Henry Goodwin (died 2002)[1] was a corrupt councilman in the Glades.


Robert Queen and Henry Goodwin fight

Henry Goodwin (blue shirt) and Robert Queen argue.

In 2002, Goodwin unsuccessfully tried to solicit a bribe from Robert Queen in exchange for allowing the operation of his shipping factory in the Glades, but Robert refused to comply with his demands. Because of this, the two got into a heated argument which eventually resulted in Goodwin accidentally falling to his death into a vat of concrete.[2] He was reported missing and officially declared deceased a year later.[1]


15 years after his death in May 2017, Goodwin's corpse encased in concrete was unraveled by Adrian Chase, who sent it to Oliver Queen's Mayoral office. Adrian also arranged for Goodwin's lawyer, Darren Coffman, to send Oliver and Thea Queen footage of their father Robert's accidental murder of Goodwin. As a result of the investigation into Goodwin's death, the truth was officially made public.[1]



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