"It's Sir Stein to you. It's not every actor who's knighted."
—Henry Stein[src]

Sir Henry Stein is an actor and the leader of the Order of the Shrouded Compass. He is the great-great-grandfather of Martin Stein, and is remembered as an "eccentric" through his family tree.


Henry starred in a production of Richard III at the Crown Theatre. He also received a knighthood, and founded the Order of the Shrouded Compass.[1]

In 1895, Stein helped to secure the body of Damien Darhk and helped gather fresh blood in order to sustain it until the blood red moon had risen so that he could be resurrected. He surprised Nate Heywood and helped to kidnap him, strapping him down in his operating room, before leaving to attend a party. At the party, he introduced the order to Nora Darhk, who he claimed could communicate with the dead. He joined in as Nora supposedly channelled Behrad Tarazi. Not long after, Sir Henry attended the ritual ceremony with the order as they prepared to witness Darhk's resurrection. When the blood moon was at its peak, Darhk was fully resurrected. They were interrupted by the Time Bureau, who attempted to arrest Darhk and Nora, causing a riot. Stein shot at Zari Tomaz, but was stopped by Rip Hunter. He quickly retreated when the Legends arrived to save Hunter and Tomaz.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


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