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"My name is Wells, Harrison Wells. You can call me Hells Wells. They call me that 'cause of my past. I won't get into it with you now right and proper."
—Hells Wells on his nickname[src]

Harrison "Hells" Wells was an individual from an unidentified Earth.


Due to unknown events, Harrison Wells earned the nickname "Hells Wells".

In late 2016, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, and Harry Wells put out an equation to all of the multiverse in order to find another Harrison Wells who could join Team Flash. Hells Wells was smart enough to figure out the equation and submitted a holographic interview, but was quickly rejected by Harry.[1]


Hells Wells had his own secrets to hide, deciding not to tell Team Flash of his past. He also had poor manners, deciding not to re-create the hologram recording to Earth-1, despite burping during the recording because of his bad stomach. His hobby that he described to Team Flash was hauling wagons. Wells wanted to keep in touch with the team from another Earth.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Enhanced strength: Hells was strong enough to haul whole wagons, which ended up being his hobby.[1]


  • Genius level intellect: Hells was one of only a few individuals in the multiverse intelligent enough to solve an equation that the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 constructed in order to test intelligence.[1]


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