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"Heart of the Matter, Part 2" is the eighteenth and final episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-fifty-first episode overall. It aired on July 20, 2021. It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.



The episode opens with Bart still unconscious while Nora is stressed and upset at both her sibling's situation, and the whole situation they are dealing with. Caitlin attempts to console her, yet can't.

On the bridge into Central City, Joe and Kramer escape their vehicle as the Godspeed clone battle escalates.

Inside August's brain, Barry stands up to him concerning what he needs, and after playing with Barry for a bit, August reveals that what he needs is natural speed. August considers himself to be the God of Speed and the only one deserving of it. In the event that Barry doesn't give him natural speed - instead of the artificial speed he has now - he will annihilate Central City and the world. He additionally reveals that his present memory loss is a side effect of fracturing himself through time. Barry declines to give him the Natural Speed Force.

Barry explains to everybody what August needs. Nora believes that they need to give him organic speed, but Barry disagrees. Jay and Barry begin work on a plan.

Cecile talks with August (who still doesn't have his memory but understands he is a monster) who is distressed. She reveals to him that trouble makers don't feel this sort of regret and perhaps what's to come isn't settled forever. Chester finds Allegra and gives her a heartfelt speech about loss.

Barry's plan is to get Speed Force Nora. She gives them each a boost of speed - including Iris, as she still has a spark of Speed Force. She brings Bart back also. Bart has a moment with Jay, calling him Uncle Jay.

Back on the bridge, Joe and Kramer attempt to save people in their cars when a Godspeed clone attacks Joe. Unexpectedly, Kramer speeds him away, saving his life much to both of their astonishment, however Kramer dies when they are safe.

The gathered group of speedsters face the Godspeed clones in an epic fight. It begins well, however the Godspeed clones unexpectedly begin to re-energize, depleting Speed Force Nora and the others. She leaves, yet Allegra appears with the S.E.E., super charging it. The clones are down, yet the machine is seared and more clones are coming. Back at STAR Labs, Nora makes one more request to simply give August natural speed.

Barry and Iris finally agree to do it. August says he will attempt to return not a an evil person. The exchange is effective, however August returns as the villain he is. Barry demands that the kids remain at S.T.A.R. regardless of what occurs as he and Iris have a plan then hurries after Godspeed. Godspeed recalls his clones and plans now to kill The Flash.

Godspeed vs Barry and Thawne

Flash and Reverse-Flash vs Godspeed.

The Flash and Godspeed fight. Meanwhile, Iris acts as an anchor for Speed Force Nora. Things look grim and Bart attempts to help, yet Jay stops him and gives him some insight, keeping him there. Similarly as Godspeed goes to kill The Flash, another speedster suddenly appears - Reverse Flash. The two adversaries are collaborating to bring down Godspeed. After an impressive fight, Reverse-Flash wounds Godspeed, almost killing him. With Godspeed incapacitated, Thawne turns on Barry and attempts to kill him. However he is shocked to find that Barry is currently much quicker than he is. A disappointed Thawne races off claiming to get quicker so he can overcome him.

With the war over, Iris clarifies that Speed Force Nora tapped in to the Negative Speed Force to bring Thawne into the fight because Thawne couldn't let any other person kill Barry. Godspeed is now in Iron Heights, with his memory of Barry being the Flash removed. Barry asks Iris to renew their wedding vows, as they never got the wedding they wanted.

Kramer meets Joe West and confirms to him that she is a meta-human and that her powers consist on copying the powers of another meta-humans in near her. Adam was right, she should have died in the Army assault, yet she was near his undying powers, which saved her. Since she was close to Godspeed speedsters on the bridge, she became one to save Joe. Acknowledging what her actions have caused, she revealed she has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from the CCPD to reflect on her campaign against meta-humans. Joe tells her she could call him Joe instead of Detective West.

Barry and Iris renew their vows

Cisco ministering Barry and Iris renewing their vows.

Later, Team Flash - including Bart, Nora, Jay, and Joan - meet at the West house for Barry and Iris' vow renewal. Frost has some reluctance to enter due to her bad experiences with the Nazi Invasion and remembering that Mark Blaine abandoned her, but still enters with Caitlin. Cisco was the minister until he makes a last minute change and turns it over to Bart. Despite the intent to make the event simple, Bart sings "1949" for his parents. After Cisco hears Barry and Iris' vows, Barry uses flashtime to feel his kiss to Iris more passionately.



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  • Rick D. Wasserman was once again credited as "Prisoner Godspeed", despite the fact that he did not voice that Godspeed in this episode.