"I have spent so much time with you guys. You're my family now. You deserve to be happy and if I can be a small part of making that happen, then this will be worth it."
Zari Tomaz to the Legends

"Here I Go Again" is the eleventh episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 19, 2018.


After the team returns from a mission, Zari finds herself trapped in a time loop that results in the Waverider blowing up over and over again. Zari soon begins to suspect that the answer to stop what is happening might lie hidden among her fellow shipmates’ secrets. But in investigating them she starts to understand her place on the team.[src]



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While the rest of the Legends are on a mission, Zari, who was supposed to perform a routine maintenance to Waverider, is attempting to update Gideon with a simulation program unknown from the team, which will allow Gideon to track down loopholes in the timeline. Gideon is trying to convince Zari not to go through with it, fearing it will break her, and the team is not going to be happy about it. Just as Zari activates the program, the team returns, and lights flicker for a moment. Sara immediately asks Zari, what's going on, and has she done the maintenance. Zari is fed up with Sara's attitude, and both women start to argue, with Sara eventually manages to get Zari to confess what she did with Gideon, and learn her place in the ship. Zari storms away angrily to fix the ship, and Sara is also pissed, forcing Ray to step in to make sure Sara doesn't blow over, fearing Mallus will take her over. He falls. As Zari tries to fix the ship, she mutters to herself, that she is not fond of taking orders, especially from someone like Sara. As she tries to fix the circuits, she pulls out a hose, which spills liquid on her. Suddenly, the entire ship explodes.

After the explosion, Zari finds herself going through the same conversation with Sara again. Confused, she goes to fix the ship like Sara ordered, and ray falls again. Fixing the same circuit board, Zari pulls the hose again, but this time the liquid spills away. But the ship explodes again.

Finding herself yet again in the same moment, Zari gets a watch and tries to explain she is stuck in some kind of time loop, in which the ship is going to explode in one hour. As expected, the team doesn't believe her, and Sara orders Mick to take her to the medical bay. She is sedated, and the ship blows again.

The same chain of events takes place multiple times, until Zari finds herself becoming more and more resistant to the sedative. She takes off, little disoriented and runs to Nate. She tries to explain to him she is stuck in a time loop, living the same hour over and over, which Nate compares to the film Groundhog Day. Zari tells him the ship is about to explode, which happens again, but Nate tells her, if she finds herself in the loop again, to find him and say "Groundhog Day".

Another cycle begins, and Zari goes to find Nate in the library. She finds both Nate and Amaya in the library, trying to figure out their relationship. After Amaya leaves, Zari walks in, and says "Hedgehog Day", leaving Nate at first confused, but then realizes she means Groundhog Day. Zari suspects someone in the ship is responsible about the ship exploding, and with Nate's help, they start checking everybody. First, they check on Mick, who is doing his laundry, alone, which is suspicious. They follow him to the canteen, where he uses memory eraser, to get the song "Waterloo", out from his head. Amaya takes it, and Nate goes to check it. But it ends with Nate having sex with her, and the ship goes up in flames again.

Trying again, Zari and Nate check Mick's quarter, as he has some kind of locked container inside, which could hold a bomb. However, their first attempt is stopped as Nate gets stuck in a bear trap. They go again, disabling the trap, but as nate tries to open the container, it releases an electric shock, which kills Nate. Thrid time, Zari uses a code breaker to open the lock. The container opens, and it spills ink on them both. The container holds a typewriter, and they learn Mick is writing a sci-fi romance novel. With Mick and Amaya clear, they will check Ray and Sara next, in the next loop.

Checking on Ray next, he is working in the workshop, and Zari and Nate manage to convince him about the time loop and explosion, and also get him to reveal, why he is so worried about pissing Sara off. They conclude that Sara could have gone mad, and gone all Mallus, causing the explosion. Sara comes to the workshop, and as Zari and Nate hide, Ray gives her tea, and she goes elsewhere. Zari takes Ray and they follow her into the jumpship hangar. Using the Atom suit, Ray shrinks Zari and himself, and they go follow Sara inside the ship. Turns out Sara didn't try to use the ship to escape, rather she does crossword puzzles and privately calls Ava Sharpe, clearly showing Zari and Ray they have a crush on each other. However, as Zari and Ray talk and conclude that not even Sara is the culprit, Sara hears them, and thinks there's a fly inside. Ava tells her to kill it, so that it won't end up in a wrong time. Sara uses the crossword magazine to unknowingly swat Zari and Ray.

Going yet another cycle. Zari goes to Nate, and is tired, as she still can't figure out how to break the loop and stop the ship from exploding. Nate suggests she have fun, after all she has lots of time for it. She goes through several different activities during several cycle's, such as dressing up, practice to play violin, reading Mick's novel, playing pranks on others etc. But when she finally has had enough, she goes to Nate again. They go to the bridge, and Zari starts to cry, and Sara asks what's wrong. Zari claims she wouldn't believe it, but Sara encourages her to try her. She then tells her about the time loop, and that the ship will explode within the hour. Sara decides to believe her, and the team starts checking the ship for a bomb.

Nobody found nothing, even though they checked the whole ship. As they think in the canteen, Mick throws his beer bottle into the trash compactor, but the bottle is thrown out. Realizing they didn't check that, they go to check it out. Inside, they find Gary, and he holds a device, which Mick believes is a bomb, and destroys it. But Gary says that was the device, which causes the time loop, and that now that it's gone, no more loops. He learned that there's a bomb in the ship, but when he tried to warp inside, he got stuck inside the compactor, and couldn't warn the team in time. And with the loop device destroyed, the next explosion is going to be permanent. The team has five minutes to find the bomb.

Gary tracked the signature of the bomb to 1975, which means it was brought on board during the Legends last mission. Realizing it's the music player they brought with them, they check it, with Zari realizing it was the only place she didn't look. The bomb is indeed inside it, believing that Damien Darhk must have planted it. Zari takes the bomb, but instead of trying to disarm it, she locks herself into the captain's quarter, shocking the team. As the team tries to dissuade her, she uses the remaining time to tell each member of the team about her feelings toward them, and encourages each of them to be true to themselves, and especially to Sara, that while she is a pain in the ass, it's because she has to as the captain. Telling them they are her family, she activates her totem, and prepares for the detonation.

As the detonator counts to zero, Zari then finds herself in the bridge, and everything is intact. Wondering what is going on, she encounters Gideon in human form. Gideon reveals that there never really was a bomb in the ship, and the entire time loop incident was all just a simulation made from Zari's program. Gideon reveals, that she ingested hyper fluid, which caused her to fall unconscious, and she was taken to the medbay, where Gideon connected her consciousness into her matrix and created the simulation in order to make Zari get better to know the team, and make her understand, how important she is to the team. Zari thanks Gideon.

Zari wakes up, with Sara and Ray watching over her. As Zari tries to explain what happened, Gideon claims she has no idea what she is talking about. Zari nonetheless manages to prove her claim by making Sara ask Ray, what did Constantine tell Ray about her. Ray confesses, that in the event that Malus possesses Sara, he would have to kill her. Sara agrees. Sara invites Zari to have coffee. While drinking, Zari confesses why she made the simulation program: she was trying to find a way to save her brother, without harming the timeline, and she after her experience she learned that a loopholes would make Sara to find ways to save Laurel from her fate. Sara says that she thinks about Laurel every day, but has come to accept she can do nothing for her, but comes to the idea, that since Zari's brother is in her future, she is open to save him, should they get the chance. Zari encourages Sara to ask Ava out.

Afterwards, Zari goes visits everyone on the ship, and encourages them all resolve there issues without resorting to shortcuts. She tells Nate and Amaya not use the memory eraser, but talk about their feelings, and commends Mick about his novel, but encourages him to change the ending. Finally, Zari goes to see, if she learned to play violin, and she had. As she plays, a montage of the Legends is shown: Nate and Amaya working their relationship, Mick writing the end of his novel, Sara chatting with Ava, and Ray working.

Meanwhile, in Yunnan province 2018, Rip Hunter arrives into a Chinese monastery, where Wally West is meditating. Rip claims Wally was hard to find. Wally asks who he is, and Rip introduces himself and claims he needs his help to save the universe.


  • This episode's title is a reference to the eponymous line "Mamma mia, here I go again" from the ABBA song "Mamma Mia", which is spoken by Zari Tomaz before the second Waverider explosion during the time loop.
    • "Waterloo", another song by ABBA, is referenced in the episode as the song stuck in Mick Rory's head and the eight track of Waterloo contains the bomb in Gideon's simulation.
    • The Legends are dressed like members of ABBA upon returning from the mission in this episode. This is later mentioned in "Swan Thong", which reveals the mission involved Napoleon attempting to kill the Legends for some reason involving ABBA.
  • This is the first episode to feature Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) as a series regular. However, he is billed as a special appearance in the ending credits, presumably to maintain an air of suspense.
  • Nate has Zari reference the 1993 film Groundhog Day in order to explain her time loop predicament to him.
    • The scene where Zari stuffs a donut into her mouth could be a reference to a similar scene in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray's character stuffs cake into his mouth.
  • Ray likens Zari's situation to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect", in which the characters experience a similar time loop leading to the repeated destruction of the USS Enterprise.
  • Zari is shown playing the song Vivaldi's Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, "Winter": Largo, referencing actress Tala Ashe's real-life experience in playing the violin.
  • Amy Pemberton makes an appearance as Gideon in human form. This is the second time she has appeared in person after the second-season episode "Land of the Lost", although she made a pseudo-appearance in a photograph in the third season premiere "Aruba-Con".
  • The beer Mick drinks has a Batman logo.
  • Hawkgirl's helmet is seen in Zari's "fun montage" scene, though Zari adopts a Catwoman-esque pose while wearing it.




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