossing Cisco nitrous grenades, which had the potential to bring the entire S.T.A.R. Labs down.

Sometimes, Harry is even shown to have a rather dry sense of humor. Some notable examples include him instructing Joe West, a seasoned police officer, to fire a specialized gun simply by pointing and shooting, telling Earth-2 Barry to go easy on Earth-1 Barry, after Earth-2 Barry finds out his Earth-1 counterpart kissed his wife, and pretending to Joe that he had little idea of what Team Flash's latest invention to get rid of all Earth-2 meta-humans actually did, in order to Joe feel better about his technological ineptitude, who was disappointed that he had been had once Harry revealed he knew exactly what it did. Like Cisco, he is also an avid fan of movies. He is shown making a "Godfather" reference by asking why Central City was not swimming with the fishes when inquiring as to how Weather Wizard's original attack had not succeeded. When Cisco was surprised that Earth-2 has the Godfather, he replies "Every Earth has the Godfather, Vito".[5] The Duo also thought that their plan to rescue Jesse was similar to the Princess Leia rescue plan from Star Wars, except without a trash compactor. Right before leaving for Earth-2, Cisco was complaining about how he had no split. Harry mistook this as Cisco making a Jaws reference.[8]

Harry is also shown taking unconventional methods and was willing to risk his own life to obtain results since the beginning of his collaboration, such as when he dawned Eobard's suit in order to go rescue Caitlin from Grodd, which led to him being attacked by both Grodd and Barry, and later again to help Cisco better hone the latter's abilities. This is in stark contrast with the Harrison Wells who kept his particle accelerator mishap a secret and instead opted to create meta-human detectors from the catastrophe the mishap led to. Though, his willingness to down anything he needs to, has not always been used for the betterment of the team, as he is also shown stealing Barry's power in an effort to get his daughter back (albeit later confessing to Barry and his team). Harry was very guilt-ridden for this betrayal, to the point that he finally admitted it openly. Wanting to correct his mistake, he instructed Barry to close all bridges between Earths One and Two so Zoom can't return and face the consequences of his actions. He is also shown asking others for help, such as when he asked Joe to plead to Barry to not re-open the breaches to Earth-2, something he would have never done before.[10]

Harry appeared prejudiced against French people, disregarding his Francophone doppelgänger from another universe, saying that he "can't trust a mime", despite French Wells's solving of the equation.[28]

Despite his intelligent and egotistical nature, Harry has displayed a great dislike towards doppelgängers of himself. His interactions initially with H.R. were of a latent hostility about him lacking the genius Harry had and outwardly called him a "moron". It's implied this dislike was only a result of H.R. being the preferred Wells on Team Flash compared to Harry. However, after H.R.'s sacrifice to save Iris West from Savitar leading to his own death, Harry showed a high level of respect to his doppelgänger's bravery and even attended the latter's funeral. Also, Harry found the Council of Wells insufferable at first due to sharing many of the negative traits that he shared despite being the founder of said council, though with advice from Cisco he learned to consider them his friends eventually.

With his interactions with the far smarter Thinker, Harry has shown a strong inferiority complex when his intelligence is beaten. When he can't find a solution, he feels useless as he takes pride in the fact that he could find an answer to anything. But when he can't out-think DeVoe, he becomes closed off and irritable to everyone around him. He has even been willing to put himself at risk to boost his intelligence to try matching his intellectual rival. After the creation of his Thinking Cap, Harry became addicted to using the device to the point where he would apply it as a common part of his daily life just for menial tasks, concerning Joe to the point he compared his obsession with using the device to Francine West's drug addiction. Even this dissuasion wasn't able to permanently stop Harry's addiction to the device, as he had became so obsessed with becoming able to outsmart DeVoe that he even finally had Gideon add dark matter to his thinking cap, despite knowing how it had corrupted DeVoe.

This had devastating results, as his neurons were catastrophically killed and he began to steadily lose his intelligence. Effectively disillusioned and finally seeing just how far he had became and now was facing true inevitable uselessness, Harry felt deep shame over this and hid his condition from everyone, effectively disillusioned from using the device, to the point of revealing it to Cisco to stop him from making the same mistake. However, with help from the Council of Harrisons, he learned to be more empathetic, which allowed him to predict that Marlize DeVoe abandoned her husband and that she would be the key to stop him. After DeVoe was defeated, shortly before which Harry's brain finally expired, going into a catatonic state, often mumbling insanely and mostly despondent, Marlize left a program with Team Flash to restore Harry's intelligence. Although the program gave him a human mind, his memories of his loved ones and knowledge about popular culture, it failed to restore his scientific knowledge but at this point, Harry, having gained a more empathetic and kinder nature as a result, thought of this as a blessing, since for him he now had a balance of mind and heart, and he also became humbled, as he openly admitted to Team Flash that he could no longer be held in regard to his intellect, and no longer possessed 7 PhDs due to the decreased state of his mind.[57]

After Harry regained his previous intelligence, he returned to a more blunt nature, albeit was still noticeably more compassionate.

Powers and abilities


  • Bond with Harrison Nash Wells: After the Crisis, all the Harrison Wells in the multiverse merged their consciences into Nash Wells, the sole surviving Wells, as a result Harry, Sherloque Wells, Wells the Grey, Sonny Wells, and all the their multiversal Wells inhabit Nash’s mind and can communicate with him.
    • Illusion manipulation: Harry like all the other Wells in Nash’s mind can communicate with their host. As shown when Nash stared to repeatedly hallucinate Harry who was warning him of Thawne. After Thawne was exorcised from Nash, Harry appeared to latter and told Cisco is wise.

Former powers

  • Thinking Cap enhancement: In an attempt to help Team Flash defeat Clifford DeVoe, Harry took the Thinking Cap to enhance his intelligence.
    • Superhuman intelligence: Following using the Thinking Cap, Harry's intelligence was increased significantly, allowing him to see many different outcomes to situations. He was quickly able to come up with a solution to help Iris defeat Jaco Birch by drowning his fire with water. However, the Thinking Cap had been re-programmed by Devoe to decrease Harry's intelligence, having predicted that Harry would use the Thinking Cap.


"What I've done at S.T.A.R. Labs is change the world, Jesse, unlocking the mysteries of the universe. And when you don't have a key to the lock, sometimes you have to kick in the door."
—Harrison Wells[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master tactician and leader: Harry was an extremely hyper-intelligent and methodically calculating man, excelling in several fields of science and having 7 PhDs.[50] Even as a child, Harry's intelligence was good enough to have solved Einstein's riddle. His intelligence was noted to even exceed Eobard Thawne's, a well-regarded genius even by the late 22nd century's standards. He was a great leader, businessman and tactician, as he managed to run S.T.A.R. Labs very successfully for over two decades and completely conceal his part in the creation of his world's meta-humans, being able to instead use their dangerous status as a boon for his business by providing any assistance he could to deal with the meta-humans, and highly insightful to everyone's plans, Harry was able to keep Team Flash well-organized and develop successful plans to help them prevail when he helped. During the period he lost the majority of his mental parameters due to a dark matter overload, the experienced allowed him to gain the ability to fully understand others emotions and use them to predict their behavior as he accurately inferred Marlize DeVoe abandoned her husband.[55][56]
    • Master Investigator: Harry was an exceptional investigator. Despite his initial lack of interest in personally dealing with the metahumans of his earth, he was able to research in secret and gather a considerable amount of information on them, knowing that Linda Park was Doctor Light, Shay Lamden was King Shark, and he was also capable of figuring out with little clues that Russell Glosson kept the things he stolen in a storage space. He even had knowledge of Hunter Zolomon's career as a serial killer and though he could not at first figure out that Hunter was both "Jay Garrick" and Zoom, he was able to piece together from Hunter's electro-shock theraphy and subsequent escape that he was Zoom.
    • Master scientist/Engineer: Excelling in several scientific fields and having 7 PhDs, Harry was an ingeniously resourceful and brilliant scientist and engineer, making great advancements to numerous fields of science and developing numerous futuristic tech through his scientific company S.T.A.R. Labs, which under his leadership was among the forerunners on the fields of artificial intelligence, genetics, and meta-human studies. His knowledge and understanding of dark matter physics was commendable: He was able to invent a particle accelerator that not only effectively recreated the dark matter explosion that gave birth to the first generation of Earth-1 meta-humans but he also successfully prevented any damage by piping the explosion underground, a method that not even Eobard could come up with, and was later able to refine the process so that it would be contained in S.T.A.R Labs. He had a considerable understanding of interdimensional physics, as he was able to figure out means to open interdimensional breaches, notably entering Earth-1 twice without aid from a Speedster, develop a way to close the breaches with quark matter energy and later on deduce that Cisco's powers could unlock the breaches again. His knowledge of genetics, especially regarding meta-humans, successfully created Next gen watches with an app that could detect meta-humans and he was also able to create an algorithm to track King Shark. Harry has also shown noticeable talent at creating gadgets capable of increasing the potency of meta-human powers, as he modified both Doctor Light's gloves and Cisco's glasses to increase the potency and accuracy of their powers and successfully created a tachyon device capable of enhancing Barry's powers to the point of outpacing Zoom. At one point, out of frustration of being unable to outsmart DeVoe to protect the bus metas, Harry suggested performing an intercellular surgery on the remaining bus meta to alter their DNA so DeVoe can't absorb their powers, indicating his scientific expertise also extended to him being a masterful medic, being confident he could safely perform such complex surgeries. Being aware of the metaphysical Speed Force, Harry displayed thorough knowledge of the Speed Force's chemical compounds and structure, having developed a serum capable of weakening a speedster and the speed-enhancing Velocity serums, only failing due to his lack of biochemistry expertise, and was able to successfully create Velocity 6 with help from Caitlin. When presented with Velocity 9 and it's effects from Trajectory's death, Harry was able to quickly deduce that Zoom was dying from cellular degeneration and could be cured with Barry's speed. Harry was even able to develop a Speed Force transmitter capable of stealing the Speed Force from a speedster from research of The Turtle, a feat that not even Zoom nor Eobard could figure out and was able to convert the transmitter into a miniaturized tachyon device for Barry to use in his device. Harry also swiftly realized that Cisco was being affected by Thawne's presence and the only way to save him was to return Thawne to his time and managed to figure out a way to do so by having both Barry and Thawne run at sufficient speeds to open a wormhole and then have Barry provide the momentum needed to hurl Thawne through the wormhole. He was likewise able to render himself immune to speedsters phasing powers by infusing himself with nanites. He also successfully analyzed the Magnetar can act as a pulsar and figured out that Zoom and Barry's combined energies could be a power source potent enough to destroy every other planet on the multiverse. Harry was also a key helper, along with Tina McGee and Tracy Brand, of Cisco in modifying the Speed Force bazooka and using a Quark Sphere to release Barry from the Speed Force prison. Harry was also proven highly competent in the fields of neurochemical engineering and sound science, having created an extremely powerful reverbating sound amplifier that could emit 100 watt worth of frequency enough to knock out every Earth-2 being and a scepter capable of emitting powerful sonic waves independent of technology and designed a device capable of disrupting inbound brainwave broadcasts, which he modified to do the opposite and was also able to swiftly analyze how DeVoe's Thinking Cap worked and apply the same process of reengineering the brain's neurochemicals on himself to a lesser but safe extent, creating a modified version of the Thinking Cap that operated at low power, which he would later modify to be able to absorb dark matter from DeVoe's attack only to overload the Thinking Cap in process, damaging his brain. Harry was also able to program Cisco's drone so it would emit a magnetic field strong enough to pull in over 100 bombs and send them through a breach in the sky. Even with all his scientific knowledge gone, Harry was able to relearn his skills to conduct a series of experiments to restore his intelligence and ultimately regain his highest thought parameters by later 2019.
    • Hacking: Harry was able to hack into the security footage of S.T.A.R Labs to see how DeVoe gained his superhuman intelligence.
    • Master Mathematician: Harry had incredible mathematical abilities, being able to create a deeply complex equation that few of his doppelgangers could solve. He was also able to correctly calculate the amount of frequency needed to overwhelm every Earth-2 being to the point of unconsciousness and even accurately calculated the precise amount of dark matter needed to safely reengineer his neurochemicals.
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Harry was highly skilled in acting and deceiving and was also quite capable of being manipulative, having managed to fool the entirety of Earth-2 in regards to where the meta-humans came from and instead manipulate the situation to his advantage, getting more supporters from his ability to provide useful contribution to the problem of meta criminals. Harry was also successful in manipulating Barry into becoming confident he could defeat Zoom in a failed attempt to at long last capture him, which went unnoticed to Team Flash or Barry until he revealed himself. His impression of Eobard Thawne was accurate enough for Cisco to appear nervous and to fool Grodd. Harry was also able to fool Team Flash that he was stealing Barry's speed slowly and they never found him out as Harry revealed himself instead.
  • Expert marksman: Harry has proven himself to be very proficient with his ionic sub-repeating pulse firearm.
  • Agility: Harry proven himself to be very nimble and agile at times, such as when he did a dolphin-dive and shot a blast from his energy rifle at Zoom.

Former weaknesses

  • Brain damage: After overloading the Thinking Cap's capacities with an overdose of dark matter, Harry's mind was permanently damaged, unable to apply his high-level mental performances anymore, which even reached to the point where he entered a catatonic and unresponsive state. Later however, after the program Marlize created for Team Flash managed to restore him to his original state, he ultimately regained his highest thought parameters in late 2019.


  • Mercury Labs energy rifle: Shortly after coming to Earth-1, Harry stole a pulse rifle from Mercury Labs. It can fire a beam of energy which is very powerful, capable of blasting holes through walls and hurting durable enemies like King Shark.
  • Thinking Cap: In order to help Team Flash defeat Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker, Harry created a modified version of the Thinking Cap that DeVoe used. It increased Harry's intelligence to the point he was able to figure out the names of the last two remaining bus meta-humans, something the entirety of Team Flash was unable to do.
  • Next gen watch: Wells invented the next gen watch, it has a meta-human awareness app that detects the presence of nearby dark matter-empowered meta-humans and alert in the presence of those with the power of super speed, such as Hunter Zolomon or Barry Allen. It was used on Earth-2 by many people. Wells was able to detect if Cisco was a meta-human. Wells also used the watch as a recording device to log in his entries.
    • Meta-human detection: Using the meta-human awareness app, the watch will produce a red alert in the direct presence of a dark matter-empowered meta-human.
      • Speedster detection: The watch will also produce an alert in the presence of those with the power of super speed, such as Hunter Zolomon or Barry Allen.
    • Audio recording: The watch can be used as a recording device.
  • Speed Force transmitter: Wells took The Turtle's power after they caught him and created a device to siphon/harness Barry's speed energy and attaches behind the emblem of his suit.When Barry goes after Joey, the device works and permanently steals 2% of Barry's speed, slowing him down. Wells gives the energy to Zoom, who demands the rest. While going after Joey a second time, Iris is injured when Barry is too slow to save her. Wells later use the particles equation to increase Barry's speed. When they exchange Wally for Barry's Speed Force, Wells inserts the Speed Force transmitter into Barry's suit. Barry uses the treadmill so that his Speed Force can be extracted. All of his speed is taken and Zoom injects it to himself.


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  • Harry has the habit of calling people by their last names, to keep himself from getting too close to others.
    • During Armageddon's alternate 2031, Thawne did this as well.
  • Harry had repeatedly been mistaken for the counterpart of Eobard Thawne by members of Team Flash despite being the Earth-2 counterpart of the genuine Harrison Wells from Earth-1, as he had to repeatedly correct them. Despite this, the team still continues to differentiate Harry by referring to Eobard as the "other Wells."
    • Due to Thawne's actions on Earth-1 while under the guise of Harrison Wells, Harry is forced to conceal his face by using a cap and sunglasses while out in public. It is unknown whether Harry gained access to H.R.'s facial transmogrification device to make this easier, although this is unlikely.
    • There have been few instances where Harry's life was actually in danger because Earth-1 residents believed that he was Eobard Thawne.
      • For example, Harry was nearly fatally shot by Officer Patty Spivot while she was under the impression that he was a criminal. He was on the verge of death before being saved by "Jay Garrick."[12] Likewise, the first time Joe walked into S.T.A.R. Labs when Harry was there, he shot on sight and would've killed him if Barry hadn't caught the bullets.
      • Harry was also kidnapped by Griffin Grey as revenge for Thawne's particle accelerator failure, which caused Grey to receive super strength but age uncontrollably. Grey demanded that Harry reverse his condition while believing that he was talking to the Earth-1 "Wells." Harry was later rescued by Team Flash while Grey succumbed to his condition and died of old age.[21]
  • Cisco Ramon refers to Harry as the "dickish but not evil Wells" due to his poor people skills.[69]
    • He was also once referred to by Barry Allen as "Dr. Wells: The Sequel".[11]
  • Harry's daughter Jesse's blood type is PZ Negative, something that doesn't exist on Earth-1. Harry's specific blood type is unconfirmed, but he's stated that he's a compatible match.[19]
  • Harry brushes his teeth front to back.[31]
  • It's implied that Harry cannot speak Latin, unlike Eobard.
  • Apparently, Harrison Wells doesn't exist on Supergirl's Earth.[70] However, as shown by Jay Garrick being Henry Allen's counterpart from Earth-3, doppelgängers do not necessarily always have the same name.[25]
  • Harry shares similarities with Martin Stein:
    • Both have provided central technical support to Team Flash in Eobard's place.
    • Both have had encounters with Eobard involving identity theft.
    • Both are incredibly challenging fathers to their respective daughters
  • Once Harry's thought processes are limited by the Thinking Cap, he becomes no longer focused on facts, and more on feelings. This type of idyllic nature is quite similar to that of H.R. Wells, a man whom he previously despised.
  • According to a deleted scene from "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4", Harry, after encountering both Zoom and Savitar, injected a nanobot infusion into his body. This infusion was designed to attack any foreign cells that tried to speed into Harry's system, which made him immune to a speedster's ability to phase through his body (and, as Eobard Thawne loves to do when killing his victims, crush, or completely remove, his heart).

Behind the scenes

  • Harry is the seventh character in the Arrowverse to have his civilian name in an episode title, after Sara Lance, Felicity Smoak, Harrison Wells, Oliver Queen, Alex Danvers, and Zari Tarazi.
  • Harry's blood type, "PZ Negative", may be a reference to his impersonator Eobard Thawne (in DC Comics) having the title of Professor Zoom and is the wielder of Negative Speed Force.
  • Even though Harrison Wells does not originate from the DC comics, as he is an original character specifically created for the show, another brief character, only known as "Dr. Wells", appeared in the tie-in DC comic book of the 1990s The Flash TV series titled, The Flash TV Special (January, 1991).
    • Even before that, a villainous character known as Dr. Wells, sporting similar looks, appeared in the 1973-1985 animated series Super Friends.
  • Harry has appeared on four shows in the Arrowverse, having to appear on all shows except for Batwoman and Black Lightning. His appearances is just after Harrison Nash Wells due to Nash's significant role in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

See also

List of things he created, modified, contributed

  1. Particle accelerator: Like Eobard Thawne (masquerading as Harrison Wells of Earth-1), Harry Wells of Earth-2 created a particle accelerator. Unlike Earth-1 "counterpart", he didn't create an explosion, but rather let the dark matter outburst flow underneath Central City, thus creating metahumans.
  2. Meta-human detector app: This app was created by Harry to instantly detect Meta-human, know their presence and to find them.
  3. Speed dampening serum: Wells was working on a serum on Earth-2 to stop Zoom. He finalized it in Earth-1. He tried to use it to stop Zoom but ended up using it on Barry Allen.
  4. Velocity 6: This serum was created in order to help increase Barry and Hunter Zolomon's speed temporarily in the fight against Zoom. It is used by Hunter reluctantly years later in order to phase through Harry's chest and remove a bullet after he was shot by Patty Spivot.
  5. Vibe glasses: Harry also modified the glasses to help control Cisco Ramon's powers, as well as increasing them. He did this by calibrating them in a different frequency. By doing this Cisco's powers have increased to the point where Cisco can now open breaches to other Earths.
  6. Tachyon unit: Harry created a variant of the tachyon prototype for Barry to use in order to increase his speed.
  7. Speed Force transmitter: Initially created to steal Barry Allen's speed for Hunter Zolomon, Harry later converted this into a "miniature tachyon device" to increase Barry's speed.
  8. Time Vault: Like Eobard Thawne, Harry created a Time Vault, though only using it as a hidden bunker in the likelihood that Zoom were to be hunting him. It is well stocked with a variety of weaponry and food supplies.
  9. Thinking Cap: Like DeVoe, Harry created a thinking cap in order to help Team Flash figure out the identities of the last two bus metas.
  10. Sonic scepter: An item to launch sonic waves strong enough. Since they do not depend on electrical technology, Kilg%re's powers would not work on it. It was built as a means to combat Clifford DeVoe, since he was weak to sonic waves and he'd absorbed Ramsey Deacon's powers.

List of individuals he nicknamed


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