Hell, also known as the Underworld[1] and Sheol[2], is an inter-dimensional location where Demons and Fallen Angels reside. It is also where the souls of damned humans are sent upon death and are tortured by the other demons for the rest of eternity. Furcifer implies that some souls who are sent to Hell can become demons as well. Hell is also extremely hot, according to John Constantine.


Pathway to Hell

Pathway to Hell, opened by the Devil's Acetate

After Astra Logue was possessed by a demon, John Constantine attempted to summon a greater demon, Nergal, to expel the lesser demon out of her. However, Nergal dragged her away, killing and damning her to Hell.[3]

When John Constantine turned the Devil's acetate dark magic upon itself and banished it back to Hell, a great red-lit pathway downwards into the ground was left in wake of the acetate's "falling" into Hell.[4]

John Constantine was somehow sent to Hell, sometime between late 2015 and early 2016.[5] He finally got out around May of 2016.

On Earth-19, specifically, the world Breacher hails from, Hell is primarily called "Sheol".[2]

In 2018, John Constantine and the Legends began utilizing a spell that sent magical creatures they encountered to Hell. These beings were formerly kept in an extra-dimensional prison alongside the demon Mallus. Notable beings that the Legends have encountered and sent to Hell include Unicorns and the Fairy Godmother.



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Behind the scenes

  • Scenes presumably happening in Hell are used in the intro for Constantine.


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