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Hero Galaxy Comics is a comic book store in Wayside Heights.[1]


Hero Galaxy Comics sells new and antique comic books and collectables, as well as books, CD's, and records. The store. also provides a stand of free comic books.[1]

The store has stocked a number of different types of comics, including multiple comics printed by DC, such as Claw the Unconquered, DC Super-Stars of Space, Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion, Jonah Hex Spectacular, Kamandi, and Looney Tunes, as well as other comics such as Aster and Ghost Kid.[1]


At some point prior to 2003, Hero Galaxy Comics opened in Wayside Heights and began providing a free comic book stand.

In 2003, Ryan Wilder visited the store to collect some comic books, where she was kidnapped by Candice Long, who convinced Ryan to look at the comics in her van.[1]

Sometime after 2003, the comic store was renovated, with the store's facade and logo being updated during this time.

In early 2021, Ryan Wilder and Mary Hamilton stopped at the comic store while looking for Kevin Johnson, with Ryan thinking he may have been taken from the store as she was.[1]



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