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"Heart of the Matter, Part 1" is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fiftieth episode overall. It aired on July 13, 2021. It acts as the first half of a two-part episode.



The episode opens in Central City in 2049 with Godspeed approaching his goal of limitless speed when XS stops him. He rapidly recovers and gets ready to attack her when Impulse races in and stages through him, cutting Godspeed down. XS berates him for what she sees as careless conduct when while arguing, Godspeed phases through the road and heads to the Flash Museum. There, he utilizes the Cosmic Treadmill to get away. XS and Impulse follow him.

In the present at STAR Labs, Barry informs Bart and Nora of how August has no memory and there are many clones. Nora reveals to them that she and Bart can't actually stay because it's against the West-Allen family rules, yet Barry clarifies there's no way to get back because of the Godspeeds in the Speed Force. Chester tells everybody he's thought of a plan to stop the Godspeeds using the gadget his dad was working on - the Solar Encryption Engine. He simply needs Allegra to charge it.

Barry spends some time with his children with Nora clarifying that she thinks about the other Nora all the time (but doesn't explain which Nora yet). While talking they get an alarm about more Godspeed clones appearing downtown. The three head out to confront them. When the Godspeeds realise they are there, they say in unison "kill the Adversary". They are almost successful, however they need to leave to re-energize before they complete their attack. Bart and Nora are keeping quiet about why all the Godspeeds were after Bart except that Godspeed is his Thawne.

Barry goes into the Time Vault to try to find extra help, yet Wally is inaccessible. Iris appears in the Time Vault, and explains Deon has been able to stabilize her. She was able to see everything from the Still Force. They realize that since Godspeed is Bart's arch-nemesis, the circumstances are obviously more serious than they understand. They will be benching Bart.

In Keystone City, Jay Garrick has his speed back because of the rebirth of the Speed Force. He is intending to make a beeline for Central City to help Barry. His wife, Joan, reminds him to watch out. Before he can leave, he's attacked by a group of Godspeeds.

Barry and Iris disclose to Bart that they are sidelining him due to the danger Godspeed faces to him actually and how reckless he acted. Nora backs their decision and he races off, upset. Nora goes to talk with him. She discovers him at the West house. It's revealed that in their time Godspeed killed their "Uncle Jay" in front of him and Jay was the one individual who understood him. Bart wants to tell their folks, yet Nora says no.

Chester approaches Allegra for help, however she's not behaving like herself. She's unable to charge the gadget. Barry needs to do it after all other options have been exhausted as the Godspeeds are back. It's subsequently uncovered that Allegra's force issues are associated with her feelings. She's shooting ultraviolet light as she is directing negative feelings. Allegra reveals to Chester that Esperanza is dead and she blames herself.

With the Godspeed clones back, Barry and Nora get the SEE out in the field and lead the clones to it. They activate the gadget and it works at first yet the clones quickly repower and assault them. Frost appears just in time to save them both. Ends up, Barry's energy was an excessive amount to charge the SEE and it wound up giving the clones a super portion of Speed Force energy. They understand they need more assistance and Bart appears ready to fight. Yet Barry and Iris are now sidelining both of their kids.

Barry and Iris discuss how tragedy appears to follow them all over the place and how they need to break the cycle by stopping the clones and preventing August from getting his powers. Soon after they get a message from the Rebel Godspeeds requesting that they hand over the Adversary or they will kill Jay Garrick. Bart says to Barry they don't have the opportunity to concoct an plan. Bart goes to where they are and it's a trap. Barry and Nora go to save him. When they show up, Bart is being attacked as the Godspeeds take his speed. Nora makes a distraction and Barry uses Bart's phasing stunt to stop the one Godspeed clone left taking Bart's power. Bart is not waking up and before they can get away, the Godspeeds circle them. Suddenly, Cisco appears and can briefly stop them so they can get away.

Having no luck reestablishing August's memories, Caitlin and Cecile try to refresh his memory by having him see things like the treadmill. He gets a zap of power, yet no memory. He's disappointed, stressed that he doesn't remember anything.

In Midway City, Kramer talks with the FBI about Adam yet doesn't uncover the part where he said that the genuine Kristen Kramer was killed. Joe is concerned that she didn't mention that.

Returning to Central City, Joe presses Kramer regarding the thing Adam said about seeing her pass on, yet she doesn't actually respond to him. They see that everybody is attempting to leave Central City and are almost in an accident when a pair of battling Godspeed clones stop on the hood of their car to fight each other.

Bart is not waking up. His speed healing is barely keeping him alive. Barry recommends that they get into August's mind to attempt to find the solutions they need to stop the clones. Cisco and Frost will secure Central City while Barry goes inside August's brain. When Barry gets inside, he tracks down the genuine August. It turns out he's been hiding his true self. Barry has a lot of questions, he explains that he has all the right answers; It's going to be so much fun.



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  • The title of this episode may be a reference to August Heart and how the answers to the Godspeed war were locked inside his mind.
  • This episode marks the return of Jay Garrick/The Flash who last appeared in the Season 6 episode "A Flash of the Lightning".
  • After the events of the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Jay and Joan Williams now reside on Earth-Prime in Keystone City. This likely means that they are refugees from the original multiverse like Laurel Lance and Beth Kane.
    • In a possible future, Jay was one of Bart's speedster mentors, seeing Bart's impulsiveness as a strength and not as a weakness. In the DC comics, Bart's relationship with Jay is very similar.
      • If Jay is the same age as his doppelgänger, Henry Allen, he would have been around 94 when Godspeed killed him in a possible future.
  • When Nora and Bart first encounter Godspeed, it is in front of a building labeled Powers Technology. In the animated series Batman Beyond, Powers Technology is a company owned by Derek Powers, who eventually becomes the supervillain Blight.
  • It's once again shown that S.T.A.R. Labs will eventually be turned into the Flash Museum.
    • The section that was called the "Hall of Villains" in the original multiverse is now called the "Hall of Gadgets".
  • Nora and Bart call Cecile "Grammy Cecile" instead of "Mama Cecile" which is what a version of Nora from a previous timeline called her in season 5.
  • Chester references Back to the Future when he says that Nora and Bart are two "Marty McFlys".
  • After an argument, Barry goes to talk to Bart, but Nora stops him and tells him that she will talk to Bart since she has known him for nineteen years; given that Bart is from 2049, this indicates that he was born in 2030.
  • Nora mentions that she will turn 30 in four years; given that she is from 2049, this indicates that she was born in 2023.
  • A group of Godspeed clones lure Bart to Zauriel Cathedral, which is later seen in August Heart's mindscape as the location of his personal sanctum. In the DC comics, Zauriel is a former angel who became a superhero on Earth, becoming a member of the Justice League and Shadowpact. He debuted in JLA #6.
  • Keiynan Lonsdale was asked to reprise his role as Wally West in this episode and "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" but was unable due to a scheduling conflict.[1]


  • Rick D. Wasserman was once again credited as "Prisoner Godspeed", despite the fact that he did not voice that Godspeed in this episode.