The Hochman Hotel is a hotel located in Star City, and was set to be the venue for the high-profile wedding between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.


Sometime before March 2016, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak booked the hotel to serve as the venue for their wedding. Though the two privately broke off the engagement, Oliver maintained the reservation with the Hochman in the hope that their relationship could still be salvaged; the pair would later use their reservation to hold a fake wedding in order to draw out the criminal Cupid, who had been targeting recently married celebrity couples. After Thea Queen leaked news of the event to the paparazzi, Cupid caught wind of the marriage and arrived mid-ceremony to assassinate the bride and groom. Though she had placed explosive charges throughout the building, Cupid was quickly subdued by the combined forces of Oliver, Speedy, and Spartan, and was arrested and escorted from the premises by officers from the Star City Police Department.[1]



Season 4


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