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"Though I would be shocked if his novel wasn't sexist and derivative."
"It is."
Ava Sharpe and Mick Rory[src]

Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey, simply known as Heatwaves, is a science-fiction romance book written by Mick Rory.


The novel is written under the pen name Rebecca Silver.[1]


  • Buck, a man from a world that was destroyed.
  • Garima, Queen of Thanzanon.
  • Villain, stalking Garima.
  • Garima's sister


  • Dartayus
    • Bay


As the twin suns of Dartayus set on the horizon, her heaving bosom undulated like the soothing waves of the bay. Buck swept her into his musky embrace. Buck wrapped his glistening biceps around his busty alien queen, he'd lost his planet, but found his home.[2]


Garima was as strong as she was stunning, and with her by his side, Buck had at last vanquished his true enemy; fear.

The End.[1]


Mick had apparently been sneaking off to write this novel. During a simulated time loop, Zari Tomaz, with the assistance of Nate Heywood, found a draft of his novel and read the entire manuscript. Upon waking from Gideon's time loop, Zari confronted Mick about his novel and showed her appreciation, but suggested that the main character Buck should've embraced the new family he created for himself, to which Mick rewrote it with a happier ending.

Mick keeps his manuscript hidden and uses several traps to keep it safe.

  • He has a bear trap on the floor.
  • He has the box it's kept in electrified.
  • The box the manuscript is in has a four-digit security code in it, 2760.
  • The typewriter shoots ink out at an intruder.[2]

During the next few months, Mick continued working on his novel, although only Zari remained to have knowledge of his novel, until eventually getting writer's block. During his encounter with Brigid's diary, which required a person with a creative mind, Mick revealed himself to be a writer and wrote in it a new ending to Ishirō Honda's story with his novel's character, Garima. He eventually overcame his writer's block and finished his book.[3]

A while after that, during dinner with Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe, he and Ava discussed his novel, the latter insulting it without even reading the story.[4]

While healing from the cut "Mike the Spike" inflicted on her, Ava began reading Heatwaves and was on the last chapter of the novel when Mick entered the med bay. Although Ava remarked on his female characters to be shallow and libidinous, to Mick's surprise, she also admitted that it was fun to read. Ava praised Mick and asked him about the author's name, Rebecca Silver, his pen name, as what he also did with Uncaged Desire.[5] Ava then asked about the couple making love on the sun, to which Mick confirmed that it was, in fact, just a metaphor.[1]


  • Zari liked Mick's unread draft, but wished he'd given Buck a happy ending.
    • Zari also called his books extremely pornographic.
  • Sara Lance has read the book as a member of Book Club.
  • Ava Sharpe initally disregarded the books but came around to it after reading it.
  • Mona Wu is a huge fan of Rebeeca Silver and loved the book.
  • Nora Darhk has read the book when she was in prison and talked about it with Mona.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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  • The title Heatwaves is a reference to Mick Rory's alter ego, Heatwave.
  • It is Mona Wu's favorite Rebecca Silver book.[6]
  • It's clear that the main character "Buck" is an author surrogate for Mick himself, an outcast finding "home" in faraway space travels.

Behind the scenes

  • The planet in the book has twin suns, similar to the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars.
  • The novel's tagline "In space, no one can hear you moan"[8] is a reference to the famous tagline of Alien.
  • Dartayus is a planet in the Negative Zone in Marvel comics continuity.