"Well, Helix is a worldwide operation. Kinda like the UN if it actually accomplished things."

Helix is a group of hackers founded by Cayden James. They supplied Felicity Smoak with a huge data bank that included the files she needed to get John Diggle out of military prison and blackmail that she used against a Bratva member to gain information about the phone of General Walker in order to track him down in Russia. They also helped get proof that Adrian Chase is Prometheus.

After rescuing Cayden James with Felicity's help, they realized that having her in the group was a liability, as she was connected to Team Arrow. Thus, they have relocated to a different location, but not without leaving Felicity a parting gift as a means of thanks.

Following the death of Cayden James at the hands of Ricardo Diaz, the organization's status remains unknown.


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  • In DC Comics, there are two organizations known as Helix, but neither of them resembles the hacktivist group depicted in Arrow.
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