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"I know how infuriating humans can be. They have a hard time seeing past their own noses, don't they? But they can change if you help them to look deeper. And if they see the amount of good that you lot are capable of, then maybe... maybe they'll believe in you even when you doubt yourself."
Charlie to the magical fugitives

"Hey, World!" is the sixteenth and final episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the sixty-seventh episode overall. It aired on May 20, 2019.




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On the Waverider, the Legends adjust to having the magical creatures on the ship as Nate comforts Zari about leaving the baby dragon egg behind. Ava instructs them to retrieve the egg before it hatches and Neron obtains it. In the Time Bureau, Tabitha tells Charlie that she knows who Charlie really is, and that she is meant to "show humans their greatest fears." Tabitha tells her that "Helping monsters fulfill their potential is what I do" as she casts a spell on Charlie.

Nora arrives in hell after being sent by Gary to find Ray and Constantine. While at first having trouble, the wand appears to lead her to Constantine. In the Time Bureau, Tabitha uses her magic to transform Charlie into a senator, with Neron telling Charlie that he has no intention to share with her his grand plan as Tabitha "taught him better than that." Nora's wand leads her to Constantine where she is able to defeat the demon torturing him and free him. Constantine tells Nora that Ray's soul is most likely in the vaults of hell and Nora's powers aren't able to teleport them in. Constantine suggests that he knows someone to help them break in. Nate and Zari observe her childhood self as she tells him that she used to be bullied by the other children. To their surprise, the egg has hatched and child Zari has taught the baby dragon how to dance, to the cheers of the other kids. Her teacher uses the Eyes app to report the dragon and Time Bureau agents appear to bring it away. Neron is at Capitol Hill posing as Ray to testify before the senate subcommittee. While posing as a senator, Charlie disagrees with Neron's proposal but Tabitha uses her magic to change Charlie into Tagumo as the senate begins to panic. Neron addresses the camera that magical creatures are hiding everywhere and asks them for help in stopping them.

The Legends arrive and attempt to stop Tabitha, but are interrupted by the capitol police. Sara successfully knocks Tabitha's staff away and Charlie returns to normal. Tabitha tells Neron to let them go, since Charlie has served her purpose. In hell, Neron appears to Astra but she recognizes him as Constantine in disguise. He and Nora attempt to convince Astra to help them save Ray's soul. Astra reveals that she flourished in hell and had prospects until Neron took over, and agrees to help them. On the Waverider, the Legends see that there is worldwide panic due to fear of magical creatures. Charlie tells them that Neron is no longer after souls, but fear since it is a form of magical energy that they can use. Gideon reports there to be strange meteorological rays over Washington, which Charlie confirms to be the effect of fear being harnessed. Neron uses Tabitha's staff to harness the fear and makes an announcement to the denizens of hell, announcing that he will soon open a portal for all of them to enter Earth, revealing to Nora, Astra and Constantine his true plan.

On the Waverider, Mona and Gary have difficulty in taking care of the magical creatures, and Mona informs the Legends that the longer they are locked up on the ship, the more savage the creatures will begin. Sara ponders how to defeat fear itself since it is widespread, as Zari shows them a video of her childhood self with the dancing baby dragon. Zari comments on how that moment where kids aren't afraid is resonating with people. Nate gets an idea to use his father's "HeyWorld" project to let everyone see the wonders of magical creatures, just as how Charlie taught the Legends how magical creatures are not necessarily dangerous. The Legends are on board with this plan, but even with working overtime, the park would only be built in 2 - 3 years. In hell, Astra brings Constantine to the soul exchange, on the pretext of bringing him there for Neron to torture. The teller brings them into Neron's vault and is knocked unconscious by Nora. While Constantine and Nora look for Ray's soul, Astra begins stealing the souls of notable evil doers of history, telling them she is using this as a "golden opportunity to bankroll" her future. On the Waverider, Zari suggests using Bridget's diary to complete HeyWorld immediately, but it is in the Time Bureau. To their surprise, Mick has already broken in and stolen the diary, giving it to Nate. As he attempts to draw HeyWorld, Zari is alerted by Gideon that her timeline is now changing: building Heyworld leads to an era of understanding and tolerance, making it such that the dystopian future she lives in no longer comes to pass, meaning her family survives, but to Nate's chagrin would mean Zari never becomes a Legend. Sara tells her to stay on the Waverider in the temporal zone so that any changes in the timeline will not reach her, and she an help by making sure whatever happens at Heyworld is broadcasted to the world. In hell, Nora's wand finds Ray's soul coin, she and Constantine demand to be brought to Ray's soul itself. Astra agrees to help them further and sends them outside Ray's torture room where they hear Ray's screams. Constantine attempts to warn Nora that this won't be pretty, but she rushes in after hearing Ray scream again. To their surprise Ray is unharmed and introduces them to his friend: Vandal Savage.

On the Waverider, Green Arrow, Supergirl and the Flash appear to film a commercial for HeyWorld. After the commercial cuts, it is revealed to be Nate, Sara and Gary in their costumes. Zari asks if it wouldn't work better with "the real trinity" and Sara reveals that she asked them but was turned down, with Nate commenting that "We should have done the crossover." Ava notes that promising the people superheroes when HeyWorld wouldn't be a superhero park seems like a scam, since the public would never go to a park filled with things they are afraid of. Mona attempts to work the magical creatures to convince them to put on a show, but they don't trust her as the Legends essentially moved them from one prison to another from their perspective. Charlie tells them they will end up in a real prison if they don't help the Legends as Mona transforms into Wolfie to show them she is one of them. Charlie manages to convince them to use this opportunity to convince the humans they are not dangerous. In hell, Ray is confused to see Nora and Constantine until Nora kisses him before yelling at him for giving his soul to Neron, which doomed the whole planet. Ray reveals that he made the deal to save Nate and is berated by Constantine. Vandal Savage reveals that he was sent to torture him, but after talking they managed to work through their old grievances and ended up playing Giant Jenga. Nora's wand begins to sparkle and they begin to leave as Savage tells them to say hi to the Legends for him. After the leave, Savage remarks "I love those groovy guys!" and returns to playing Jenga. Nora and Constantine appear before Gary but Ray is contained inside the soul coin, with Gary unable to wish for Ray to have his body back as Nora's magic has limitations. Constantine learns of the Legend's HeyWorld plan and disapproves but is eventually convinced. He reveals that Neron's possession of Ray is contingent on not killing Nate, meaning that if Neron kills Nate, Constantine would be able to kill Neron once he leaves Ray's body, freeing all of the souls Neron captured. Sara refuses to consider this an option, and sends Nate to go with Zari to use Bridget's diary to bring HeyWorld to life.

HeyWorld has become a reality, and is reported to be a Superhero themed park, with a statue of Hank in the middle. Nate welcomes everyone to HeyWorld and sees childhood Zari arriving with her mother. Zari has set up a stream of HeyWorld to around 3 Billion people that will begin when Ava starts filming as Gary invites the park's visitors to watch a show called "Heroes vs Monsters". The event begins as Sara and Nate in their costumes thank an unseen Supergirl and Green Arrow and ask the crowd if they want see the Flash. The Minotaur, Ogre and Baba Yaga appear but instead of fighting them, they use a stilted dialogue to suggest the audience listen to the magical creatures play a song. The audience begins to boo with even The Monitor standing in the stands shaking his head in disgust. A full size dragon appears controlled by Tabitha as Gary claims for this to be part of the show, but faints when it roars, rendering Nora to be without powers. Constantine realizes Neron and Tabitha plan to use the fear of the park's visitors to open the portal to hell. Tabitha is able to defeat Nate and Constantine as Sara attempts to fight her. The show's viewers attempt to leave but the dragon cuts off their escape and Tabitha harnesses their fear, before commanding the dragon to burn Sara and the audience. However a childhood Zari stands between Sara and the dragon and commands it to dance. The dragon pauses before performing the same dance it did as a child. The dragon manages to knock Tabitha's staff away and is no longer under her spell and instead eats her whole. Tabitha's power no longer has any effect and the dragon returns to its baby form. Neron arrives and uses Tabitha's staff to open a portal to hell, commanding the demons to rise to hell.

As the demons begin to rise, Constantine asks to settle things with Neron once and for all, which Neron agrees to. Neron manages to easily defeat Constantine and kills him, who says that the Legends will defeat him. As Neron gloats, Nate steps up from behind him and reveals himself to be the real Constantine in disguise: Neron killed Nate instead. Having broken his deal with Ray, Neron leaves Ray's body and Constantine is able to kill him permanently. Ray's soul returns to his body and he awakes to find Nate dead besides him. The Legends surround Nate's corpse, with Mick asking Constantine to save him, but Constantine says his magic is not strong enough to resurrect him. As Zari cries over his corpse, Nate's soul watches from above with Hank. Hank tells him he had faith in the Legends and Nate, but the only thing missing from this show was music. Hank begins to sing "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor and Mick is briefly possessed and sings as well without his notice and to the Legends surprise. Constantine sees this as a sign that someone from beyond is trying to help them and Zari begins to sing as well, with everyone beginning to sing as well. As they sing, Nora notices Tabitha's staff begin to glow with energy and Constantine picks it up. Ray deduces that since fear can be harnessed as magical energy, so can love. The Legends ask everyone in the audience to sing and the energy is gathered in Tabitha's staff which Constantine channels into Nate's corpse. Nate's soul asks Hank if he hears the music and Hank confirms he does. Hank tells Nate "I love you son" before pushing Nate's soul back into his body. Nate comes back to life and kisses Zari. He realizes now that Zari is no longer in the temporal zone, she is now vulnerable to changes in history. Zari tells him she knows, but she couldn't let him die. As they embrace, Zari is transformed into Behrad as Nate forgets Zari but knows something is wrong. Before he can figure out what is missing, Nate sees Ray and hugs them, with the two of them expressing gratitude for dying for each other. The Legends, including Gary, return to the Waverider now that their work is done. In hell, Astra asks to withdraw souls at the soul exchange, with the teller noting that these souls belong to the worst of history such as Genghis Khan. Astra describes the souls as being cut down too soon, and that its a shame they did not fulfill their destiny. As the teller converts the soul coins, Astra cryptically says she believes "Everyone deserves a second act."


Preparation ran from December 20, 2018 until January 11, 2019, with a winter break from December 22, 2018 until January 4, 2019. Shooting ran from January 14 until January 24, 2019.[1]


  • This is the last episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Ramona Young (Mona Wu) as a series regular.
  • The title references the name of the theme park that Hank wanted to create for Nate, but also doubled as a reference to the Legends introducing themselves to the world.
  • After Ava and Zari comment that they should have reached out to the real Trinity (Supergirl, Green Arrow, and the Flash), Sara says that she did ask, but they said no. Nate responds that they (the Legends) "should have done the crossover", a meta-reference to the fact that the Legends were not in the Elseworlds crossover with Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Flash, despite confirmation in "Legends of To-Meow-Meow" from Gideon and Ray that they were invited, but chose not to attend.
  • Astra takes a number of soul coins of history's worst villains from Neron's vault and releases the souls from hell, including Joseph Stalin - the leader of the Soviet Union; Caligula - who is known as one of the worst and most violent Roman emperors of all time; Mary Tudor - who burned hundreds of Protestants on the stake for not being Catholic; and Genghis Khan who took over most of Asia. There were also Lizzie Borden, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Grigori Rasputin, Benjamin Siegel, Kathy Meyers, Marie Antoinette, Damien Darhk, Henry VIII, Brutus, Black Caesar, Jack the Ripper, Clyde Barrow, and Bonnie.
  • When the Legends are discussing finishing Heyworld to teach the public that magical creatures are nothing to be afraid of, Sara says "If we build it..." Ava then finishes Sara's sentence by saying "They will come". This is a famous quote from the 1989 film Field of Dreams.
  • Nora hitting Ray's chest is a parallel to similar scenes in "No Country for Old Dads" and "Tagumo Attacks!!!".
  • Behrad wears the same shirt under his jacket as worn by Zari in "Here I Go Again".
  • Constantine states that it will take more than a musical number to fix everything. This is a reference to "Séance and Sensibility", as well as an ironic foreshadowing of the Legends singing to bring Nate back from the dead.
    • Ironically, in The Flash episode "Duet", Barry Allen mentioned that his mother once said that "musicals have the power to make everything better", which is what ends up happening in this situation.
    • "Sweet Baby James", the song that Hank, the Legends and the people visiting Heyworld use to resurrect Nate, was also sung by Hank to soothe the Minotaur in "Tender is the Nate". Coincidentally, the same Minotaur plays accompaniment in this rendition.
      • The way that they start singing the song, with Hank's spirit being channeled through Mick to get everyone to join in, is similar to "Séance and Sensibility", in which Hank's spirit is also channeled through Mick, but for another reason.
        • When Mick first starts singing "Sweet Baby James" by having Hank's spirit channeled through him, the team notices Tabitha's staff glowing. Ray then says that if fear (which Neron tried to harness as energy to open a door to release all demons from Hell) could be energy, it makes sense that love can also be energy. This may be a reference to the Emotional Spectrum from the Green Lantern comics, where each color of the Emotional Spectrum represents a different emotion that can be harnessed through the use of a power ring to create light energy constructs.
          • In the comics, Ray Palmer was once a member of the Indigo Tribe, although this type of Lantern harnesses the indigo light of compassion.
      • Phil Klemmer has revealed that the singing in this scene was recorded live on-set, and Dominic Purcell (Mick Rory) sang his line without rehearsal.[2]
  • As of this episode, it's possible that Nate's identity as Steel is no longer a secret; he continues to not use his helmet, and Sara calls him by name while gathering Heyworld's guests to sing.
  • When the Legends are trying to get Heyworld's visitors to join the singing, Gary says that they need everyone to hold hands. Nora then asks "Didn't they do this last year?" and Ava responds "We're part of the circle this time". This is a reference to the Season 3 finale "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly", in which the Legends (specifically Amaya, Mick, Nate, Sara, Wally and Zari) form a circle and hold hands to combine the powers of the Totems of Zambesi to conjure something to destroy Mallus.
  • This is the last episode of Legends to centrally take place on Earth-1, as subsequent episodes take place post-Crisis, and are set on Earth-Prime.


  • Gideon mentions the Anti-Meta-human Act of 2029, but was previously mentioned in "Zari" that law came into effect in 2021.
    • However, it's possible that ripples due to time travel caused the law to come into effect later than it had in the previous timeline, or that two Acts of the same name, passed in different years, exist, as often occurs in the real world.
  • After Nate's death, Sara is shown hugging Ava in the background from a front view, but she is suddenly next to Zari when the camera moves above them.
  • In "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe", killing Neron would have required both Constantine and Nora restraining him for several minutes with magic. However in this episode, Constantine is able to kill Neron single-handedly without struggle seconds after the latter leaves Ray's body.
    • This may be because of the difference in vessels, as well as Neron's severely weakened state after being forcefully rejected from Ray's body. This happened after the former mistakenly goes back on his word and kills Nate (which he thought was Constantine).
  • Ray and Zari can be heard singing at various points in "Sweet Baby James", though neither of their mouths is moving except in Zari's solo at the beginning of the song.
    • During the final chorus with the guests, Sara's lips are moving about a measure behind the audio.