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"The only reason you could do what you did is because there's a darkness spreading everywhere, even to lonesome little backwaters like Heddwich."
John Constantine to Lannis Cadogan's wife.[src]

Heddwich is a mining town in Pennsylvania, United States.




Heddwich's landscape

Heddwich's landscape.

Formed in Pennsylvania as a Welsh coal mining town, prior to 2009 Heddwich was described as a "dead city", until NorPenn Mining Company re-opened the coal mines which were previously closed due to unknown circumstances.

In 2014 miners started hearing the sounds and notice other suspicious activities caused by Coblynau, culminating with Lannis Cadogan burning in his shower—an instance which attracted John Constantine in town, additionally to map done by Liv Aberdine signaling paranormal activity in the area. Arriving in town Constantine was present at Cadogan's funeral where he bumped into Zed Martin, town's resident who was dreaming about him.

Investigating the case Constantine eventually revealed that Coblynau were controlled by late Lannis's wife through Gypsy magic, additionally empowered by Rising Darkness, but not until a few additional people were killed as well.[1]

Known individuals[]


Former residents[]





  • The town was first seen technically in the last scene of "Non Est Asylum" which depicted Zed Martin surrounded by drawings of John Constantine while also working on one.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Heddwich's name might be derived from Welsh word Hedd (pronounced Heth), which means "Peace". A flag of Wales could be seen hanging in Sully's Tavern signifying Wales influences and dragon was also described as town's symbol.