"You wouldn't be laughing if you knew what was in store for you."
John Constantine on Hoffrichter Meats' ironic logo.[src]

Hoffrichter Meats is a meat supplier in Atlanta.


Established at some point prior to 2014 Hoffrichter Meats was a supplier of meat, who had a contract with Great Wall Supermarket and had a plant in their supermarket.

In 2014, while the plant worked for 126 days since an accident, an employee of Hoffrichter's, Dave, was possessed by the demon Mnemoth. The latter killed not only Dave but also another employee and was possessing the last surviving worker, Jo, forcing her to eat raw meat. John Constantine intervened, trying to exorcise the demon and trap him in a bottle. Partially succeeding, John dropped the bottle, which shattered, and was forced to use a pig carcass as a shield from Mnemoth. Escaping the refrigerator room of the facility, he left Mnemoth to re-enter Jo and escape.[1]

Known employees

Former employees

  • Dave (deceased)
  • Jo (deceased)




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