Hartley Rathaway is a scientist from Earth-27 and a member of the Rogues.[1]


Early Life

At some point, Hartley created a drug that could paralyze for interrogation and gave it to the Rogues.[1]

Containing Johnny Quick

In 2016 Hartley meet Barry Allen a speedster from Earth-1. He was asked to modify a holding node from the old particle accelerator so that they could turn it into a prison for Johnny Quick. After Thawne wakes up, he introduces himself and explain that the buzzing that he hears, is a aura residue from an ultrasonic frequency he developed to prevent Thawne from focusing on his speed and contain him.[1]

Repairing the Wand

When James Jesse gave Hocus Pocus' wand back to Barry, Hartley helped him by fixing it with success since it was broken at his arrival. [1]




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