Henry is the son of Clair and Daryl.


Early life

Henry was born to Clair and Daryl.[1]


One night, Claire and Daryl were awakened by their son screaming, fearing that someone was in his room. The man tried to approach Henry "manly" despite his wife's displeasure. Nevertheless, they managed to calm the boy, but not long after they heard the scream again. When they ran into the room, Henry admitted that it would be okay from now on and apologized for his behavior, being since then possessed by Marcello Panneti's soul. That same night, much later, Daryl felt uneasy, thinking someone had broken into the house. He tried to check it, but to make matters worse, there was no electricity in the building. Upon entering the kitchen, the man stepped into a pile of bulb glass and then saw Henry, who was actually behind everything. The boy announced that he also felt anxious and decided to check it out. Daryl had suspicions about it, but he was busy pulling the glass from his feet, unable to think rationally.

The next day, Henry was sent home from school by management who suspected he had hurt his peer. Suddenly, John Constantine knocked on the door, claiming to be the new school counselor who intends to solve the whole matter. As he was let into the house as soon as he approached Henry, he unexpectedly showed his parents with the help of a mandrake root that he was not their son. This angered Daryl, who stunned Constantine and then placed him under arrest. Much later it turned out that Claire began to cooperate with the exorcist, seeing a change in her son, and together they expelled Marcell Panneti's soul from his body, restoring everything to normal.[1]


Henry was an ordinary nice and quiet boy, not different from his peers. Everything changed, however, the possession of the soul of Marcello Panneti, who completely took control of his boy's actions, making him a dangerous and aggressive individual, ready to harm others. It was only after Constantine's exorcism that things were back to normal.




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