"Try Our Other Delicious Dishes!"
—Brand slogan[src]

Hearty Cuisine Chicken Dinner is a brand of microwave meal based on chicken. It was bought by John Constantine for the wake of Lannis Cadogan in the town of Heddwich.


According to what's written on the box, Hearty Cuisine Chicken Dinner is a meal made with white meat chicken, its net weight is 245g, among them only 8g of protein. The box displays a warning for people allergic to certain ingredients, particularly wheat and eggs. The chicken should be kept frozen and cooked thoroughly in a microwave.[1]


While investigating the supernatural murder of Lannis Cadogan in the town of Heddwich, John Constantine had to visit a wake commemorating Lannis's memory, with the tradition requiring every attendee to bring a meal with them. John bought "Hearty Cuisine Chicken Dinner" and brought it to the gathering, deciding to ditch the box stating that the chicken is microwaved food at the last minute before entering.[1]




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