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"Seems you little ladies have tied your horse to the wrong saloon. This mine is off limits."
"I don't care who owns it. We need to use this pit."
"Well, I'm a-sure we can come to an arrangement.
—Hex and Mia Smoak[src]

Hex is a resident of North Dakota on Earth-18. He is the doppelgänger of the resident of Earth-1, Jonah Hex.


Early life

At some point, Hex came to own a mine in North Dakota.[1]

Meeting strangers

In 2019, he came across Sara Lance and Mia Smoak by a Lazarus Pit. He urged them to leave the mine, but when they refused, he attempted to attack them. However, they quickly overpowered him. When Sara started to cut his face, remarking that he was eventually going to get his trademark scar like his Earth-1 counterpart, the man gave up. Afterwards, Mia quickly knocked him down.[1]


  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Hex was able to take on Sara Lance and Mia Smoak, even kicking back the latter, but was ultimately overpowered.[1]
    • Master knife wielder: Using a knife in close combat, Hex was able to fend off both Sara and Mia for a brief time.[1]
    • Marksmanship: Hex is presumed to know how to shoot a gun, as he carries one on his person.


  • Gun: Hex made use of a gun to attack enemies.[1]
  • Knife: Hex had a knife that was used in combat.[1]



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