"You have Hitchcock on this Earth? Mm-hmm. Oh, brilliant. "Murder on the Titanic"! "Who did it? Who cares? We're drowning!""
Harrison "H.R." Wells on Hitchcock[src]

Hitchcock is a well-known movie director on Earth-19.


At some point during his career, Hitchcock achieved fame as a movie director, with one of his most well-known films being Murder on the Titanic. H.R. Wells was a notable fan of the film.[1]


The Flash

Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • The character of Hitchcock is a reference to Alfred Hitchcock, a real-world movie director well known for his suspense and thriller movies. His career, spanning 6 decades, led to a filmography of more than 50 directorial works; many of his films are considered classics and inspired generations of filmmakers, and his cinematography originated some of the techniques still used in movies to this day.
  • "Murder on the Titanic" is a reference to the real Alfred Hitchcock's cancelled movie project with the working title Titanic, which never came into production and was left on the writing stages in 1939.
  • As it was never explicitly mentioned, it might be that on Earth-19 Hitchcock's name or stage name was not Alfred, which was the case of his Earth-1 doppelgänger.


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