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Hedy Lamarr was a film actress and inventor known for developing the technology that would later be incorporated into wireless communication devices.


In 1937, Hedy was preparing to launch her American film career when a time-displaced Helen of Troy inadvertently replaced her because of her beauty. Disappointed that opportunities for acting roles were taken away from her, Hedy decided to give up on acting and returned to work as a a telephone operator. After Gideon, the Waverider A.I. system, got goofy the Legends deduced that since Hedy Lamarr was not, at this point and never followed her destined path as actress/inventor the mechanical advances that made Gideon didn't exist.

Martin Stein, despite being stuck in Jax's body, volunteered to help find Hedy an acting line of work and leaves the Waverider to do as such. Visiting Hedy at her call community work, Stein convinces her to converse with a film official and on out of the structure, they run into Damien and Nora Darhk, who leaves them both speechless.

In the wake of discovering Jax and Stein have exchanged bodies, Damien released Stein and Hedy since he started giggling. Damien and Nora tracked Stein and Hedy down and starts stifling Stein when the remainder of the Legends appeared.

Nora overwhelmed Sara Lance while Hedy persuaded Jax and Stein to converge into Firestorm to prevent Nora from executing Sara and get back to her own bodies. Firestorm saved Sara and was ready to stop Damien and Nora but the two transported away from the scene.

Afterward, Hedy approached Stein after he's back in his own body, informing him she had landed her next gig. Before they left, Jax advised Hedy to get a patent for the Frequency-Hopping (or Spread-Spectrum) she's working on. Hedy gave them both a kiss goodbye on the cheek, joking to Stein she has always preferred older men.[1]


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Season 3


  • Hedy Lamarr was one of two actresses, the other being Jean Harlow, from the 1940s that Bob Kane based the character of Selina Kyle/Catwoman on.
  • In addition to being an actress, Lamarr is also known for inventing Frequency-Hopping (or Spread-Spectrum), the technology used in smartphones and Bluetooth devices.
    • She worked briefly as a telephone operator before starting her acting career, which allowed her to patent Spread Spectrum and led the invention of (among other things) the cell phone.