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"My name is Henry Scott. I am a free man from Trenton, New Jersey."
—Henry Scott introducing himself to the Legends[src]

Henry Scott was a former slave and later a spy for the Union army, working as a dispatch in Mississippi during the Civil War.


Prior to 1863, Henry Scott was a slave. Later as a freed man, he relocated to Trenton, New Jersey.

In 1863, Henry was tasked by General Ulysses S. Grant with infiltrating the Collins Plantation in Mississippi to steal vital Confederate battle plans that were key to winning the American Civil War. He ran into a contingent of Confederate soldiers. Due to the intervention of the Legends, they killed the soldiers chasing him. However, the soldiers had been exposed to a virus from a nearby crash-landed time pirate, so the soldiers reanimated, catching Henry and the Legends off-guard. Though the Legends fended off the zombified soldiers, Henry was stabbed and died while trying to tell Jefferson Jackson his mission orders.[1]

Aberration timeline

In an erased timeline, Henry's mission failed due to his death. As a result, the Union lost the battles of Champion Hill and Vicksburg. The Confederacy subsequently won the Civil War, dividing the United States into two nations.[1]


Jax later took Henry's place and completed his mission, successfully retrieving charts of Confederate troop movements from the Collins Plantation. When asked by General Grant who to thank, Jax identified himself as Henry Scott, preserving his credit in history.

In 1865, a high school was named in Henry Scott's honor for his heroic efforts during the war.[1]


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