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"I've had a lot of time to think about you, obsessively tracking your patterns. I noticed you haven't been around Metropolis quite as much. But that's how I knew that the, um, big shots would move me to a more secure prison. It seems like you're obligated elsewhere. That makes you distracted. Vulnerable. A weakling."
Thaddeus Killgrave to Superman

"Haywire" is the fourth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the fourth episode overall. It aired on March 16, 2021.



Thaddeus Killgrave

Thaddeus Killgrave.

Six years ago, Morgan Edge chased a particular meteorite during a meteor shower; he was pleased when it landed.

Presently, Lois and Chrissy are at the high school football game and realize that Morgan Edge and Kyle Cushing are also there; Lois insinuates that Edge is just there for populism. Edge stares at Lana Lang Cushing. Sam Lane arrives and sits down next to Lois. During the game, he realizes that Jordan has powers and is irritated.

As Jordan gets the game ball for assuring the win and parties with his teammates at Victoria May's, Sam, Clark and Lois argue about Clark's split priorities of raising a family and being a public hero; Sam cites that the citizens of Metropolis have not seen Superman in the sky in a while, causing Intergang to make moves. Sam asks Superman to escort Thaddeus Killgrave to a different prison, so that it can be seen that Superman is still present. Clark refuses. Sam decides to stay the weekend to understand Clark's refusal better.

Tag Harris's broken arm begins to vibrate at super-speed and Tag does not know why.

Jonathan has difficulty with bench-warming as his non-athletic brother is a star on the team.

Jordan and Sarah

Jordan and Sarah grow closer.

Lois asks Clark to go to the town meeting and speak against Edge EnerCorp; Clark says he will. Lois confronts Edge and the two ask each other why is the other truly in Smallville. Meanwhile, Edge tells Lana that she has "untapped potential" and wants to give her opportunities; Kyle sees nothing wrong with the proposal, though Lana feels uncomfortable.

In Metropolis, Killgrave escapes from his transport, but Superman is too late to do anything because Clark was distracted at football practice. Superman is so busy looking for the convict that Clark does not attend the town meeting, to Lois' disappointment. Sam suggests to the twins that they should not waste Superman's time with anything they can handle themselves.

Corey Wellnitz has a party for the students; Jonathan cannot believe that Tag's arm is healed. Jordan and Sarah grow closer as they discuss Jonathan being an outsider. Tag's vibrations slowly become uncontrollable. The twins discuss whether to involve their father or not. When Jordan gets hurt trying to stop Tag alone, Jonathan activates the ELT.

Leslie Larr and Morgan Edge find a large supply of X-Kryptonite

Leslie and Morgan find X-Kryptonite.

Superman is with Sam and Killgrave is found; Killgrave attacks Superman with a sonic blaster. Despite the sound barrage, Superman hears that his sons need him; Superman thunderclaps, defeating Intergang and Killgrave in one swoop for the authorities to collect. Superman rushes to Smallville, grabs Tag, and takes him into the upper atmosphere, where Tag passes out.

General Lane explains to the Kent family that a "yellow phosphorescence" gave Tag meta-human powers. Clark explains to Sam that his sons are his highest priority. Angered that he was humbled, Sam begins Project 7734.

Leslie Larr and Morgan Edge arrive at the Shuster Mine. Morgan asks Leslie to destroy the wall, and when she does, they discover a new supply of X-Kryptonite.



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  • Many of the cast and crew members in this episode have previously worked on Arrow, another Arrowverse show
  • Lois Lane quotes 'because of some idiot with a nuke' is from a scene in the film Superman II, in which Superman saved Lois from a hydrogen bomb.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Kyle Cushing's surname was misspelt as "Kushing".