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"Well, actually, thanks to Ramon and the Council of Harrisons, I may have an idea about why DeVoe has not yet launched his satellites."
"He put himself in DeVoe's shoes."
Harry Wells and Cisco Ramon

"Harry and the Harrisons" is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the ninetieth episode overall. It aired on May 8, 2018.



"Harry and the Harrisons" starts with Barry awakening in the night and he sees Iris He goes out to the lounge room to discover Iris taking a shot at another article to uncover the DeVoes of what their identity is.

The group accumulates at STAR Labs, where Caitlin goes over DeVoe's tech. He anticipates utilizing the taken satellites to diminish the insight of everybody on Earth. Garry has a go at offering exhortation, be he cannot think about a keen arrangement.

He pulls Cisco aside and asks for help on reestablishing his insight. The two choose to reconvene the Council of the Wells to check whether any of the other Harrison Wells' have any thoughts.

They don't think about any thoughts with the chamber we saw previously so Cisco reveals to Harry that they should take a stab at making a gathering with new forms of Wells.

Caitlin understands the group has been handling the DeVoe issue wrong. She uncovers they need a metahuman that is invulnerable to DeVoe's forces and the one in particular that satisfies that guidelines is Amunet Black. At first reluctant, Caitlin's ready to persuade the remainder of Team Flash to let Amunet help out.

Barry and Caitlin go to Amunet's fort where they're welcomed by Norvok. He tells the pair that Amunet hasn't been gotten notification from in a long while so they're uninformed of her whereabouts.

The gathering hatches an arrangement to discover Amunet and they start by discovering her genuine name.

Barry pulls Iris aside and advises her to practice alert when composing the article.

Cisco acquaints Harry with the new Council of Wells, and we discover that every one of the individuals had been kicked out of the first gathering. Harry's disturbed Cisco is attempting to get data from a "chamber of rejects."

Joe and Caitlin show up at a bodega that Amunet supposedly worked at. Joe sees an obscure couple go into a back room and the two follow. They discover the reserved alcove is where a few tables of poker are set up. Joe gets the room out and Amunet remains.

She pulls out her sack of metals and Barry surges in, preventing her from utilizing her forces. Barry discloses to her they need her assistance. She consents to assist and they return her to STAR Labs.

Amunet questions Barry on why he's despite everything wearing his uniform and uncovers she definitely knows The Flash's genuine personality. Amunet says that so as to overcome DeVoe, she needs a greater amount of her metal shards, which were as of late taken.

Barry hurries off to discover more shards of Amunet's extra closets.

Caitlin pulls Amunet aside to converse with her about Killer Frost. Caitlin offers Amunet an arrangement: on the off chance that she can get Killer Frost to return out, Caitlin/Killer Frost will consent to give one kindness to Amunet.

The Council of Wells is as yet meeting. They're currently sitting around much the same as a gathering treatment meeting. Harry in the long run gets agitated and leaves.

Barry, Caitlin, and Amunet show up at her stockpiling area to attempt to discover the individual who took the shards. After a speedy test, the gathering discovers that t was Norvok who took the shards. Norvok and his friends have left the boxing exercise center.

Cisco approaches Wells about the circumstance prior. He strolls into Harry's lab, which Harry is cleaning ou as he might suspect he won't use again without his insight.

Barry and Iris are discussing her article once more. Iris takes a stab at persuading Barrry to let her discharge it to the general population, by the speedster is as yet reluctant.

Amunet finds a resentful Caitlin and uncovers to her that the splicer isn't what helped Killer Frost come out previously. Amunet says it was a fake treatment and persuades Caitlin that Killer Frost can come out at whatever point she satisfies. While talking through it with Caitlin, Amunet discovers where Norvok is.

We see him attempting to make an arrangement with hooligans over the taken metal in some dull rear entryway. Barry paces to the zone, however is before long joined by Amunet, who has a go at murdering Norvok. Barry spares Norvok from Amunet's shards, however Norvok starts assaulting them.

Norvok harms Barry with his venom. At the point when she sees Barry's vitals experiencing the rooftop, Iris reminds Barry that he needs to stage through the venom before it murders him.

Caitlin and Joe prevent the hooligans from carrying off the shards and Amunet utilizes them to frame a veil around Norvok. She almost executes him, rather removing his face snake. With her new shards, Amunet has a go at dumping the group and leaving with them.

Prior to leaving, Amunet gives Caitlin a concussive projectile made of Amunet's shards, which should help bring down Clifford DeVoe.

The group gets back together at STAR Labs and Harry has a thought. He clarifies that Clifford hasn't propelled the satellites yet on the grounds that he doesn't have help from his significant other.

As the group begins to scatter, Barry advises Iris to feel free to distribute her uncover about the DeVoes.

Caitlin and Joe go to get some espresso, where Caitlin expresses gratitude toward Joe for his recommendation about Killer Frost. She tells the criminologist that the splicer from Amunet was a phony.

Barry and Iris are dozing when her telephone begins humming with a few notices. Her uncover has permitted individuals to approach with their sightings of DeVoe, demonstrating Team Flash's case.



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