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"These people have stolen my neighborhood, and you're spinning it like I'm the bad guy? I'm the damn hero!"
—Henry Miller to Lois Lane[src]

Henry Miller, also known as Atom-Man, is an arsonist and neo-Nazi who fought Superman during his early years.


Sometime in his life, Henry Miller came to work at USA First Hardware in Lower Metropolis as a sales associate.

Shortly after Superman's debut to the world, Henry Miller began attacking minority-owned businesses and defacing them with Nazi SS symbols, bringing him to the attention of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. He engaged in a confrontation with Lois, to which he attacked her with his flamethrower. However, Superman arrived in time to block the flames, protecting her. Angered by this, Miller reached for his back and tossed two grenades opposite ways, forcing the hero to protect them too, using his heat vision on one grenade and throwing himself in front of another, causing him to be blown back by the blast. Lois then tazed Miller as his guard was down, defeating him.[1]


  • Atom-Man armor: When operating as the arsonist Atom-Man, Miller dons a suit of armor.
    • Flamethrower: Miller utilized a flamethrower as Atom-Man.


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