Hartley Rathaway is a scientist from Earth-27 and a member of the Rogues.


Early life

At some point after Johnny Quick took over Central City, Hartley Rathaway joined the Rogues to oppose his regime. To help the Rogues, Harley synthesized a drug that could paralyze a criminal for interrogation purposes.[1]

Containing Johnny Quick

In 2016, Hartley met Barry Allen, a speedster from Earth-1. After Barry helped the Rogues defeat Johnny Quick, he asked Hartley to modify a holding node from the old particle accelerator so they could turn it into a prison for the captured speedster. After Thawne woke up, Hartley introduced himself. He explained that the buzzing sound the speedster is hearing is an aura residue from an ultrasonic frequency, which Hartley developed to prevent Thawne from focusing on his speed and contain him.[1]

Repairing the wand

As thanks for Barry's help, Hartley successfully repaired Hocus Pocus' wand, which broke upon the former's arrival. He and James Jesse then returned the wand to Barry before he left Earth-27.[1]




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