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Detective Hassan Shakur is a police detective of the Freeland Police Department.


Early life

In his youth, Hassan was "caught up" in an incident where Black Lightning became involved. Black Lightning felt that the young man deserved a second chance and told Hassan to go back to school and to stop running the streets, changing Hassan's life and future.[1]

Shakur was mentored by Bill Henderson during his time in the Freeland Police Department.[2]

Meeting with Jefferson Pierce

After Henderson's death, Hassan spent a year grieving. Following that, he gave a letter to Jefferson Pierce, attempting to work with him. The following day, to Jefferson's surprise, Shakur and Chief Ana Lopez visited Jefferson in his office at Garfield High School, enquiring regarding an attack on two police officers which unknown to them was actually self defence because the officers were racist and had pointed there guns at Jefferson even though he wasn’t armed at all. Jefferson gave his purported alibi, and denied knowing anything about it. The two police officers proceeded to leave, both believing him to be lying. Following another attack in which a boy was beaten and nearly electrocuted to death, they visited the hospital, surprised at the fact that Black Lightning never usually attacked needlessly.[2]

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Distrust for Tobias

Detective Shakur was called into the office of Chief Lopez and asked if he can assist her when Mayor Billy Black has a gun buy-back at the "No Violence" zone in the park; Hassan found the park to be a weird place to have the program. When Ana elaborated that the location was suggested by Tobias Whale, Hassan became upset and warned the chief not to trust Tobias.

Later, Hassan was in a bar when he heard patrons and Jefferson discussing if Black Lightning was needed in Freeland; Hassan interrupted the conversation and reminded everyone that Black Lightning saved them during the War for Freeland and how they could be missing or kidnapped like protesters in Portland, if it were not for the hero. Hassan told the bar's customers to speak respectfully of Black Lightning.[1]


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