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The heat gun was a handheld flamethrower-like weapon primarily used by Mick Rory. It was disabled and/or broken multiple times in its operation, but subsequently repaired.


The weapon, along with the Cold Gun, was given by Basil Nurblin to Leonard Snart, who subsequently gave it to Mick Rory.[1]

Heat Gun design analysis

Cisco Ramon analyzing the Heat Gun's functions.

Rory used it in his partnership with Snart, first firing it wildly at the Central City Police who had anti-cold shielding in the form of compressed heating ribbons in their ballistic shields, then against The Flash himself. Ultimately, it was disabled by "crossing streams" with the Cold Gun, with their respective "absolute hot" and "absolute cold" canceling each other out and disabling both guns, resulting in both weapons being taken into the custody of Cisco Ramon at S.T.A.R. Labs.[2]

After Cisco was captured by the Rogues, they force him to make a new Heat Gun for Mick, to replace the one that was taken from him, under the threat of the death of Cisco's brother Dante.[3]

Mick had the Heat Gun with him when he was recruited as part of Rip Hunter's team,[4] using it as his primary weapon on their various missions throughout time. Mick didn't have it on him when Snart marooned him for being a liability to the team, so the gun was presumably kept by the team on the Waverider.[5] After Mick, as Chronos, was captured by the team and reformed, he again started using the Heat Gun as his primary weapon as he was subsequently seen using it to save a younger Sara Lance in 2007 from The Pilgrim.[6] When the team went after Vandal Savage in 2166, Kendra enlisted the help of Mick and his heat gun to melt her bracelet to coat the head of Carter's mace with the bracelet's Nth metal.[7] The flamethrower was later used to kill Vandal Savage in 1958 since the Thanagarian meteorite's radiation had neutralized Savage's immortality, allowing Mick to incinerate him to death.

The weapon was broken by Sara when she was controlled by Mallus. Later, Mick repaired and continued to use the Heat Gun along with the Fire Totem, as he is seen using it against Grodd.[8]

In December 2019, a similar gun was used by another Mick Rory during the Anti-Monitor Crisis; it can also emit 'flames'.[9]



"It might not look like much, but never judge a book by its cover, y'know. Fires highly-concentrated, combustible liquid fuel that ignites on contact with the air."
—Basil Nurblin tells Snart about the Heat Gun
  • Flame stream: When fired, the heat gun increases the temperature of the air dramatically, like some sort of "extreme heat wave", which effects are equal to a giant flamethrower. Cisco initially claimed this wave achieves "absolute hot", or the Planck temperature (1.417 × 1032 K). However, this statement is contradicted several times later on, including by Cisco himself who explicitly mentions that the 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit fire blast from Eric Frye was "ten times hotter than the output of Rory's Heat Gun".[10] When activated, certain lights on it turn red, in contrast to the Cold Gun's blue. The Heat Gun can burn almost anything with its fiery blast, while it is also able to cause an explosive blast capable of blowing up a truck in one shot, as seen when he attacked Baron Krueger's caravan with it.
    • Concussive blast: The weapon appears to have been upgraded over Mick's travels with the Legends, as it can knock someone down without any major burns to them, which it has done on several occasions.


  • Electromagnetic pulse: An EMP could short out the Heat Gun and render it powerless until repaired.
  • Cold gun: If the Heat Gun crosses beams with that of the Cold gun; both weapons will temporarily be disabled.

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  • Snart had Rory memorize the design of the heat gun, so that he could repair it if was ever damaged.
  • The maximum temperature of the heat gun's stream is inconsistent over the series. It was initially said by Cisco to be "absolute hot", or the Planck temperature (1.417 × 1032 K). However, later on, Cisco explicitly mentions that the 6,000 °F fire blast from Eric Frye's powers was "ten times hotter than the output of Rory's Heat Gun".[10]