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Hofherr Park is a park in Central City. It is home to regular public movie screenings.


As Caitlin Snow worked to find a cure for "Jay Garrick"'s condition, she was unable to locate "Jay"'s doppelgänger on Earth-1 to replace his dying cells with healthy ones. Later, "Jay" brought Caitlin to Hofherr Park, where he revealed his Earth-1 counterpart to be Hunter Zolomon. The two watched from a distance as Hunter read a novel titled Siddhartha.[1]

Sometime in late 2016, the Central City Film Society held a public screening of The Shining, which was attended by Joe West, Cecile Horton, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin, and H.R. Wells (the latter under the guise of H.R. Randolf). As the film was set to begin, the park was attacked by a meta-human known as "Shade". Those in attendance quickly fled the park, while Cisco notified The Flash via his cellphone. The Flash arrived just in time to save a couple being targeted by "Shade", and was able to distract the meta-human long enough for Cisco to hack into all nearby cars and flood the park with the light from their headlights. Weakened, Shade reverted to his normal form, and Flash placed the power-dampening cuffs on him to prevent further use of his powers.[2]


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