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"There's no way in hell I'm going back there."
—Hendrick Von Arnim to Sara Lance[src]

Hendrick Von Arnim was a prisoner of Anthony Ivo on the Amazo.


Hendrick was a prisoner of Anthony Ivo on the Amazo. When Oliver Queen was taken back to a cell on the ship in 2009, he and a number of others were there. Hendrick despised Oliver for befriending Sara Lance, due to her involvement with Ivo, and later when they hijacked the ship and set all of the prisoners free, Hendrick attempted to kill Sara because of this, only to be knocked out by Thomas Flynn.[1]

Hendrick soon escaped off of the ship along with the rest of the captives, making it to Lian Yu. Later, Slade Wilson requested him back on the ship to fix the engines, in exchange for Oliver. Hendrick produced a gun to stop his fellow escapees from letting him escape, only for Sara to knock him out as he was about to shoot Anatoly Knyazev. They tied him up in a chair.[2]

Slade took Hendrick, whom Sara had secretly given explosives to. However, Slade detected the explosives thanks to his enhanced senses and got rid of them.[3] Hendrick was (presumably) eventually killed.


Hendrick is seen to be abrasive and very unforgiving. Despite being freed by Sara Lance, he still attempted to strangle her to death during the prisoner riot, as she used to work with Anthony Ivo.[1]



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