"Heir to the Demon" is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Arrow, and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 5, 2014.


As Laurel continues to unravel, Oliver and Lance try to convince Sara to stay in Starling City and finally reunite with Laurel and Dinah. However, Sara's fellow League of Assassins member, Nyssa, comes to bring Sara back to the fold, but when Sara refuses, Nyssa kidnaps Dinah. Realizing she's putting her family in danger by staying in town, Sara considers re-joining the league.[1]


The episode begins with a woman at an airport going through security. While her credentials are being checked, an A.R.G.U.S. security threat alert pops up on the computer screen. Another guard appears behind the woman, ordering her to put her hands in the air. Complying, she does so, only to instantly disarm him and take down the other security personnel who attack her.

In Queen Consolidated, Moira, with Oliver, Thea, and Walter, is being introduced to what is going to happen now that she is starting a mayoral campaign against Sebastian Blood. In another room, Felicity approaches Walter and states that Tempest had made a monetary withdrawal into Starling National Bank. Walter says he will ask Moira about it, and thanks Felicity for bringing it to his attention. Mark Francis approaches Oliver and says that he will need to withdraw his support from Sebastian, to which Oliver says he will tell him. Oliver then receives a call from Quentin Lance.

Oliver arrives at a hospital room where Laurel, Quentin, and Dinah are in. Laurel refutes her father's belief in that she overdosed, but that she merely fell unconscious. A nurse comes in and states that they need to check Laurel's eye, as there could be some hemorrhaging from her hitting her head when she passed out. As Oliver departs, he kisses Laurel on the cheek, and a briefly glances into her "damaged" eye (and seeing a yellowish reflection in the pupil). As they depart, Laurel holds Quentin back, and tells him that she vividly saw Sara, even though she espouses that she was only hallucinating.

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver comes in to see Sara is doing pull-ups on the salmon ladder as Felicity and Diggle watch. Felicity mentions to Oliver that Sara has been doing that for an hour. Oliver states to Sara that she saved Laurel's life. She asks how he found her, to which he replies that he would never lose her again. She then says that she has to leave, as the League of Assassins will be coming after her. Oliver tells that her family needs her, including him. He then asks that Felicity retrieve Laurel's blood work from the hospital.

Back in the present, Quentin is sitting at a diner, and Sara arrives. Sara hugs him and he asks her to stay for a cup of tea. Quentin tells her that she just can't keep popping up every time one of her family is in trouble, as it's not the way to live, and that she needs to face things. Sara hugs him, and then walks out.

While walking down an alley, Oliver watches her leave, and is surprised when Nyssa appears from the roof. She walks towards Sara with a dagger in her hand. Oliver steadies his bow, prepared to shoot. When Nyssa is close to Sara, she surprisingly kisses her. Oliver lowers his bow, in shock. Nyssa then breaks the kiss and mentions Sara's "boyfriend". Nyssa mentions her desire to bring Sara "home" to the League of Assassins, but the Arrow won't hear of it. Sara takes him aside and tells him to trust her.

Felicity pays Moira a visit to talk about Tempest. She traced a payment on Tempest to Dr. Gill, who delivered Thea, and has figured out that Malcolm is Thea's father. Moira tries to emotionally manipulate Felicity, pushing her not to tell Oliver this information because he will hate her for it. She says "we all have to keep secrets".

Sara tells Nyssa she had to make sure her family was safe and says she doesn't think she go back to the killing. Nyssa reminds her she swore an oath and mentions that she saved Sara's life. They discuss their romantic feelings. Sara wants Nyssa to ask her father for her release. Sara says "do what you have to", but Nyssa leaves peacefully.

Oliver is in the Arrow headquarter freaking out about Sara. Sara then mentions her trying to leave town. Diggle shows up and tells everybody that Laurel had snake venom in her blood, but no drugs. Oliver thinks Nyssa did it to bring Sara back to town.

At the hospital, Dinah leaves a sleeping Laurel to get water when somebody grabs her from behind and throws her into a van driven by Nyssa. Sara and the Arrow follow closely behind on his motorcycle. Sara jumps on top of the van but is knocked off by Nyssa, who gets away.

Sara calls her father and he meets her and the Arrow. Sara tells Quentin what happened with her mother and Nyssa. Sara thinks Nyssa wants her back romantically. Nyssa calls Sara and gives her one-day to return. Oliver vows to find Dinah. Felicity discovers the venom had to be acquired locally from the zoo. They learn that it had been stolen. They are able to track down a license plate which may be connected to Nyssa.

Sebastian calls Oliver and tells him he understands why he's pulling his support. Moira and Sebastian meet and he warns her to get out of the race. He says he doesn't like the idea of destroying his friend's mother.

Quentin asks Sara where she met the Arrow. She doesn't give him a straight answer, claiming vigilante club. An assassin shows up. The Arrow, Sara and Quentin take him out, but he quickly kills himself with a poison.

Before Moira's campaign event, Oliver, sensing something is going on with Felicity, asks what's wrong. She reveals her father abandoned her while she doesn't get along with her mother, and is scared of losing Oliver too. Oliver assures her that won't happen and asks her to tell him what is bothering her. Felicity says she knows something about his family.

Nyssa calls Sara. Sara tells Nyssa if she lets her mother go she'll return with her. Nyssa says that it was the right thing for them both. Sara is standing at her grave, looking at a vial of poison.

Quentin tells Laurel he needs to tell her something about her sister. Just then Sara calls and says she's found her mother and needs his help, they also can use parental control. She tells him not to tell the Arrow. Quentin leaves without telling Laurel anything.

Walter brings Oliver to the stage. It appears Felicity has just told him the truth. Oliver seems shaken and his intro starts out slowly and emotional. He whispers "I know" to his mother as he hands her the stage.

Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle return to the Arrowcave and finds the poison missing. Oliver thinks if Sara kills Ra's al Ghul's daughter they'll all be in trouble.

Quentin rushes in to rescue his wife. Sara walks in behind him and her mother is beside herself. Sara tells her she has to go and tells her father and mother to leave. Sara begins to walk forward and stumbles to the ground. She has poisoned herself and collapses in Nyssa's arms. She tells Nyssa she can't take the killing anymore. Quentin rushes in and asks for paramedics. He pulls a gun on Nyssa but is quickly dispatched. The Arrow shows up and goes arrow-for-arrow with Nyssa. They go back and forth with the Arrow claiming to be able to save her. However Nyssa continues to fight him. but eventually the Arrow gets her in a headlock. Sara stumbles over and tells him not to kill Nyssa. The Arrow rushes to her as he gives her a treatment. She pops up, seemingly saved. Sara begs Nyssa for "no more killing". Nyssa responds with "In the name of Ra's al Ghul, I release you".

Nyssa and The Arrow then soon vanish as the police, Quentin and Dinah then soon arrive where they embrace Sara, overjoyed that she is okay. Unbeknownst to them, Laurel is watching from a short distance and is shocked to see that her sister is alive.

Oliver confronts his mother about the truth, furious that she lied to him and Thea again and even tried to threaten Felicity. Moira insists she did so to protect Thea from Malcolm but Oliver responds that lies are what she is and now, she's made him a liar. Oliver states Thea can never find out about her parentage and tells her, "Privately, you and I are done".

At Laurel's apartment, Quentin and Dinah warmly embrace Sara, but Laurel is furious with her sister. She blames Sara for everything that's gone wrong in their family, stating Sara got on the Queen's Gambit with her (Laurel's) boyfriend, didn't bother to at least contact her family to let them know she was alive even though it could've saved their parents' marriage, and brought an assassin back home with her who nearly killed Laurel and their mother. Laurel accuses Sara of stealing the former's life away from her and demands that she leave. Sara tearfully apologizes but Laurel throws a glass of wine at her sister, screaming for her to get out.

Slade warns Sebastian not to underestimate Moira and tells him that he'll take care of the situation with her.

Sara goes to the Arrowcave and finds Oliver training. He notices that Sara has been crying and she reveals Laurel isn't happy to see her. Oliver advises her to just give Laurel some time. When Sara asks what's wrong with him, Oliver says his mother isn't who he thought she is without going into detail. As the two wonder what's next, Sara tells Oliver she knows for certain she's home now. They passionately kiss.

In a flashback from six years ago, Quentin is on the phone with Hilton on a work-related matter while cooking lunch. Dinah cheerfully urges him to hang up and spend time with his family. Laurel discusses applying to law school with her parents. Sara then arrives from college for a three-day weekend and is warmly greeted by her family. As they prepare to eat, Sara quickly texts Oliver that she has arrived home. That night, Sara and Laurel talk. Laurel reveals she and Oliver are looking at apartments and believes a marriage is around the corner. Sara warns her about the possibility Oliver may not be ready to settle down, which outrages Laurel and the sisters get into an argument. Sara storm off and then texts Oliver, agreeing to meet him at the docks where Queen's Gambit will depart. A few days later, Laurel laments to her father her struggle in apartment hunting for herself and Oliver and they reflect on Quentin moving in with and ultimately marrying Dinah. A news report then broadcasts that the Queen's Gambit is missing. Laurel breaks down in tears as Quentin tries to comfort her. Later, Moira arrives and informs Quentin and Laurel that Sara was on the yacht with Oliver.


Preparation ran from November 18 until November 26, 2013. Shooting ran from November 27 until December 10, 2013.[2]


  • The episode's title explicitly refers to Nyssa, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. However, it also discreetly refers to the idea that Thea is also an "heir to the demon", the "demon" specifically being Malcolm.
  • When talking to Oliver about her past, Felicity implies she has a strained relationship with her mother, which was confirmed in the Season 3 episode "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak".

Behind the scenes

  • Colton Haynes was said to have filmed a fight scene with Katrina Law, though it was ultimately cut.[3] This was from a deleted scene in which Oliver tells Roy to go to the hospital to watch over Laurel. There, Roy witnesses Nyssa kidnapping Dinah and faces off against her, though ultimately loses.




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