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"Sara? Is it possible that our fugitive killer is a possessed doll?"
"Horror movie 101."
Ray Palmer and Sara Lance

"Hell No, Dolly!" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-eighth episode overall. It aired on December 3, 2018.




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"Hell No, Dolly!" begins with a shot of Constantine having dreams of a man he's met. He's out of nowhere woken up by Charlie and we see that the two are drinking on the Waverider.

In the kitchen, Ray divulges that he's grown a mustache after receiving a letter from Nora saying she loves mustaches. As Ray examines a cereal box with trivia on serial killers, he comes across a notorious serial killer, Marie Laveau, who Ava has never heard of. After checking with Gideon, she reveals that there is a fugitive responsible for a string of murders in New Orleans 1856, so the Legends travel there to try and apprehend the perpetrator.

Upon arriving in New Orleans, Constantine starts experiencing hallucinations due to the familiarity of the environment. Constantine then goes down one of the side avenues where he comes across a man who gases him unconscious. Constantine is brought before Marie Laveau herself, a powerful a mystic, who interrogates him on why he is in possession of one of her talismans. Marie decides to check Constantine's memories to divulge the truth and learns that her descendant, Desmond, willingly gave the talisman to him due to being his lover. Marie then instructs Constantine to rescue her descendant, before also informing the Legends of a dybbuk being responsible for the killings.

Meanwhile, Sara, Ray, Ava, and Mick attend an evening gathering on one of the would-be victims, hoping to catch the killer and marking out one of different casualties, attempting to get a brief look at the future aggressor. Ray tails a suspect, before being drawn to the attention of a young girl crying. He goes into a room and the young girl makes reference to that the doll she's holding is going to murder her mother. As Ray's taking a gander at the doll, another doll sneaks up behind him and takes him out with a scoop.

At that point, Laveau educates Zari that the anachronism is an abhorrent soul, and she transfers that data to the remainder of the group. Sara busts in to discover Ray oblivious, and the doll jumps at her with a blade. She stops it and Mick burns it with his heat gun.

Constantine offers to give Charlie her powers back in the event that she ventures out with him to ensure he doesn't meet his sweetheart. Laveau requested him to spare her kinfolk in return for help in 1856.

Sara and Ava return the doll to the Waverider and chain it up. As they leave the room, we see the doll close its hand.

Constantine and Charlie head back to 1856, but Constantine, despite everything, has dreams, demonstrating that their plan fizzled. They try returning to 2018, but Zari restricts them, believing they're looking for trouble. Back on the Waverider, Constantine discloses to the two that they have to prevent him from meeting Desmond in light of the fact that after they meet, an evil presence named Neron begins following Constantine.

At the Time Bureau, Mona discovers that the kaupe they're holding has been harmed by a kindred operator and she begins taking a liking to him. The taupe pushes Mona aside since he smells specialists coming. The operators remove him.

A translucent being exits out of the doll's mouth. The soul drifts by Zari, who doesn't see it and it passes Ray in the lobby, who likewise doesn't see it. The soul sneaks into one of the boxes.

Sara makes a dish for supper, welcoming Ava and Mick together to try reviving their friendship. Their supper self-destructs when the two continue battling, inevitably overflowing when Mick says something about Ava being a clone. Sara and Ava notice some unfilled flour and see little strides, demonstrating that the doll is alive again.

Constantine comes back to 2018 and reveals that Neron isn't the person who sent Desmond to Hell. Or maybe, Constantine had to do it under coercion.

Ava and Mick go over to the dybbuk, which has taken over the ventriloquist doll of Professor Stein. The doll threatens Ava when Mick stops him, but gets away.

Mona attempts to spare the Kaupe, but she somehow figures out how to stop time as well, freezing everyone.


Preparation ran from September 5 until September 18, 2018. Shooting ran from September 14 until September 26, 2018.[1]


  • This is the first episode not to feature Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) after signing on as a series regular.
  • The episode's title is a reference to the musical Hello, Dolly!.
  • A Sailor Doll is seen attacking one of the Legends with a knife which is a reference to serial killer doll named Chucky.
    • Sara refers to it by saying "I think we may have a Chucky situation here", when she means that the Dybbuk is in a doll. She also refers to it again later, saying "One thing I learned from the Chucky movies is the doll always comes back".
    • The sailor outfit could also be a reference to Robert the Doll, a haunted doll which was also an inspiration for the Child's Play series.
    • In Jewish mythology, a dybbuk is a malicious possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It supposedly leaves the host body once it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped.
  • The Emmy-nominated portrayal of Marie Laveau by actress Angela Bassett that Gideon mentions is a reference to Bassett's role as Marie Laveau in American Horror Story.
  • A running gag of Ray's mustache being half-removed and grown back parodies former Superman actor Henry Cavill who was sporting one for his role in Mission Impossible: Fallout while filming the Justice League re-shoots before it was digitally removed in the editing process.
  • The name of the demon hounding Constantine is revealed to be Neron who first appeared in Underworld Unleashed #1 in 1995; Neron is one of the more infamous players in DC Comics' cosmology. A demon-lord who can't resist making Faustian bargains with mortals, Neron once tried to take over the universe by gathering a mass quantity of souls, which are the currency of Hell and the source of his power. Neron approached numerous super-villains, then numerous superheroes, offering them their hearts' desire in exchange for their souls, all while plotting a way to acquire the purest soul on Earth - an object that would make Neron all-powerful. Though his scheme was ultimately thwarted, Neron has remained a power to be reckoned with in the DC Universe, always ready to make a deal with anyone desperate enough to seek his help and pay his price.
  • Nate is not seen during the temporal explosion caused by Constantine, but the promo for the next episode shows him as a prime victim of the new timeline.
  • Before the start of the season, Mona was originally promoted as having wolf-like powers, but this might still take place because of her injury from Konane.
  • Marie seems less knowledgeable about magic than John, who is always correct about how it works.
  • At 7:33 Ray says "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" ("Let the good times roll!") which is often heard in New Orleans.


  • Ava mentions that she has a hobby of reading about serial killers, and when asked about the quiz on the box of Big Easy O's cereal (Who is the most prolific serial killer in the United States?), Ava says that the correct answer is Ted Bundy, but that in her opinion, John Wayne Gacy had more victims than he confessed. In reality however, John Wayne Gacy (with 33+ victims) had more confirmed victims than Ted Bundy (who confessed to 30 killings, though his total body count is unknown).
    • Furthermore, in real life, at the time that this episode first aired, Gary Ridgway (who wasn't listed as an option in the quiz, and has been convicted of 49 murders but confessed to 71 killings) was credited as the most prolific serial killer in the United States. That title later went to Samuel Little, though he hasn't been convicted of all the murders he's suspected to have committed (having been convicted of 60 killings, but claims to have killed 93 victims, though he's suspected to be linked to more).
  • When Gideon briefs the team about the changes to the timeline, Sara has just one hand on her coffee mug. In the next shot, the mug is in both hands.