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Hobicubispobicubis,[1] also known as Hocus Pocus and formerly known as Citizen Hocus, was a criminal time-traveler from the 64th century who took the mantle of Abra Kadabra for a short time. As a member of the Techno-wizards, Pocus had outfitted his body with futuristic nanotechnology, allowing him to possess a wide range of abilities that were almost indistinguishable from magic and sorcery in the 21st century.


Early crimes

At some point before 6345, Hobicubispobicubis had advanced nanotechnology implanted into his body and joined the Techno-wizards, a group of "magicians" who aimed to force the people into believing in their "magic". He took on the alias "Hocus Pocus". Pocus secretly plotted to usurp Abra Kadabra's mantle and take his place as the leader of the Techno-wizards.

After committing numerous crimes, Hocus lost his citizenship and people stopped referring to him as "Citizen Hocus".[1]

Facing the Flash

Desiring appreciation for his "magic", Hocus Pocus eventually time-traveled to Central City in 2016, where he planned to become a hero by using his nano-tech wand to control the populace's minds. Pocus performed various tricks and forced his audience to applaud him even if they didn't want to. Later, in a park, Pocus encountered the Flash, who demanded to know the secrets of his mind control. This encounter turned into a fight, during which Pocus endangered bystanders, prompting the Flash to save them. While the speedster was distracted, Pocus used his wand to control the Flash and force him to stop moving, allowing Pocus to escape.

Later, knowing that the effect of his control would still be present in the Flash's brain, Pocus ordered the speedster to meet him, which caused the Flash to suddenly show up, but as his civilian persona, Barry Allen, since he wasn't wearing his suit. Pocus commented that he got to know who the Flash really was before vanishing once more.

Aiming to dethrone the Flash, Pocus forced the speedster to steal some jewelry, prompting the CCPD to issue an arrest warrant for the Flash. Pocus then revealed himself to the city, giving himself the credit of being the "new hero that will replace the fallen one". Later at a football stadium, Pocus encountered the Flash again but this time, he ordered the speedster to kill all the civilians at the stadium. However, since he didn't order the Flash to "run", the speedster took his time, infuriating Hocus. Changing tactics, Hocus ordered a camerawoman to film the Flash as he removed his mask. However, the Flash used another loophole by vibrating his face to protect his identity. Hocus got angry and fled, leaving people in the stadium confused once freed from his control.

Afterwards, Pocus faced off against "the Flash" in a final battle. He was confused when one of his commands didn't work on the speedster so he unleashed another nano-tech strike with his wand. However, the blast struck another speedster standing behind him. The individual revealed himself to be the real Flash, now freed from Pocus' control; Pocus's adversary was in fact Kid Flash in disguise. The Flash then defeated Pocus, clearing his name. Pocus was locked up in the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline.[2]

Some time afterwards, the Quantum Police secretly teleported Pocus back to the 64th century in prison.[1]

Taking the name of Abra Kadabra and defeat

While incarcerated, Hocus was placed in an artificial sleep in order to contain him. Later, when the Flash visited his cell, Abra Kadabra broke Pocus out. When Pocus woke up, Abra berated his foolishness in traveling back in time in order to impress people with "magic". Hocus claimed that he at least got some applause and defeated the Flash. However, Abra revealed that the Flash has arrived in the 64th century. Pocus reclaimed his wand from Abra and suggested they take their fight outside.

Pocus and Abra were soon joined by Citizen Ali and Voila, two other Techno-wizards. Their argument escalated into a fight in which Voila joined Pocus' side against Abra and Citizen Ali. The Flash soon arrived and tried to break up the fight. After the Flash knocked out Voila and Citizen Ali, he distracted Abra long enough so that Pocus could knock him out. Pocus mind-controlled the Flash again and explained his motivations; Pocus wanted to travel back in time and take the mantle of the Flash before the Crisis and kill all his friends. Pocus then forced Abra Kadabra to lose his title and become "no one", allowing the former to take the mantle of Abra Kadabra since he had the wining hand. As the new Abra Kadabra, Pocus shot another blast with his wand to kill the Flash, but the speedster rapidly spun around to deflect the blast, causing it fly towards to Pocus. However, Pocus managed to use his wand one last time before been hit, causing the blast to turn him into a wooden puppet. Afterwards, he, Citizen Ali, and Voila were arrested by the Quantum Police.[1]



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