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Your missile killed everyone in my home. I am the very last living soul of Havenrock... and I carry with me a message from all those souls you killed.Rory Regan to Janet Carroll

Havenrock was a town in the United States. When Damien Darhk took control of Rubicon, Felicity Smoak realigned the satellite GPS of a nuclear missile headed for Monument Point, redirecting it to Havenrock, which was destroyed instead.


Havenrock was home to much gang violence involving drugs.[1]

Havenrock hit by a nuclear missile.png
The destruction of Havenrock.
In May 2016, Havenrock was hit with a redirected nuclear missile intended for Monument Point and subsequently destroyed. In the aftermath, there were tens of thousands of casualties.[2]Rory Regan was the sole survivor, having been protected by the explosion due to his family's mystical rags.[3]


As revenge for what happened to his hometown, Rory aimed to kill the members of AmerTek Industries, as their subsidiary company engineered the missiles used for Genesis, but was talked out of his vengeance by Green Arrow.[3]

Felicity remained haunted by her role in Havenrock's destruction, which was one of the reasons for her decision to become involved with Helix to take down Prometheus.

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, the name of the town near Monument Point was Havencroft, rather than Havenrock. Unlike the comics, where Monument Point ended up destroyed, the neighboring town was devastated instead.
  • Havenrock is similarly named to Stonehaven, the name of Damien Darhk's house earlier in the same season.


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