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The High Council of Argo is the main governing body of Argo City.


When Krypton exploded, several important members of the Kryptonian community moved to Argo City, shortly afterwards the council was created.

Selena, one of the board members, betrayed him to join the Children of Juru.

Years later, Kara and Mon-El borrowed J'onn J'onzz's spaceship and followed the Harun-El's radiation signature to the meteor, which was revealed to be Argo City. They spent time together in the city before Kara ultimately convinced the High Council to give her the Harun-El.

When Selena's betrayal was discovered, she went to Earth and tried to build a new Krypton, but was stopped by Supergirl and her team. Then, Selena and the other members of Children of Juru were transported to Argo to stand trial.[1]

During Clark Kent and Lois Lane's visit to Argo, they attended several "tortuous" deliberations of the High Council, which Lois wrote about.[2]

Known members

Current members

Former members

  • Selena (betrayed; incarcerated)



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