For the Arrow: Season 2.5 issue of the same name, see "Haunted".
"Your sister requires a restitution, the restoration of her soul to her body."
John Constantine to Laurel Lance on how to help Sara
"Haunted" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-fourth episode overall. It aired on November 4, 2015. It acts as a crossover between Arrow and Constantine.


When things take a turn for the worse with Sara, Oliver calls in a favor from an old friend who deals in the mystical, John Constantine.[src]


As the episode opens, a Big Belly Burger employee spills some trash she is taking out in an alleyway. She is then ambushed by two men, who try to assault her when Sara - or what's left of her - appears. She beats the two men, fiercely killing one of them. As the woman begins to thank her, Sara begins to choke the her while reciting in Arabic until the police show up.

At the "Queen For Mayor" central command, Thea acquaints Oliver with Alex Davis, their new political specialist. Davis needs Oliver to remove himself from the Lance family, since he compares Sara's passing on the Queen's Gambit to Chappaquiddick. Oliver excuses his interests, yet Davis reveals to him he can't join the city if he's viewed as a playboy. He needs Oliver to remove himself from Laurel.

In the flashback, Oliver discovers his way back to base, where the man who had gone out on the island with Oliver stands up to him about the interchanges gear he found. He has Oliver tail him in to converse with the man in control - Baron Reiter, as it occurs - and he's discovered an interloper: John Constantine.

Back in Star City, Lance has made sense of that the baffling lady slaughtering hoodlums is a gotten away Sara. He's distraught about it, and Laurel says she needs to discover Sara before Lance or Oliver does, since they need to murder her.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis inspect the thumb drive containing Ray's perishing presentation. There's an advanced commotion on the account that Felicity accepts is "more to the message," and she needs Curtis to decipher it.

Arrow goes to see Darhk, who gives him a strategic: to a government server homestead and attachment a gadget Darhk gives him into a PC.

At the Lair, Oliver and Thea are sparring with escrima sticks. Thea reveals to Oliver that she doesn't agree with Davis' plan of removing Oliver from the Lances, who have consistently been there when she and Oliver needed them. Their discussion is interrupted by a call from Felicity: an insane blonde is attacking a club.

Oliver and Thea show up, finding Laurel already fighting the perpetrator. Before they can bring the woman down however, Oliver is shocked to discover that it's Sara who's been responsible for the assaults. He freezes long enough to let her escape.

Back at the Lair, Oliver rapidly makes sense of how Sara is back, and he's not satisfied.

In the flashback, Reiter shows Oliver a guide of the island Constantine had with the rest of his personal effects. He needs whatever it is that Constantine is there for, and sends Oliver to accompany John to get it. At the point when the other fighter objects, Constantine incapacitates him and utilizations his firearm to handicap a vehicle and kidnap Oliver.

In the present, Lance goes to the Lair to yell about Sara's arrival. He gives Oliver the gadget Darhk gave him. Felicity distinguishes it as a conveyance gadget for an infection that will target and erase select documents. Oliver says it isn't alright for Lance to attempt to penetrate a government expanding all alone. He sends him to work with Diggle, who is unsettled working with H.I.V.E., the association that murdered his sibling. He concludes that he's going to utilize Lance to bring down Darhk.

At home that night, Oliver and Felicity talk about Sara's arrival on the lounge chair. Felicity figures it is ideal to not need to bid farewell to their friends and family, yet Oliver says it isn't excessively basic. They attempt to make sense of why Sara had focused on the server, and another lady at the club, when she had in any case just assaulted hoodlums. They understand in the wake of bringing the pair of them up onscreen that the two ladies both take after Thea. Oliver attempts to call her to caution her, however Thea disregards the call since she accepts that he's simply calling to holler at her for bringing Sara back. Simply at that point, Sara collides with her condo, assaulting her while talking in Arabic. After a concise battle, Thea figures out how to remove Sara and get out of the apartment - yet in the wake of tumbling down the steps, Thea loses consciousness and Sara escapes.

At the hospital, Thea reveals to Oliver that Sara's experiencing a bloodlust very similar she is, and that she executed two assailants in Nanda Parbat. Laurel comes in to check on Thea and Oliver accompanies her out to talk. He's irate that Merlyn affected her to murder individuals and that Laurel didn't enlighten him regarding Nanda Parbat. She counters that he didn't inform her concerning bringing back Thea until he completely needed to, on the grounds that he doesn't consider her to be an equal. Laurel agrees that Sara's current state is in view of a choice she made and is heartbroken about what has befallen Thea, because she has consistently cherished the Queens. Laurel just wishes Oliver would think about her family as well.

Back on Lian Yu, Oliver gets Constantine to a clearing the wilderness. Constantine says there are things on the island that terrible individuals shouldn't approach, however that he's on the heavenly attendants. He pulls up certain plants, twigs and earth and does a spell, perplexing Oliver. The spell uncovers a bring forth in the ground, and Oliver sends Oliver down a stepping stool in front of him.

At the government building, Diggle and Lance attach the USB gadget, and notice that it is by all accounts erasing records on people. They don't have the foggiest idea about whose.

In the emergency clinic, Laurel apologizes to Thea, who says the explanation Sara needs to execute her is that she's the person who killed Sara. She thinks that perhaps if Sara murders her, she will be alright, but Laurel says that is not an answer.

At the government building, Diggle sees that his sibling's document is one of the ones being erased. He hysterically scrambles to stop the procedure, yet an alert goes off and security monitors slip. Arrow gun whips Diggle and tells the security monitors that he's a cop who followed a programmer here, and to call for reinforcement. They leave, and Lance strolls Diggle out.

In the emergency clinic, Sara again comes to assault Thea, who reveals to her it's alright to murder her. Sara thumps over an IV stand and attacks Oliver and Laurel's consideration during the assault, however, and Sara again jumps out the window. Oliver said Sara "wasn't there" when he looked at her without flinching. He says the Pit didn't bring back her spirit, however that she has an association with Thea. Thea says they can use that.

On the island, Constantine clarifies that the island is a terrible spot that draws in awful individuals. He sees some composing that makes an interpretation of generally to "just for the unadulterated of heart," so he binds Oliver to a post and strolls in. Oliver uncuffs himself and follows John in, at that point spares him when his recovery of an ancient rarity makes a snare be sprung.

Arrow comes back to Darhk to reveal to him he achieved his crucial, at that point he gets some information about Andy Diggle. Darhk discloses to him that H.I.V.E. employed a professional killer to take out Diggle. He says Diggle was rivalry for H.I.V.E. in Afghanistan - that he was a wrongdoing ruler and they needed to take him out.

At the now-shut Verdant, Thea is hanging out sitting tight for Sara to appear and the remainder of Team Arrow is standing ready. Sara crashes through a window and assaults her, however after a short battle with the group, Oliver utilizes a sedative bolt on her. Laurel needs to shoot Sara, seeing that there's nothing there any longer, yet Oliver stops her and rather calls Constantine for help.

Afterward, Constantine joins Team Arrow in the nest. He discloses to them that Sara needs a restitution, a reclamation of her spirit. He gives Felicity a list of things he needs and tells the group that if things turn out badly, "we'll all be too dead to even consider caring." Constantine reveals he's just got enough stuff to send himself in addition to two individuals. It's Oliver and Laurel. Constantine cautions them that it won't be anything but difficult to recover her spirit, at that point lights a fire in the bowl Felicity gave, drones a spell, and them three wind up on "the opposite side." It seems as though Nanda Parbat, and Sara is in the Lazarus Pit, shouting for Laurel's assistance. Constantine advises them to get her out, while he battles whatever comes to monitor the entryways, after Oliver takes out the initial two League of Assassins individuals with his bow. Constantine has a sword fight with another LoA part while Oliver and Laurel wrestle Sara away from the Pit. In the long run, Constantine wins by throwing the correct spell (he attempted a couple) to immobilize the soul and afterward wound him.

The trio all arrival to awareness in the real world, and presently Sara awakens - as herself. The Lances all embrace and cry together, while Team Arrow watches and Constantine watch in relief and joy.

Oliver discloses to Constantine he owes him one, and John says they're in fact even, however Ollie says that whenever John needs anything, he'll be there.

John asks what it is that has been making the hair on the rear of his neck stand up, and Oliver says that it's imaginable Damien Darhk. John looks concerned, and advises Oliver to watch himself. Oliver requests counsel, and John advises him to leave town. After he leaves, Thea checks in with Oliver about Nanda Parbat, yet he's come around in Laurel's mind that he doesn't have any space to be frantic at individuals for keeping privileged insights.

In the flashback, John discloses to Oliver he owes him one and offers to bring him back home. He has a pontoon at the shore. Oliver says Conklin (the other officer) suspects him a lot of as of now so he can't return with next to nothing. Constantine severs a significant looking sphere the head of the staff they've quite recently recouped, saying the genuine force is in the gremoire - a spell book engraved on the staff. He says individuals like Reiter consistently get pulled in to the shimmering bits, however then he utilizes the staff to expel a tattoo from his arm while presenting a spell. He advises Oliver to lift up his shirt and holds his hand to Ollie's stomach, where the tattoo returns. Oliver advises Constantine to punch him to make the break look persuading, and Constantine does.

Slice to the current day, when Oliver is going to step in front of an audience for a meeting. Alex is there, however so is Laurel. Oliver discloses to him that he won't separation himself from Laurel, and Alex says he surmises he gets paid in any case. Thea reveals to Oliver she's glad for him.

Laurel expresses gratitude toward Oliver and explains that Sara is resting. She apologizes for her words from the hospital. However, Oliver says Laurel was correct that he hasn't generally been the closest friend to her and promises to be better. The two embrace.

Arrow thumps on Diggle's entryway, bringing a printed version of an ordered record on Andrew. He says "You don't need to understand this. You can recall your sibling how you knew him," and gives the record to Diggle, who's distrustful, and discouraged, however happy to know reality.

At Palmer Tech, Curtis has drank a colossal number of caffeinated drinks and has tidied up Ray's message. It discloses to her that he's alive, and he's in a tough situation.



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  • Preparation ran from August 6 until August 14, 2015. Filming ran from August 17 until August 27, 2015.[1]
  • Though the fifth episode of Season 4, it was the fourth episode produced.[1]


Behind the scenes

  • On November 1, 2015, a rough cut of the episode was leaked on to the internet.[2]
  • The scene in which John Constantine uses a dead peacock's feather to scratch an itch on his back is a reference to Constantine's former network NBC; their logo is a rainbow peacock.
  • Constantine had already been cancelled and was out of production by the time of this episode.


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