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"You have any idea what you just did? You ruined their childhood, Clark. I've seen the toll this life's taken on Lois over the years. She never says anything to you, but I know. Now you're going to put the boys through the same hell?"
"This is gonna keep my family together."
"No, Clark, It's going to tear it apart.
Sam Lane and Clark Kent on the boys learning their true heritage.

"Heritage" is the second episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the second episode overall. It aired on March 2, 2021.




Inside the Fortress of Solitude

The Kent family officially moves from Metropolis to the Kent Farm, causing Jonathan Kent not to be a starting quarterback, but to be a trainee at Smallville High School for the position. Making matters worse, Jonathan does not have a copy of the playbook to learn the codes and plays.

Instead of going to normal school as his twin does, Jordan Kent is taken to the Fortress of Solitude where the A.I. named after Jor-El teaches Kryptonian history.

In Moldova, Luthor searches for Kryptonite to keep his ship powered, but fails to find any there. Luthor tells his A.I. that he will not allow what happened on his world to be repeated here.

Jonathan quickly learns that Sean Smith and the other members of the football team do not like him or want him to replace their present quarterback, going so far as to hide the playbook that was sent by Coach Gaines and not supporting Jonathan as he practiced with them.

Meanwhile, Lois Lane researches Morgan Edge and his endeavors in other small towns; she notices that a woman is watching her.

Sam Lane comes to the farm just as Lois takes the twins with her to the town meeting; Sam berates Clark Kent for revealing his secret identity to the children because he feels that it will take a toll on their mental health.

Superman vs Captain Luthor

Superman vs Captain Luthor.

At the town meeting, Morgan Edge arrives and makes promises to the citizens of Smallville that he will bring jobs and money to the town; Lois challenges Edge in front of everyone with her research, so Morgan spins the story to make himself more reputable. Lois writes an article about it for the Daily Planet.

Superman goes to Mongolia to confront Luthor, but when Superman gets the advantage during their fight, Luthor sends his ship to explode in a city. Allowing Luthor to escape, Superman saves the city.

The Kent family goes to a barbecue thrown by the Cushing family; Kyle Cushing debates with Lois about how beneficial Morgan's support could be for Smallville.

Returning to the Fortress, Clark and Jordan learn that Jordan's human physiology cannot handle the solar absorption necessary for Kryptonian powers, highly upsetting the young man. Jonathan is upset because he feels he sacrificed by moving to make Jordan's adjustment to his powers easier, now for nothing. Ultimately, Clark decides that the twins need to go to school together to support one another, as Jordan thanks his brother for being there for him.

Kal-El (Earth-TUD22) uses heat vision

Kal-El/Superman uses his Heat vision

Luthor sends an automaton to warn Sam not to trust Superman as Luthor reminisces about his past; Superman, in a black suit, killed his platoon with his Heat vision as he conquered the world. Superman destroys the automaton, but not before it gives Sam a set of dog-tags.

Lois quits the Daily Planet after Morgan, its owner, edits and rewrites her article. She learns that the woman who was watching her is the owner of the Smallville Gazette; she is impressed with Lois and wants the intrepid reporter to join her. Lois agrees.



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  • It's confirmed Clark named his sons after both his fathers, with Jordan's coming from Jor-El.
  • Jonathan refers to Jordan as "Don Draper". This is a reference to the character, Don Draper, from 'Mad Men'.
  • Lois quits the Daily Planet after Morgan Edge oversteps and covers up the truth about him.
    • In a deleted scene, when Lois walks out of the Daily Planet, she holds a photograph of Kara Danvers and Clark.[1]
  • Jonathan is suffering from the move to Smallville the most; even his grandfather Sam Lane noted its hurting his football career. Thanks to Jordan's blunder, Jonathan gets bullied by Sarah's possessive boyfriend and his football team lackeys.
  • Jordan is confirmed to not be able to fully manifest kryptonian powers; he can suffer "flare ups", but never be able to fully be like Clark. Though it's stated by the AI Jor-El that Jordan and Jon will be slightly more robust than normal humans; confirmed by the previous episode with Jordan's surviving blunt trauma and Jon's athletics.
  • Captain Luthor leaves Clark with the choice of stopping his ship's detonation or stopping him. Lex Luthor made Superman face a similar choice in Superman: The Movie with two missiles as the conflict at hand.